Tuesday, May 17, 2016

An Overview of the Principles of Truth

Finally I am back to write something new here.  Those of you who keep up with my Facebook page know that I have been out of commission for a while, having experienced a heart attack on April 4th.  Apparently this body was in fairly bad condition for a while, as the things you always see on TV or in the movies with a hospital scene, the two things (I have no idea what they are officially called) are placed on your chest to send a shock to stimulate the heart into beating again, and the lungs into breathing.  I don't remember any of that, as I don't remember the hours leading up to the attack or anything about the few days that immediately followed.

(Somehow I am unable to get the space between paragraphs just right, as in writing there is only one space between them.  Please excuse the pitiful appearance and simply open up to what is available.)

I was in the hospital (first Intensive Care and then the Heart ward) for 16 days, and then in a physical rehabilitation center for 15 days before finally returning home.  (And oh how I was happy to get home--I am truly a Cancer homebody.)  I was heavily sedated for several days in the hospital, which led to some very intense and vivid dreams, which to me were mesmerizing experiences.  I have shared some of those experiences since then on Facebook, and others in the lessons of the Course.

My theory, for what it's worth, is that someone or something died during that time, as perhaps was foreseen, and that whatever is left is a lighter, purer version of what (or who) was here before.  That's been, let's say, simply my observation, subjective as it might be.  Whatever the truth, I am happy to still be here, to be embodied and active among you.  I enjoy a renewed enthusiasm and a great energy to share as much with you as possible during my extended time here.

After returning home, I began a renewed focus on the principles presented in the Course, in all lessons at and since the beginning.  From my own experience, and from what many have shared with me over the years, I have seen that the primary principles of Truth are not only helpful, but essential to enjoying life as fully as possible--which includes successful accomplishment, radiant health, loving and harmonious relationships, contentment, and the ultimate fulfillment.

Those five qualities pretty much sum it up for me.  With them, what else is needed or helpful?  The principles of Truth were not invented by me, but are ancient teachings that have been passed down for a very long time.  That in itself is something that is too large a subject to present at this time, although it comes to be understood in a most natural way by participants of the Course.

The two primary principles of Truth are that only the present moment is real, or exists now, and that what you think is what you get.  Of course, simply reading or hearing about these principles, or even agreeing with them, is not enough to activate in our life the capability to experience them on an ongoing basis.  To do this requires a continuous training for a period of time, and a great deal of repetition, for it is extremely challenging to present a new idea to the conscious mentality of a human individual unless it is reinforced over and over again.  It is even a matter of understanding the same ideas in new and more expanded ways.  Then, over and over again, we realize, 'Oh, that's what this means!'

This is why I chose, or it was chosen for me, to present the principles in an ongoing Course instead of a book, which can be finished and laid aside.  This way we actually have time for the growth process to take place, and for true transformation.

There are many other principles that we can apply in practical ways for a greater life.  For example, many people's lives, consciously or unconsciously, revolve around relationships in one form or another.  Relationships exist on many levels simultaneously, and it is good to have an awareness of the different forms of relationship.  In a sense, right now we are in relationship to time, depending on the time of our present existence, and to space, depending on where we find ourselves at the moment.  We are also in relationship to all the various beings who people our lives. 

There are many principles regarding participating in all these relationships in the highest possible way, which includes the communication or transmission of love and respect to all those around us.  It does not matter how others might be, or if we perceive that they 'deserve' our love and respect or not--everyone deserves love.  Love and respect are the primary qualities we have to share with others, and are all we should truly accept from others, regardless of how they treat us or the tone of their voice when they speak. 

Again, merely reading about this, it seems a very good and noble idea, but more is required in order to actually generate these qualities in our actual day-to-day life.  We must be trained how to do it right and to do it well, and we must practice with patience, yet persistence.  The average person doesn't have the developed degree of will, or will power, in order to actually practice the principles in practical ways in his or her own life, yet it takes a while to truly understand what that means.

Can we relate to others with love and respect?  It is HUGE to do so, yet it requires a conscious generation of love and respect to actually do this.  This can be learned over a short time, if we are truly open to learning and practicing it, or over a longer time, if we have a hard time accepting the Truth of it, or resistance to practice, or resistance to repetition ('I already know that; why are you repeating that again?')

Just because we know it doesn't mean that we can apply it, which is one of the hardest things for many to grasp.  We tend to think that because we know it, we can do it, but this is not true.  There is a great difference between 'knowing about' it and actually doing it, or actually applying it in practical ways.  Philosophically understanding something does not mean that we can actually put that knowledge to good use in our own life, for the betterment of ourselves as well as those with whom we are in contact.

To powerfully apply the principles requires a more refined energy than we ordinarily live with.  This energy can easily be generated, once we learn how.  You see, it is not enough to merely say, 'Generate more energy.'  This cannot be done by someone who has never learned how to do that.  The Course of Training via email is designed to increase the energy-level that we live on, which is much more satisfying than what we ordinarily experience.

We have the opportunity to learn many things that in ordinary life are never considered.  For example, have we learned to go beyond reactions and to only consciously respond to anything that comes up?  As long as we easily react to various things that happen, or to what others say, we put ourselves at a great disadvantage.  Our reactions, for the most part, are conditioned in us from an early age, and are not natural ways of responding to whatever stimuli requires it.

Do we know to never blame another for our experience or our feeling?  It is essential for a balanced life to take responsibility for whatever we experience or feel.  In fact, we reach a point where we even take responsibility for what we see--depending on our own degree of development.  We habitually blame our reactions and anger on another or others, not realizing that we ourselves habitually (and unconsciously) generate them, as well as other negative emotions.

Are we aware of the great power of never explaining ourselves?  This is so simple, yet it is important to understand.  For example, regarding most people, if you suggest to them a better, more effective way of doing something, they react by explaining why they are doing it the way they did.  For some reason people always want to explain themselves, as though rationalizing their lives at every turn.  It is fine to explain something if someone asks us to, but to offer an unsolicited explanation is usually pretty boring for anyone.

Don't you get bored hearing others explain themselves?  Who cares?  All we can do is be patient and say, 'Thank you for the explanation,' and hope they are willing to go on with something more alive.

Yes, that's it: an upgraded quality of life is what we are looking for, and this is accomplished by adding more liveliness to life.  Again, it is a matter of generation.  People do not realize that, in order for a quality to actually be alive, it must be generated.  We tend to wish for love, while the only way to actually experience love is to generate love.

All of this happens quite naturally through participation in the Course, and through staying attuned to our current lesson, once we start receiving them.  From that point it is like taking one step after another in a most natural way.

Those who participate in the Course--and we get new participants every month--already know these principles, or are in the process of learning and applying them, yet I simply felt like presenting them to those who might not be participating in the Course, just to share the great value of them, as well as to serve as an overview and a review, for Course participants, of some of the basic principles explored in the lessons.

At this point I will present some question and answer interactions from the comments following the previous (March) article, or post. 

Actually, I will share the answers, as the essence of any question is contained in the answer.  If you wish to specifically see the question, refer to the comments from last time:

There is a unique Self that operates in us as Awareness/Attention. It plays a game of imagining Itself to be all these various individuals, for Its own amusement and delight. The Reality of it never changes, although the forms it appears in are constantly changing.

For example, there is the same amount of water in the world today as there was in the beginning. It only changes forms--is evaporated out of the ocean, then deposited by rain into a stream which runs into a river that eventually returns it to the ocean, where it began. The cycle continues endlessly.

It is the same way regarding the Self, or pure Consciousness, or the Awareness of Being. It is eternally changeless, perfect, and pure; yet it manifests as a multitude of forms that are continuously changing, as Its own Play.

You asked, 'To experience the benefits of the Course fully, is it necessary to practice the principles of creative thought?'

Only if you have previously created or attracted conditions of lack, loss, illness, negative emotions, a general unhappiness--all of which are the result of negative or limited thinking. The primary reason the Course includes the process of Creation, to create or attract more desirable conditions and experiences, is because we already use that power anyway, only we unknowingly use it negatively, to make us feel even worse and to make life seem even harder than it needs to be.

This is why I say, if the conditions of your life as it is are painful or unsatisfying, you can create more pleasant conditions simply through training your creative mind to think only what you choose--which will be what is best for yourself and for everyone around you as well.

The best meditation I experience is reading my current lesson. If you read through your whole current lesson, you will have experienced a great meditation.

Other than that, you can sit in a comfortable position, spine straight to allow the passage of energy, and focus on your body being filled with light--or even envision a body of light that animates and carries around this temporary physical body.  Focus on light until it fills the room, or space that you occupy, with light.

Regarding your depression, it is very important to actually APPLY the principles of the lessons, and not merely agree with them. That is, think only what makes you feel good, and refuse to even consider anything that makes you feel bad. It is such a simple solution to all problems, but only a handful actually do this on a consistent basis. It does require will power until it is passed on to the subconscious mind, and then it will happen automatically, without having to think about it.

You said, 'Applying 'what I think is what I get' is difficult for me.' I respectfully disagree. You get right now what you think or have been thinking over time. The principle is infallible. So you are getting what you think, but if you are not happy with it, then you need to change your habitual thoughts and think only what makes you happy. Refuse to even consider anything that makes you unhappy, or that feels bad.

As far as what direction you should go in your life, you are already going. The mind can't figure out which direction to go. Your self-created karma (the conditions and experiences of our personal life) will happen no matter what you think. Then the only thing we can do is to remain in harmony with our karma. If you are not in harmony with something, then look within and discover within yourself what you need to change in order to be in harmony with it.  Do not worry about changing the outside.  Our life has its own direction, and we are already on the path. All we need to do is to maintain a harmonious state regarding anything that comes up.

This very moment our past is passing, our karma (the results of all our predominant thoughts leading up to Now) is happening exactly as we 'saw' it in our thoughts and beliefs.  What we inwardly see now includes the seeds that have been planted inside us some time in our life. Now you have the power to project your own state, your own feelings and beliefs, upgrading the 'reality' perceived from birth, as you have been subtly and not so subtly brainwashed since then.

In time the principles of Truth will become your link to what we are all tuning more and more into--the Supreme Principle--because of its solidity, and because nothing can change or alter it in any way, and you have no doubt about it whatsoever.

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Saturday, February 6, 2016

How We Became Who We ARE

It's been a while (October, '15) since I've posted a new article here.  That October post was actually the original post at the beginning of the 'blog' in July, 2008, introducing readers to the Course of Training and revealing what could be attained through participating in it.  Relatively speaking, few people know about what is available at this site, which is blog-like but not anything like a normal blog.  Most of who know about it ignore it.  Many come to give it a single reading and are momentarily inspired and uplifted by it. 

Then there are those who read each writing two or three times, finding it different each time they read it, and who participate in the comments following the article.  The best way to participate, or even read, the comments is to first click on the title at the top of the article.  Then you can scroll down through the article and directly to the comments.  At this point, you can participate anyway that feels true to your nature.  You can even ask questions that you could otherwise answer yourself were anyone to ask you, simply to increase and refine your own understanding.

Sharing the link to this site with your friends, or on social media, allows more people to know about it, and it might end up transforming their lives, as has happened with many.  The only way the Course grows is through word-of-mouth.  Simply share how it has helped you in your own life; you don't have to try to teach them the principles :)  Your own experience has the most Shakti--which, among other things, is the spiritual energy that is palpably passed on to those around you, where they have an actual experience of it.

For example, if this reading touches you deeply within your own Self, it is an experience of the Shakti.  If there is no Shakti, the words won't even make any sense and you probably won't even make it all the way through.

Anyway, you are here now, and that's all that matters for now.  Did you know that the same Consciousness that writes with clarity is the same Consciousness that reads with comprehension?  This is a significant point to understand, although it won't be understood overnight, or be comprehended with only one reading.

I posted the following a comment on my Facebook page (D.R. Butler).  It is actually an excerpt from a lesson in the Course.

We are totally immersed in Light. Even while occupying this physical body, we are engaged in all levels of Being simultaneously. This is difficult for the conscious mind to comprehend. We have long been conditioned to see things as ‘one or the other’, or ‘either this or that’. It is challenging to grasp that it all happens simultaneously, and we can be equally aware on one level as we are on another. All levels are aspects of our own Being.

Being ‘enlightened’ doesn’t mean we no longer participate in the objective world. Our participation in the outer world is our karma; or, the effect of the outer world on the ego. It belongs to the physical body alone. When we depart from this particular physical body, in ‘time’, what remains of the karmic seeds (the samskaras) at some point incarnates into a new body.

The next incarnation takes up where this one leaves off, in terms of spiritual growth. The karma that we worked free from is no longer present or relevant, while the remaining karmic seeds that prevent the individual from knowing the Self take a new form and shape. The next incarnation is the next cycle of karma. Then, more than ever before, the individual has the opportunity to merge with the Universal.

The above is an excerpt from a lesson in the Course via email, Living in the Truth of the Present Moment. For information and a sample lesson, write:
Then, in the thread that followed, I wrote the following:
I just read the post above, and I had to truly focus to have any idea what it was talking about. It made me realize that it actually comes from a lesson in the 7th year of the Course. One who has no knowledge of the Sanskrit language will miss a lot of terms that are essential to communicate the principles of Truth--which apply to all people in all places and at all times. For participants of the Course, basic Sanskrit terms are simply a part of their working vocabulary.

A longtime participant from Australia commented that it is 'beautiful'.
I have other Facebook friends who might see it as 'New Age Mumbo-Jumbo' simply because they don't understand the Sanskrit terms, or even the way the sentences and paragraphs are put together in a coherent and harmonious whole. Many people have fragmented the world so much, including themselves, have no idea of a coherent and harmonious whole, and know nothing about the series of incarnations the soul goes through for its own growth.  Life is beautiful when we 'defragment' it and start to see and live in the naturally harmonious flow of things as they are, without describing them or giving meaning to them.
Descriptions and the assignment of meanings are what initially confuses the mind and projects a painted reality that manifests from its own conditioning, somewhat like a spider creates a web from itself, without relying on any external help.  In the same way, Consciousness manifests whatever it is conscious of, without any outside help whatsoever.

Understanding of all this is processed during the first year of the Course, as we build a foundation of the primary principles of Truth and an expanded vocabulary that simply includes basic Sanskrit terms that allows us to communicate and comprehend subjects that are impossible to even know about without the use of these basic Sanskrit terms that refer to essential processes happening that we otherwise have no knowledge about or awareness of.  Simply by including the words karma and maya, for example, we understand the world and life in a whole new way that we otherwise have no idea of.

This entry is titled: How We Became Who We ARE

How we are, all the little intricacies that make us different from the next person, is entirely determined by how we think, which in turn determines the emotions we feel, which pretty much determine our experience of Life.  Basically we are as we conceive ourselves to be.  We create our own persona and personality, create our own role, and our own character, in this droll play of our life.  And the origin of all of it is the mind, or thoughts, which is mind-in-motion.  This creates, or attracts, conditions and experiences that correspond exactly with the nature of the thoughts that compelled them.

If we don't like anything about how we are, we can change it simply by changing our thoughts about it.  With this knowledge and understanding, create a great life, an enjoyable life, and a life that adds love and joy to the lives of those close to us, or those with whom we come in contact.  We can be a bundle of blissful energy, and you will be surprised how contagious this is, and how much we can contribute to the world around us.  This brings the ultimate contentment, and we will see that nothing can enhance or improve it.  In this exalted state we experience a life that was previously unimaginable.

All of this is clarified in the lessons of the Course.  For information about the Course, and a complimentary lesson, please write:  drbutler.course@gmail.com 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Truth of Being

In July of 2008, our very first post on the blog was published.  It was the original introduction to the Course of Training.  It was written before any lessons had been written or sent out.  I like to repost it every few years, because it remains an excellent introduction to the Course.  Even if you have read this before, and whether you currently participate in the Course or not, it will be very beneficial for you to read it once again.  All you need is an open mind and an open heart.

Are you aware of a seemingly elusive feeling deep inside you that feels very good? It is like an inner smile, with warmth, light, and radiance. When we open up and relax into that inner feeling, we feel as though everything is right with the world, and that we already bountifully have anything we could reasonably want or need. It is a feeling of a deep contentment, a profound fulfillment, and an exalted sense of well-being. Some say that being firmly established in that most excellent inner feeling is the ultimate purpose of life. An ancient Eastern proverb says: Contentment is the highest goal.

There is only one time that great feeling can be experienced: that is now, this very moment. That great inner feeling is the most profound Truth. It is the secret of the ages, and it is also the Truth of the present moment. We only experience it when we look within. This is the ultimate reason that people meditate or do other spiritual practices—to experience that bliss within our own Self. There are innumerable meditation techniques and methods of practice, but the primary goal in life is to experience that wondrous feeling of our own inner Self.

Ordinarily we are caught up in thoughts and emotions, which take place in time, and which are usually related to the past or the future. Many of our habitual patterns of thought and feeling are of a negative or limiting nature, because we were conditioned or programmed that way from the time we were very young.

Such habitual ways of thinking and feeling lead to stress, tension, and conflict. Instead of life being a joy, a natural high, we go to the doldrums. We spend our days angry, depressed, irritated, insecure, and life seems hard. All this happens because we ignore the awareness and power inherent in the existing moment.

Only in the present moment do we have access to happiness, joy, love, contentment, peace, and the other positive, uplifting feelings.

We need to be reminded again and again to come back to the present, come back to the Truth. Otherwise we get lost in egotistical melodramas and forget all about the existing moment, which is the only life we have. We need a way to actually tune in to the Truth of the present moment, and that is the exact purpose of these writings.

This moment is the stage on which we deal with the challenges of daily life, or, as we will examine, the karma of this lifetime. When we live in the moment, in that space between any two thoughts, is when we face life best. We can learn how to do this, and how to focus the mind in the present moment in a way that immediately modifies our experience of daily situations and relationships. Understanding how we create our own reality is an amazing process.

Right now, in this moment, we can consciously connect with our own inner Self. It has been known by many names in various cultures and in different eras, yet whatever we call it, it remains as it is, and remains the one aspect of this entire cosmos that is eternally unchanging. We experience this within ourselves as our own Consciousness, our inner Awareness of Being.

Ignorant of the eternal Truth, everything we know is fleeting, and as long as things are fleeting there is the potential for anxiety and fear. We know this all too well. And today's world offers new challenges that we would never have dreamed of even ten years ago.

For now, simply be with these ideas, as though you are reading an interesting science fiction story, and especially be open to any insights or new ways of seeing or understanding things that might arise. You might have spontaneous insights and revelations regarding what you as an individual need to know in order to proactively participate in your own spiritual evolution.

Living In Today's World

How do we deal with the realities of today's world, including economic hardship and insecurity for many? Hard times have existed in this world ever since it began, yet there have always been those few who knew the Truth of Being and lived in mastery of life to varying degrees. Many great teachers throughout time have taught this same great truth, although it has been interpreted in different ways, and there have been different points of emphasis, leading to the various paths that ultimately bring us back to the same Truth.

This outer challenging world, including the physical realities of economic hardship, deteriorating health, loss, lack, or limitation of any nature, does exists in its own realm. However it is not the only realm in existence, and it is certainly not the highest, nicest, or most pleasant realm. If we have a choice--which we do, whether we consciously realize it or not--why not choose to live in the exalted truth of the present moment, instead of languishing in the pain of external woe? We do have a choice, but we must exercise it.

We want to get to know that aspect of our own inner Self that is changeless. All things in this world change, physically, emotionally, and mentally. To have a still mind, a still emotional state, or even a still body would be a great attainment. There is great power in stillness, for it is the substratum of life as we know it. All movement, motion, and activity take place like a painting on the canvas of inner stillness.

That inner stillness exists right now; we only need to awaken our awareness of our own Truth.

The highest, most refined feelings and experiences will not be found in the melodramas of outer life and passing time. If we lose touch with our inner feeling, we get lost in our mental stories about what is going on and who is doing what. We get lost in habitual negative emotions that go along with those mental stories, and we lose touch with the Truth of the present moment. Through careless thinking we tend to create a reality that we don't even want. The mind creates our personal reality in each and every moment, not just now and then.

We Create Our Own Reality

The one underlying theme throughout this work is: Remain conscious of that great inner feeling right now. Awaken it within yourself. Create a positive habit out of it. Don’t wait for some external source to inspire joy. Joy naturally springs from within us whenever we get momentarily free from mental burdens and concerns.

Through the power of meditation, or through visiting the space between thoughts, we experience a great inner light. Through the conduit of this exquisite light, we experience love within our own heart.

This heart, the heart of love, is the portal through which we experience the highest aspect of the present moment.

We can go through life conscious of this extraordinary inner feeling everywhere we go and during everything we do, regardless of what is happening around us or to us. We can simply make this inner radiance our lifestyle. Through doing so, that extraordinary feeling is spontaneously radiated to others around us.

The sparkling inner feeling is palpable—others can easily sense it. It is contagious--others will feel good by simply being around us, without having any idea why. If we maintain this great feeling within ourselves, others will pick up on it and begin to experience the same feeling within themselves. Spend some time with a cheerful person, and see how much better you feel afterwards. Then spend some time with a depressed or angry person, and see how much worse you feel. There is a definite, distinguishable difference.

Through understanding this simple principle, we see how we can most contribute to others and the world around us by simply maintaining a good feeling in ourselves. We will discuss this fully so that you can master the process.

Experiencing true joy or love is a transcendence of time. The experience itself happens only in the present moment.

It is one thing to know about these principles and to agree with them, but actual mastery in practical daily life is a whole other matter. It takes practice, repetition, and consistency to actually apply these principles of truth in our own life. Otherwise we have learned some interesting information without any significant transformation. There are many who seek knowledge of the Truth, yet only a few are willing to do what is necessary for actual achievement and mastery.

When we are conscious of Consciousness, we experience that great feeling in the heart. Consciousness is not cold, intellectual, or remote. It is warm, heartfelt, the most exquisite openness and intimacy.

If you ever get the idea that I am repeating myself, I am. I have experienced a lifetime of repeating these principles over and over. It takes much repetition of a single exalted idea to make the slightest impression in the average human consciousness.

We are so conditioned and programmed to see and experience the world in rigidly limited ways. It is very challenging to open up to new ways of seeing and experiencing things, and the only possibility of success is through continuous repetition of the principles of Truth, as well as the persistent practice of our new understanding in moment-to-moment life. After exploring the principles of Truth in many different ways, and through applying them in practical ways in our own life, they gradually become part of us, and become our own understanding and wisdom.

Living the Principles of Truth

Understand from the beginning that these writings are regarding the communication of natural principles that can be practiced in one’s own daily life for a greater life, regardless of how one’s life might be manifesting in any given moment. The same principles can be applied equally for success in business or career, for harmony in relationships, for intensity and focus in sports or the arts or any field of creative expertise, in matters of health and longevity, for increased prosperity and the enjoyment of life, and in the long run, spiritual growth and absolute freedom.

You will be taught how to apply the principles of the creative power of mind in order to live in your own secret heaven here and now, while in this physical body. Unfortunately, most of us unconsciously use the same power to live in some degree of hell here and now, in this body, because we describe many aspects of our life in negative, hellish ways instead of positive, heavenly ways. We live in financial insecurity, for example, because we focus on fear and anxiety instead of developing a consciousness of prosperity through feeling the reality of having all that we need. Such an attitude attracts prosperity to us, while negative attitudes of lack and loss repel it.

You will learn how to think only of what you actually want to manifest in your life, or what feels pleasant, and to refuse to think of what you don’t want to manifest, or what feels unpleasant. This seems so simple that the conscious mind is almost unable to recognize the profound life-transforming significance of it.

Because of previous conditioning, we are unable to see the greatness of our own Being. Through persistent practice we can learn to break free from prior, limiting conditioning, so that we can live in the awareness of our own Truth, the Awareness of Being, which is living as a true human being. When we live in the awareness of our own inner Truth—and the love, light, and bliss that accompanies that experience—then we have fulfilled the purpose of our being here.

Among the Eastern scriptures is a great text called the Yoga Vasishtha. It contains the teachings of the sage Vasishtha to the young Lord Rama, which basically explains how all of life came to be and how the universe works. In it, the sage says:

O Rama, if you overcome the sorrow of repetitive history, you will live here on earth like a god. When delusion is gone and the truth is realized by means of inquiry into self-nature, when the mind is at peace and the heart leaps to the supreme truth, when all the disturbing thought-waves in the mind-stuff have subsided and there is unbroken flow of peace, and the heart is filled with the bliss of the Absolute, then this very world becomes an abode of bliss.

Such a person has nothing to acquire or to shun. He is untainted by the defects of life and untouched by sorrow. He does not come into being or go out, although he appears to come and go in the eyes of the beholder. He is not affected by the past tendencies that have lost their momentum; his mind has given up its restlessness, and he rests in the bliss that is his essential nature. Such bliss is possible only by self-knowledge, not by any other means. Therefore, one should apply oneself constantly to self-knowledge. This alone is one’s duty.

Some lesson headings:

Living in the Truth of the Present Moment
What You Think Is What You Get
The Evolution of Wisdom
How Feeling Creates Reality
Attention, Conscious Intent, and Will
Our Amazing Capacity to Change
The Incredible Power of Feelings
The Importance of Priorities
The Greatest Game Ever Invented
The Ego and Beyond
The Inner State
The Art of Flowing
Love Is Where the Heart Is
Growth Through Relationships
God in Human Form
The Mastery of Life
Attaining the Highest Now
Living in Your Own Secret Heaven
Entering the Stillness
Establishing Joy in Your Heart

For more information on the writings of D. R. Butler, and the Course of Training offered through email, plus a complimentary Lesson, please write us at drbutler.course@gmail.com

Friday, August 14, 2015

Looking Back Over the Present Moment, Looking Ahead to Now--A New Self-Interview

You might have noticed that coming to this website has a completely new address now, even if you go to the old address, you will end up here.  How convenient.  The new address is easier to remember and easier to share with others who might be interested.

If you are totally new here and want to know what we’re about and what we do, we offer a new and up-to-date perspective on ancient principles of Truth that wise beings have taught humanity down through antiquity.  There is always a source of pure Truth available in this world, and if we want it and are ready for it, there is no limit to what can be experienced and attained.

If you are truly new here, I strongly recommend that you also read the previous entry (July) which is a good companion piece with this one (August). The two together transmit a clear experience of what happens here, and what is possible in the Course of Training via email. 

Many people think there couldn’t possibly be something of value that actually isn’t available anywhere else, and probably for free (like this blog), yet participants of the Course over the years give feedback that there is nothing else like this Course anywhere.  The only way you can prove this is to try it for yourself—through your own experience.  Please don’t take anyone’s word for anything.  The Truth is experienced as the most refined aspect of life. 

It’s been observed that the most enjoyed and popular of the monthly ‘blog entries’ (and I say ‘monthly’ loosely, as our ‘schedule’ around here is whenever something gets done, then it’s on schedule) are the self-interviews.  And it’s more fun for me, too, for I never know what I might ask myself or how I might respond to anything.  It’s a manifestation of what I call ‘free-fall yoga’—you never know where or when you might land next.

Q:  So what have you been up to recently that might be of interest to our readers, both new and old?  And why are you doing another self-interview?

A:  I’ve been focused on the lessons of the Course, and relating to participants in the monthly blog comments here, where we can share interaction and respond to questions.  In fact, many things that are originally comments following the blog entry, or on one of the Facebook pages, eventually find themselves in some future lesson as just the right words to address and clarify something.  Between the lessons, the blog, and Facebook, a lot takes place. 

The way we relate and communicate online is the same as we used to share physically at particular times and places, a gathering meeting together for an uplifting evening or weekend.  This new, modern way is evolving into something that can accommodate an unlimited number of people at any time, and a time of their convenience.  Because the ongoing online dialogue is always happening somewhere, in some part of the world, and it’s never really ‘old’, no matter how far back we go, because it’s always relevant ‘now’.  This manifests either here, or on Facebook, or in the lessons—where the deepest and most transformative work of all takes place.

If you participate in the Course, you will find it of great value to go back and reread past lessons.  You will always see them in completely new ways, and new insights will arise with each new reading.

We are literally creating all the various aspects of the Course—the blog and the interaction in the comments; Facebook, where we maintain an ongoing dialogue of a high level in various forms as we go along—including sharing my favorite songs that moved me at some point in my life, and still do.  A lot of people surrender into the experience of hearing the song, and especially the feeling, in a new way, or in some cases, open to something altogether new.  Others pass on by, thinking they already know that song, who has time to listen again? 

This is like a yogi thinking, ‘I’ve already heard Hari Ram, Hari Krishna, and the great mantra, Om, why should I bother to hear them again, let’s go on to something new, something more advanced…’  Or a football player thinking, ‘I’ve already practiced, why should I practice again?’ 

I don’t know what’s going to happen in this blog entry, and I have no idea what will be written the next time I sit down to type a lesson.  It’s all a divine play leading towards lightheartedness and love and the experience of pure Oneness, yet it is also karma being shared; otherwise we would not even know of each other.  Everything that is happening is just what is happening, so I imagine that this leads to the understanding of how and why this ‘self-interview’ takes place.  At least, now you know what I know.

Q:  In the previous blog entry, and on Facebook, you mentioned that you recently turned 70.  How is that going for you?  Is there really any difference?  How are you different than you were at 15?

A:  Turning 70 gives a certain vantage point of one’s life, seeing it as a whole instead of being stuck in temporary situations and egotistical melodramas.  You start to get it that those things are so temporary and totally irrelevant.  You might feel that there was a lot of wasted time, but in truth time can’t be ‘wasted.’  It’s just one moment after another, no matter what appears to be happening.  We’re never wasting our time as long as we are attuned to the inner Awareness of our own Being. 

This Awareness was never born and will never grow old or die.  It is eternally changeless.  There is really no difference between Awareness and Being.  Understanding this single principle helps greatly to understand the true meaning of both terms.  Usually we use the term ‘Awareness of Being,’ which most simply and concisely alludes to our true and eternal Nature.

Apparently at 70 it is easier to tune into this state than before, because there is not a lot more going on.  The only people I relate to (outside my marriage and family) are online.  It’s like relating to subtle beings, for the physical body is not involved, except for reading and typing.  Actually, with the body out of the way, it is much easier to relate on the very highest (most expanded) levels of Being.

I’m enjoying being 70.  I no longer have ambition (other than enjoying a good ‘death’) whenever the time of transition happens.  I feel no pressure to do anything, for the first time in my life.  I write the lessons during the time I feel to write, and I relate online when I feel like interacting with others.  I have no real desire for anything, although I’m still attached to hearing from and occasionally spending time with my three children.  Thankfully they make the effort to come to see me when they can, which are always joyful occasions.

I can’t walk as far or stand as long as I once could.  Most of the usual ways we think of someone at 70 are true.  I forget things; I misplace things; I forget where I am sometimes. (Of course, I think I’ve always done that.)  In summation, I think that in some ways I am exactly as people ordinarily think of being 70, yet in many more ways it’s the best time ever.  I finally understand what I’ve been writing about all these years.  Wisdom has evolved over time, and I understand everything much more clearly than I ever did before, even though I imagined I understood such things quite well then. 

The difference between now and when I was 15 is that now I have experienced the world and have attained worldly wisdom, while at 15 everything was an unknown mystery yet to be discovered.  As far as writing, something in me started writing many years ago, and it just keeps on writing.  I don’t know what its schedule or plan is.  I simply notice that it continues writing.

Q:  So after 40 years of writing what you write, why do you, at this point in your life, continue?

A:  Well, like I said, my understanding is clearer now.  In case I gave someone the wrong idea 20 or 30 years ago, I can now set the record straight.  Some people think they simply have to reread the older lessons to get whatever they need, but the Spiritual Energy, (Shakti), is not the same before now as it is now.  There is just something about the present moment that intensifies everything, that makes transformation so much easier.  This is why our Course is about living in the Truth of the Present Moment—this is where the Presence of everything is stored.  The only time we can truly discover or understand anything is now.

Q:  How long do you think you will continue beyond this point?

A:  Continue what?  Being me?  I’m not identified with what continues.  In fact, I’m much more identified with That which never changes.  I feel like I’m always the same—regardless of what’s happening physically, mentally, and emotionally.  More now than ever I simply watch the play, on all its various levels, unfolding before me.

I am obviously of the age where anything can happen to the body.  People my age have heart attacks, strokes, cancers, aneurisms, or just never wake up some morning.  Thankfully I never have to worry about all that.  One way of leaving this world is the same as any other.  But returning to the question, I imagine I will continue to write as long as the writer has all his faculties to do what is required for whatever ‘it’ does.  It’s not up to me personally how long the writing will go on.  I’m as curious as you.

Q:  Do you have any fear of death?

A:  Oh, goodness no, I’m rather looking forward to it at this point, to be truthful.  Is the butterfly fearful of leaving the cocoon?  Who would prefer staying here with all the limitations and pain of this physical body?  I make the best of it, but it’s not exactly my idea of a good time.

I enjoy my life with my wife, Kay, who makes it possible for participants of the Course to get the right lessons at the right time, and we do our best to have fun and enjoy what’s left of life.  Basically we are like every other couple, except we know we have this shared mission to fulfill.

At this point in my life I am quite used to the fact that my parents have died, and there is no longer an emotional edge to the thought of it.  It’s just something that happened in my life.  My own children will eventually reach that point also. The whole past is nothing but karma, and it had to happen as it did, just as the rest of life has to happen as it does.  All we really have control of is how we will experience it, yet that’s the only control we need.
Q:  Are there people participating in the Course who you know will continue to receive the lessons as long as new lessons are available?

A:  Without any doubt.  There are many who have participated in the Course for over 30 years, and seemingly they continue to look forward to their next new lesson.  Some people seem destined to be in it for life, and many of them are surprised to eventually learn that this is the case.  Somehow I imagine the Course will go on long after I have left this particular form.  I have always maintained that the essence of the Course comes from subtle Beings on the subtle (or astral) plane, and there’s no reason for that to discontinue just because this particular body is no longer available.  This body was certainly not the first to serve as a vessel for communicating the principles of Truth, and it definitely won’t be the last.

Q:  So, what, are you channeling or something?

A:  J No, it’s nothing like that.  (The question made me smile.)  It’s not like there is one entity channeling through another entity to reach a third entity. There is a lot of duality and division with that kind of approach.  Everything springs from the simple most basic principle that all is One, there is only One Consciousness, only One Awareness that we all share in common.  It is all-pervasive and eternally changeless.  It is indivisible and indestructible.

I don’t usually say stuff like this in the ‘blog’, but the Course is primarily your own Self teaching or reminding you of what you as an individual needs awareness of now to take the next step in development.  There is always only One, yet there is no end, no boundary, no limit, for expansion.  Expansion is infinite—therefore we have the play going on around us with these interesting and strange characters who are seemingly ‘in our life.’  Our interaction with them enables expansion.

Each individual is on an adventure, whether they are consciously aware of it or not, that results in transformation and expansion.  The more consciously aware of it we become, and especially when we learn to actually appreciate it for what it is, the easier and smoother the transformation and expansion will happen.

You have been told enough for now.  Be open to give this two or three readings at least, for a single reading of anything written here or in the lessons gives only a shallow hint of what is actually being communicated and transmitted.  A person misses what is available if he or she imagines they understand the contents after a single reading.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Course via email, and in receiving a free first lesson, please write us at:

The lessons are also available in Spanish and in French.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Happy Celebration Month

July is a month of celebration for us.  The Course was born in July.  If you go all the way back to the beginning of the blog, you will see that it’s all there; you will see that the very first blog entry was July of 2008.  We celebrate Kay’s birthday on the 20th, and my own birthday on the 4th.  (I came in with a bang.)  The 20th is also our wedding anniversary, as we were married on Kay’s birthday (by her daughter Tiffany.)

So we invite you to approach the month of July as a time of celebration and appreciation for what we have received from the blog, and for those who participate in our Course via email, it is an auspicious time to feel our appreciation for it.  My own appreciation of the lessons of the Course has expanded a great deal since we first started back in 2008. 

I have a clearer understanding of where the lessons ‘come from.’  This was always a great mystery for me.  It was obvious that such teachings could not have come from the person that I believed myself to be.  My first Teacher transmitted the principles of Truth very clearly for me, and the Guru bestowed the Shakti to enliven the lessons, so that the Spiritual Energy of the lineage comes through the lessons to all those who are open and ready.  Even I could not doubt their authority

If you read every entry to the blog as it comes out, and especially are engaged in the comments following the blog entries, then you get a lot out of it that is helpful and beneficial for you.  It happens through grace.  To me, it is the grace of the Guru—which is scripturally described as the ‘grace bestowing power of God.’  It is enough to simply understand that spiritual growth happens through grace.  That is, simply because you are earnestly open to experiencing something entirely new, something happens inside you that is clearly something that you could not have done or understood or seen on your own.

I share this primarily because the transmission of the Principles of Truth, along with the Energy (Shakti) and will to actually apply them in our own life, happens to a much greater degree if we actually recognize and appreciate what exactly is happening.  Can it be experienced as a transmission of higher (more expanded and refined) energies?  The lessons as well as the blog are not, and never have been, mere words, you know.  It takes a great deal of openness and trust to truly acknowledge and appreciate the transformative process that is actually happening through this totally unexpected form.  Our karma has brought us together (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.)

In the final comments of the previous entry I promised I would answer the remaining questions in this month’s entry.  Of course, it isn’t really a ‘blog,’ is it?  It’s simply the most convenient form of mass communication available today.  In the blog you are actually getting ‘mini-lessons’ that give you a realistic glimpse of what the lessons of the Course are like, except that the lessons are designed to go from one to the next, so that the unfolding or growth happens naturally and spontaneously simply by focusing on your current lesson.

The first unanswered question is this:

“My question relates to working in a corporate / professional environment. I struggle at times to truly practice the lessons in the workplace. Seeing perfection in things goes against the grain of the very nature of my work. I am in a senior position where my role, essentially is to find flaws in the performance of people and negate them for the betterment of the business results. For me to let go & see perfection, I fear I would be out of work.”

There is a specific dharma (righteous action for the benefit of everyone involved) that entreats us to give our very best to our job.  In your case, in the realm of your job, perfection might require you to find the significant flaws in someone’s performance.  Someone’s got to do it.  So the job dharma trumps the idea of seeing things perfectly, (which in this case is actually ideally—otherwise, we would already see the perfection of whatever is without any effort or conscious engagement). 

Seeing things perfectly includes seeing you performing your job as perfectly as everything else.

The perfection already exists, whether we see it or not.  Learning how to see and experience the already existing perfection is one aspect of our Course via email.  Lots of teachers can tell you what to do, but very few actually transmit how to do it in your own life.  Lots of people have presented the idea that the present moment is the only reality, but do they actually live focused in the present moment?  No, chances are they are entangled in the mind and ego from time to time.

Lots of teachers present the principle I call simply ‘what you think is what you get.’  But can they consistently focus on pleasant, uplifting, and cheerful thoughts?  Chances are some egotistical melodrama has their attention.  So even more than learning what to do, we need to learn how to do it.  This is the foundation that brings about an actual transformation.  The potential for transformation is one reason that we take birth in a physical body.  Occupying this temporary form, experiencing the karma that comes with the body, presents a great opportunity for transformation, which is what the individual human life is all about.

Another question in last month’s comments was, “My only question at this time is how to occupy the mind when I am in the present moment.  Love and contentment stays for a while and then follow the thoughts.”

I love this question.  It is a living contradiction, and a great irony.  In the present moment there is no mind.  There is pure Awareness.  This is the Truth of the Present Moment.  When we start to occupy the mind, we lose present-moment-awareness.  The mind brings us back into time and space, back to the outer world, to the world of objective humanity.  The space between thoughts is universal, infinite, and pure Consciousness.  Then the next thought brings us back into this karmic reality.

The present moment is the space between thoughts.  It is always, eternally, the same space of pure Awareness.  It is changeless.

Someone wrote this:  "I have a query about what is madness?  This has been an ongoing quest since childhood.  My mother suffered greatly with paranoid schizophrenia.  And just recently a colleague's nineteen old year son took his own life.  He had a history of mental illness.  In a spiritual sense, I would really like to hear some words from you on the subject."

I am not quite sure what to say about madness.  Often I feel like a madman.  The famous artist, Salvador Dali, once said, 'The only difference between me and a madman, is that I'm not mad.'  I'm not so positive regarding myself.  I could easily be a madman and not even notice.  In fact, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

Some people have an imbalance of chemistry in the brain, causing unnecessary depression and anxiety, and present-day antidepressants are able to restore the chemical balance.  This is okay.  An Indian woman doctor swami told me many years ago in India, “Medicine is Shakti too.”

You say you want to hear some words in a spiritual sense.  Well, paranoid schizophrenia is largely because of a lack of alignment between manas (conscious mind) and ahamkara (ego).  If these two are not properly connected and balanced, then some form of mental illness is the physical manifestation.

The most important thing to understand is that each incarnation is only one of many that take place one after another, with perhaps some rest between, whereas a very worldly person, attached and addicted to the things of this world, will reincarnate rather quickly due to his or her desire to return to this world.

An incarnation dealing with any kind of mental illness is only working out a certain karma a person needs to finish.  There will be many more incarnations for this soul that will be completely free of any sign of mental illness.  It is only a certain kind of karma, which will expel itself very soon, allowing the incarnated being to experience a much greater incarnation next time around.

The next two questions in the comments were very poignant.  One was from a woman I’ve known for a long time; I’ve known her daughter since she was 16, and now her daughter’s son has become violent.  Excerpts from her comment:

“How can you tell if/when you are really in harmony with a situation and are observing from the heart, or if you need to develop greater compassion in order to get to that point?  Now here's a little background for the question.  I'm definitely looking at the backside of life as I'll be 80 next year.  Gratefully I have taken the lessons for nearly 38 of those years.  My daughter's 21 year old son was diagnosed a paranoid schizophrenic four years ago with addiction a complicating factor.  My grandson is a danger to everyone, and especially to my daughter as he continually threatens to take her life.  This generates some really strong feelings in me.  Yet often these same feelings seem to be in neutral.....even absent.  Then I begin to ask, Where is my compassion?  Do I have any or have I been kidding myself?  And this brings me back to the above question.  Always with love, Ann”

Dear Ann, I wish I could just reach out and give you a comforting hug.  We had one of our early workshops in the 70’s in Ann’s home in Rome, New York.  After moving to Hilton Head, her cheerful, smiling, radiant face started showing up every year for our workshops in Atlanta, and it always felt so good to see her glowing eyes again.  So I hate that she is going through these things (I did not include details of her husband’s declining health).  She has a lot on her karmic plate.

And the comment following that was from a man who had to call the police on his own son, since he was becoming violent and dangerous.  Such things are tough karma.  When our children or grandchildren start becoming violent and/or irrational, or out of control in any way, it calls for tough love.  We have to be compassionate, we have to be unconditionally loving, and yet we must be strong enough to deal with the situation and the person effectively, and from a position of strength.  It is our dharma to do what we can to prevent loved ones from acting recklessly, in ways that could alter his or others’ lives.

Ann, it feels to me as though you have plenty of rational compassion.  It also sounds as though you are also being detached from it all, which is a really great sign.  You are approaching 80 years of age, each of them well done as far as I can tell.  You’ve lived a great life and done the best you could for everyone involved.  It should be obvious that not much is expected or required of you at this point.  You have done your work, and you have always been true to your dharma.  I’ve known you for a long time, and I have nothing but love and respect for you.  Please give Holly my love and assure her of my subtle support.

Be there for her if you can be helpful, but don’t impose it on her (which I am sure you would never do.).  Be supportive and encouraging.  But don’t take on any personal responsibility for how any of this works out, because it’s all going to be the same to you no matter what happens.  It is hard to be detached from our children’s karma, as it unfolds all on its own, having nothing to do with us.  And karma can be very fleeting.  Everything will work out as it always has, and you and she will always be cared for by the elder brothers who live among us in subtle form.

Margaret Peloquin, who does wondrous healing work up in the Gloucestor, MA, area wrote:  “I am noticing that I'm reading the Lessons more frequently now that I have copies scattered throughout the house!  I always thought it would be wasteful to print extra copies but I'm experiencing the convenience as well as the value of repetition so much more these days.  (It's like I've been wasting the Shakti in the Lessons by not making several copies.).  I know it's all been perfect as it is now. Great revelations though.

“As I continue reading about the radiant Light I realized that my Polarity training taught me that concept and I've been doing it for myself as well as for others during healing treatments.  It's such a powerful tool for optimal health.

“I've incorporated it into my yoga classes as well either during the opening or closing meditations, drawing this Light in through the chakras and out into the energy fields.  Very cool.  I know I get blasted by the Energy.  I hope others feel its power.....but then, I am working on not being affected by what others think!”

I mention these people’s names because they included their name in their questions among the comments of the previous blog entry, and since I didn’t answer it for them then, I am responding to it here and now.  Probably it is still here and now regardless of when you read this.

Margaret is an excellent example of how one aspect of our Course is to prepare teachers to be better teachers, and through the process of participating in the lessons they experience a refinement and upliftment of their understanding and experience, as well as a greater capacity to transmit it to others.  Many participants of the Course are teachers, leaders, and guides for others; a clear understanding of all the principles of Truth presented in the Course is essential to being the best possible teacher or guide for others.  Without this understanding, it is the blind leading the blind.  

Margaret, I know you have been a great help in the lives of many others.  I am happy to hear you are learning the value, after all this time, of rereading the lessons, as there is great power in repetition.  Many people never have that realization, and it takes the average Course participant about two years to finally discover, realize, or experience the power of repetition.  I am also happy to hear you are focusing on the Light.  I am certain that your focus on the inner Light will be transmitted to your own students and clients, and that is a truly great service in this world.

Someone wrote in a question that I often hear in various versions from different people.

"D.R. can you explain why someone who is aware of your course, even aware of what it might offer, doesn't jump at the chance to participate?  It can't be the cost since it's cheaper than the cost of a couple pizzas a month.  I can't imagine someone is so busy that they can't find 10 or 15 minutes a day to read it.  This is one of life's great mysteries for me, knowing what the course has to offer."

My response to this is, I don't know. I know that many more people would enjoy and benefit from participating in the Course, just as many before them have already experienced, but I imagine for the large part they don't have the karma to ever hear about the Course, or for it to ‘register’ should they hear about it.  When someone is ready for the Course, usually he or she magically learns about it through some unlikely source, gives it a trial, and then inexplicably remains a participant for life. 

There are people participating in the Course who have received the lessons for 40 years now.  They are great people, with an unsurpassed foundation of understanding, and the majority of them have helped many other people as well.  They are people I deeply respect.

Back to your question, I would love for more people to learn of the Course.  It wouldn’t be a big deal for me personally, but I have the knowledge, from many years of feedback, that most people who give the Course a trial end up benefitting greatly from it, and even transforming their lives.  It has the power to change people's lives in ways that would have previously been undreamed of.  I know that anyone who participates in the Course is taken care of for the rest of his or her life.

Ultimately, though, regarding why someone wouldn't start the Course, even knowing about it, is a great mystery to me.  Some just aren't ready.  If one isn’t ready he can’t possibly appreciate the value and power of the principles of Truth.  Also, many doubt that the highest Truth can be communicated and transmitted in this particular form. 

Written lessons via email can seem at first as a rather dubious source for the Truth.  All kinds of stuff is available now, and some can offer visuals that require even less effort to understand.  There are many good teachers with something to offer.  Yet, especially for teachers who didn’t have a Guru to carve them into true teachers, it is good to have contact with a teacher’s teacher, to make sure everything is crystal clear.

As I’ve mentioned before somewhere, I will be 70 this month.  I first came across yoga, meditation, and Creative Thinking, or the Power of the Mind, when I was 15 in 1960.  I’ve seen a lot regarding the ‘spiritual scene’ over all these years, all the teachers who have come and gone, always having helped someone and perhaps many.

Anyway, I’m now too old to feel that I am deluded, or that I am being egotistical or arrogant to share the Principles of Truth as I have come to know them over all these years.  I’ve learned to trust whatever I put out there, and to know that it is elevating to read, as this is my experience while writing it, or, later, while reading it.  I’ve learned what’s essential to know, and I’ve learned what is completely irrelevant.  In the Course I share the essential, while leaving out the irrelevant.

I have a firm conviction that these writings allude to pure Truth, considering all the limitations that are inherent in words alone.  I cannot describe or define the Truth, but I can allude to it in ways that enable you to see and/or experience it.  This is just something I’ve observed over the years, along with the feedback received from Course participants, sharing their own transformations.

I hope you have enjoyed the ‘blog’ entry for this month.  My intent has been to share something of value, or perhaps something simply humorous, something that might even spark the beginning of true transformation, or a real-time psychic booster shot for the already transformed.  Thank you for reading this month’s offering, and for being open-minded and open-hearted enough to take it in.  Thanks to those of you who participate in the Course for your loyalty to the Training.  Thank you for making it all possible with your contributions.  Thank you for being here and for being you.  In this whole cosmos, you are one of a kind.

If you wish to actually experience the Couse of Training, you will be immediately sent information about the Course, and a complimentary Lesson 1, simply by writing us at:  drbutler.course@gmail.com

The lessons are also available in Spanish and French.

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