Friday, August 1, 2008

Entering a New Era

This August is a very special time for us. For many, it is a time of reawakening; for others, it is a time of coming back together. It does not take a genius to see that the outer world is, as usual, on the brink of some disaster or another. It is definitely a time to know how to turn within. With this in mind, the first lesson of the new course will be sent by email on August 15th. Interestingly, it was 33 years ago, in August 1975, that the original course lessons were mailed to the first students. Now here we go again with a brand new course for today's modern age, where we can send lessons, newsletters, notices, and whatever else is necessary or helpful spontaneously via the Internet.

There has been a great response in the weeks since we first began to tell people of this blog and the new course, and through word-of-mouth we anticipate reaching many more old friends as well as newcomers to these writings. If you know of people who might be interested, please pass on the link to this blog.

For now, let's try an exercise:

Look around you, be aware of the world as it exists for you in this moment, and observe within yourself. See what actually exists right here, right now. Set aside the emotional agitations, the melancholy musings of the mind, and the melodramatic ups and downs of personal life. Look within right now to see if you can glimpse the unbroken joy and contentment that naturally and independently dwell within you. They are essential aspects of your own Self, your own Being.

Observe how your thoughts continually return to the past or the future, and to the ordinary melodramas of life. We go through life focused on things that were once real, or that might eventually be real, and in doing so we miss out on the beauty of what is actually real right now. Let’s open up to discovering the Truth of our own life, which is something much greater than anything we might previously have imagined. We could not have previously known the potential glory of the present moment. Everything has led up to this.

Are you willing to experience the adventure of self-discovery? Along with reading each lesson as it arrives, and referring to it during the two weeks before the next lesson, there are a couple of important requirements: that you are willing to be open to what is new, to what is presently unknown and unrealized, and that you put the knowledge into practice in the situations and circumstances of your daily life. When the principles are applied to real life, the results are immediately obvious and true transformation takes place.

The principles of Truth are not about something to believe in. There is no dogma. Living by them is a way of life—a certain attitude and approach to life, and an openness to what is new, for each present moment is absolutely new; it has never existed before now. Only now can you be new. Are you willing to do what is necessary for your own inner transformation?

No matter how well educated a person might be, there are certain universal truths that are beyond the scope of conventional knowledge. These principles take us into the very heart of what a few in all ages have known, and which all true Masters of all traditions have taught. I ask you to take no one’s word for anything, but rather to prove the truth for yourself through your own practical application of the principles which you recognize to be true.

The Truth is revealed within yourself. You might read words here alluding to the Truth, but your experience of it is your own. Through being open to these new ideas you will allow yourself the opportunity to experience the reality of them within yourself. The truth of any situation or relationship will become intuitively obvious.

If you honestly apply yourself to the process at hand, you will be amazed at the results, and you will enter the realm of the extraordinary. If by some chance this is the only thing you ever read of all that I have written, let me leave you with this to ponder in your days ahead:

That Self that exists within you is the same Self that exists within me. On the deepest level, we actually refer to the same “I.” The “I” we refer to is our own Awareness, our Awareness of Being, and it is the same Consciousness we all share in common. It is that which lets us know that we exist, that we are present here and now. It is the awareness, “I Am.” It is the awareness that exists prior to thought, before words arise, and before the initial stirring of the first ripple of emotion. It is our own inner joy, and it is also the love we experience in our heart.

In a sense, we share the same heart. Even while we are in different bodies, we share the same inner love. Eventually, we depart from these physical bodies on the wings of the last exhalation, making the grand transition from this limited world of space and time to a more subtle existence, that wondrous world of pure Light and Being. The love we experience in our heart, the love we share, never goes anywhere. It exists forever. In this way we are always all together. The love in the heart will remain the same a hundred years from now, a thousand, and a million. It is eternal.

There is no such thing as death. Physical death is simply the transition from one realm of awareness to another. No one ever goes anywhere. The inner Presence remains eternally. Remember, the identification with this body is only a temporary illusion. Where will we be in a hundred years? A hundred years is not very long in the overall scheme of things, and our inner Awareness will remain the same even then.

Every day, every moment, hundreds of thousands of beings depart from this world, while other beings continuously enter into new bodies. It would be an amazing experience had we the vision to see the grand phenomenon of all the souls going back and forth.

Focus within now, on the eternal Self, and allow your awareness to go beyond the temporary existence of this physical body. In the eternal now, there is no beginning or end. It simply is. Enjoy every moment of this physical life, be profoundly alive with each new breath you take, and enjoy the love we share eternally in perfect oneness. It is only a temporary illusion that we are different or separate from each other. That is the great game of life. Recognize that life is truly a game, and enjoy it for all that it is.

Nothing is in itself more or less spiritual or worldly than anything else. Do not make these differentiations, for they exist in the mind only. Spirituality is simply bringing presence, aliveness, to the moment. It is being aware and alert here and now. True spirituality is loving what you do from one moment to the next. If you love what you do, then you feel profoundly alive, and that aliveness is spontaneously communicated to others through your words and actions.

All we can ever truly share with another is our own state. The greater our inner state, the more we have to share. If we share the state of love, then we live in love, and we see that all this time the only reality was the simplicity of pure love. Knowing this, we go through our life in perfect contentment and joy.

In spiritual communion, we can all enjoy this month of August together. Join me at sunset each evening, wherever you are, and let's give thanks to our 'Heavenly Father' for providing us with all the great things present in our life. There is great power when, as a community, all together, we affirm our heartfelt gratitude for the goodness we experience.

That for which we experience gratitude will naturally be attracted to us. When we feel gratitude for something, we get more of that, just as when we complain about something, we get more of that. In feeling gratitude for all the goodness in our life, we attract goodness to ourselves and those around us. At sunset, wherever you are, join us as we give thanks to God.

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Anonymous said...

After taking the Course in it's prior incarnation for over 20 years the concepts that were written about were so familiar that my mind no longer found them interesting. My mind, it seems, is infatuated with what's new. While what I had learned and put into practice had changed my life in ways unimaginable to me when I started the Course, my mind had lost it's enjoyment of the words that were written.
It has been almost 10 years since I last read anything Course related. Now my mind thinks the words are not so familiar and I find my re-acquaintance with the principles to be very beneficial.

Anonymous said...

Like the earlier post, I too am numb from hearing the same words over and over, particularly the jargon unique to certain spiritual paths. It has lost it's meaning and freshness over the years. I know I must recreate the "Truth within" (whatever that is)as new, but it is not easy after having become jaded and cynical. I'm in hopes that your blog will offer new words for the same eternal truth so I can fine-tune my understanding and revitalize my practices.

Mike said...

Dear D.R.,
Upon reading the first new lesson I became filled with joy, love contentment, gratitude, and wonder at the depth of the teachings. It amazes me that the lessons bring just what I need at just the right time. I feel so blessed to be experiencing the truth of the present moment.
With love,

dhruva said...

Ram, I have the feeling that there is a community "out there" that shares common proceses, for me also the same old spiritual jargon was a process for me, I had a break of about 4 years, I wanted to see life as it is, with no old glasses, I discovered that this process was necessary for me to really experiment the present moment for real, this time making shure it was an experience and not knowledge, now I can clearly see that regardless my head I know everything! but I understand nothing!, sometimes I realize the moment as present, of course new, vibrating, always my true natural state of being. sometimes not, but it seems that becoming aware of this process is being encountered at the same point but slightly deeper. Your new lesson has touched me deeply in terms of direction, remembrance of who I am, and Love.
The really good news is that the self is really actually everything, If you trully experience this, there is no point for "one path only life because there are many- attitude", the are no other paths, there is just only here, now.

Anonymous said...

I have a question about dreams. I am doing ok during the day in being able to escape many of what I call my "mind snarls", the dramas my mind likes to create and get caught up in, and I also notice occasionally when I wake from a dream it is with an uneasy or sad feeling. What does this mean as it applys to me and following the direction you are helping to guide me in? Where do dreams fit in, since they seem to be created by the subconcious mind?

D. R. Butler said...

About dreams: they can mean so many things and be interpreted in so many ways. I always think the main thing about dreams is the feeling we have during the dream, and the feelings we are left with afterwards. I usually awaken from my own dreams with a sense of exaltation, but most of my dreams take place in an enormous hall where there are thousands upon thousands receiving teachings.

If you are waking from dreams with an uneasy or sad feeling, simply meditate on what your dreams are telling you. How do they relate to your waking life? See if you can find the connection, and then inject some positive energy into that area. Contined positive thinking in waking life will gradually lead to more positive feelings in dreams, as the subconscious mind is infused more and more with positive energy.

Anonymous said...

As a long time reader of DRB'S ..I would like to share how awesome it is to have satsang in the form of this blog and the course ,and share with all of you a site has also been created on my space please visit and join that site OM