Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Cheer

I’ve spent some time reviewing everything that’s been written in the blog before now, including the questions and answers in the comments. I can hardly believe the great variety of information and inspiration that is contained here. It’s like a whole course in itself, and the comments are the spontaneous dialogue arising as we progress together on the path to ultimate freedom--offered here for the benefit of all that are open and ready.

I was surprised at how long some of the entries were. Once I get going….some of you must really persevere in order to get through a whole entry, much less more than one. Practically speaking, I should just recommend that everyone read the whole thing again from the beginning, and that would surely be enough for anyone; yet some people like something new, something up-to-date. So here we are, all meeting in the same space around the same general time; and our meeting in that subtle space is the primary happening.

I wonder how many people have actually read the whole blog? Am I the only one?

If you are new here, I recommend reading any and all of the past entries since the blog began, and you will find that the comments following each entry include many insightful questions with answers regarding applying the principles of Truth to the practical details of everyday life. Every entry of the blog is as timely now as it was at the time it was first posted.

December is the holiday season, and it is an excellent time to practice lightheartedness and cheerfulness. Many people are disheartened these days by certain downward cycles in the external world. They walk around with worry and anxiety on their faces, coupled with all the anger they keep buried in their psyches—angry at life and the hand they were dealt, at everyone around them for, mostly, just being themselves, and even angry at the weather. If they are driving and another car passes them, they get angry. Who does he think he is?

We are so quick to be offended by any imagined slight, and then we justify our anger. Of course I’m angry, look at what he said to me. As though Jesus Christ himself would be angry if anyone had said or done the same thing.

Please do not think it is natural to be this way. It might be normal to be this way; it is the human condition, after all. Still, with the recognition and application of the principles of Truth in each new present moment, we can burst free from the confines of habitual, contracted thoughts and emotions, and begin to glimpse the glory of the light and love that lie eternally within us.

The natural way for a human being to live is with gratitude and appreciation for all of God’s gifts, with optimism regarding the future, with great cheer and lightheartedness, and with unconditional love and compassion for all beings in his or her psychic sphere. These days our sphere of experience and influence includes cyberspace, something unimagined just a few years back. Otherwise there would be no blog.

Celebrate your holidays with great love. Love your Self, and recognize and love that same Self in all those around you. This is the true way to celebrate—absorbed in love and appreciating all beings for being exactly as they are.

Enjoy your meals together with great joy, with lighthearted conversation and much laughter. Everyone will feel uplifted afterwards, and even digestion will be improved.

This is also a time of giving, of freely offering what you have to share with those in your lives. Sometimes it feels challenging to give when we feel we hardly have enough as it is, yet through the act of giving we open ourselves up to receive even more from the universe. It is only through giving that we can receive, and we receive much more than we give. It is the act of offering that initiates the opening.

Many of us do not understand how constricted we are when it comes to receiving. Many, from various aspects of past conditioning, don’t feel like we deserve anything really good, or that we are worthy of very much. This is because we don’t recognize or appreciate the divine Being that occupies this shell of a body. If we knew Who was actually in here, we’d naturally love and worship our own Self all the time. In this way we live in perfect contentment and bliss.

Through giving, we come in conscious contact with that higher aspect of ourselves that is capable of giving something worthwhile to others. This awakens us to the very best of ourselves, and through practice we naturally live in this way.

When we feel we have to cling to what little we have, we close ourselves off from all the magnificent offerings the universe has in store for us. When we cannot give, we are also incapable of receiving. The door has been shut.

As Saint Francis of Assisi said, "Remember that when you leave this Earth, you do not take with you what you have received, only what you gave away."

We are concluding the year 2009. Let’s go out living and loving and giving it our best shot in all ways. Let’s go out being our best and brightest, and offering the best we have within us to all those with whom we come in contact.

In certain cultures it is felt that the way we end one year is how we start the next, and how we start the next year has a great influence on how the whole year will go.

For the rest of 2009, let’s be loving, laughing, and a little bit loony. Remember, only the ego takes anything seriously, and taking ourselves seriously is the greatest folly of all. Let’s go out the old year playfully, and enter the approaching new year as the oncoming of the greatest play yet.

We receive many letters and emails from people around the world who report how much they are gaining from the lessons through email. Since we launched the course over a year ago, there have been new groups of participants to begin each and every month. We do not advertise, yet somehow the word is spreading. Expansion by word of mouth is truly the best way, for it is organic, from the inside out.

I am looking forward to seeing who the final participants to begin in 2009 will be, and who will be among the first group of 2010. What a great future we have to look forward to. There is much to share. No matter how far we have come before now, there is always the next step, and by its very nature it is always surprising and totally unpredictable.

Remember that the greatest Truth of all is the simple Truth of the present moment. Be present now, bring your attention to the existing moment, and learn to live in that subtle space between thoughts. The activity of the mind is not nearly as interesting as we have always presumed. More than anything else, it is agitating.

Love everything unconditionally, including yourself—all the movements of your mind and emotions—and through practicing love become an embodiment of love. When we leave this world and this body with the final exhalation, all that will be remembered of us is how much love we shared, how much we gave. All else was irrelevant, no matter what we think we did or did not accomplish in this lifetime. In the end, how much love we shared with others while we were here is all that will matter in the least.

I send you my very best, and all the love of my heart is offered openly and freely. Happy Holidays to everyone.

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