Monday, January 3, 2011

Returning to Love

Let’s share this meditation together
to begin 2011 in the highest way.

Returning to Love

Sit comfortably and take a few long, slow breaths.
Go back to recognizing the pure, undefined,
undifferentiated, unmodified, formless Awareness of Being—
That in you which knows that you are, which knows, “I am.”
Understand that this Awareness is universal—
it permeates and pervades the entire universe at all times.
It is not different from the ever-present nature of Grace.
It is beyond all circumstances and situations.
It is beyond all karma. It is beyond all samskaras,
all tendencies to describe or define.
It is free from that whole play—
unmodified, undifferentiated, and undefined.
There is nothing to think about Consciousness.
To think is only to contract Consciousness.
Go back to being aware of your own Awareness.
Be conscious of Consciousness.
Think of your heart as being filled with love.
Be aware that love is pouring into you
with each breath, expanding the area of your heart
far beyond the space of your body.
See it as a warm, golden, liquidy love.
Feel its warmth and soothing nature.
Let everything you have heard or read so far
be dissolved into it.
Fall in love with your Self.
Live in love.
Understand that the same Self within you
exists in all others.
Love the Self in you and love the Self in others.
The Inner Self is The Divine,
Omniscient, Omnipotent, and Omnipresent—
All-knowing, All-powerful, and All-pervading.
Seeing the Divine in all, life becomes very simple.
Everything is very easy
once this becomes the primary focus and emphasis.
Melt into the golden white Light of the Self
and be absorbed in your own love.
Keep returning to love as the highest priority.
Live in that love.

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