Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Do We Meet Here?

There is a certain space we can tune into that is independent of the words or whatever meaning we give to what is being written. To tune into this space, we come here and share it together. It is a space of the heart.  It is a place of inexplicable and unconditional love.

There is a transmission from a higher (more expanded and refined) realm currently happening affecting the population of the planet Earth. There are those that are attuned to and aligned with this transmission, and there are those who are oblivious to it and would smirk at the thought of it.

The Transmission of Truth expresses through various channels and teachers. Some are clearer than others due to the purity of their own understanding. Some are able to bring life to a principle so powerfully that it comes alive inside our own heart and we are transformed. We can absorb something of value from whomever we come in contact. Each person we know adds something to us, each teacher we come across has something to teach us.  The meetings do not happen by coincidence or chance.

The principles of Truth are not about individual teachers or personalities. They come from a higher Source. Various teachers each have their own style and personality when it comes to the presentation of the Principles, yet to some degree they are tuned into the same Source. All lineages come from the same Source. There is already vast agreement that the Truth is the Truth. There are not two or more Truths out there.

The Truth is vast. Yet in our personal lives we often find ourselves caught in trying to figure out the most insignificant details. This is why, in our course, we place a priority on priorities.

Tuning into the Truth of the Present Moment is the primary reason that we meet here.

There is so much to doubt in this world, so little to actually trust, how do we recognize a true channel of live knowledge?

The answer is through our own experience. Something happens inside us, something inexplicable is stimulated or awakened in us, there is some mysterious stirring that leads us to believe something new is possible. Otherwise there is only a peculiar selection of words with no actual meaning whatsoever. There is no in-between the two—it is either intuitively obvious or completely nonsensical.

Some will read this and it will make absolute sense. Others might read it and find it absolute nonsense. Our ways of understanding things and our readiness for new knowledge are quite varied. We are each ready for what comes next, but we are not all ready for the same thing.

The Transmission of Truth happens on a realm far beyond individuals, personalities, religions, philosophies, and paths. We recognize it when we feel its power in our heart, that feeling of knowingness, of infinite possibility. There is no doubt whatsoever, except possibly in the conditioned mind.

The Transmission of Truth happens when we become aware of something completely new. It is often accompanied by an exalted sense of well being.

This is such a simple point that it is challenging to consider that it has any significant meaning. Also, because we don’t totally understand the past conditioning of ego and mind, we might not fully grasp what is meant by ‘new.’

Our Course of Training via email is a guided process of opening up to what is new. It is being attuned to the process of awakening. The lessons sent by email twice a month are the primary outer form of the course. When the lessons are read, however, more is happening than mere reading.

There is no homework. Participation in the course is simply reading the lessons, and referring to them on a regular basis during the time of each lesson. This leads to a transformation in the way we see and understand things. Also, it is essential to actually apply the principles of each lesson in one’s daily life—and to never consider them to be mere philosophy. We break free from dogma and begin to see things as they truly are.

If you are open to the transmission, you are already receiving the transmission. It is not something that will begin later. It is a matter of being alert and paying attention to what is already real. You already feel something stirring inside, some transformation that hasn’t yet fully revealed its essential nature.

Ordinarily the mind hasn’t been conditioned or molded in a way that accepts significant transformation as a possible or likely reality. We are strongly conditioned to feel that everything will remain very much the same as it already is, even if we vaguely ‘hope’ for something more.

In reality, everything remains the same on one level only: the level of the highest Truth, the Self, pure Consciousness, the Awareness of Being. Only on this level does everything always remain the same. On other levels, there is continuous movement, motion,growth, and transformation.

Living in the Truth of the Present Moment has various elements. One, for example, is the understanding of exactly what is meant by ‘present moment.’ Another is the understanding of exactly what is meant by ‘Truth.’ When we live with the simultaneous understanding of ‘Truth’ as related to the ‘present moment,’ we experience contentment and fulfillment.

I know this to be true: When we generate a feeling of how we would feel if everything in our life were already perfect, it will feel uplifting and enlivening. That feeling, strange as it seems, is the Creative Principle. Once generated, that feeling creates or attracts an outer reality corresponding to the nature of the feeling.

Our feeling, our consciousness, creates or attracts a corresponding reality around us that will seem very real. It's actually not real at all, because as soon as we change what we are conscious of, the corresponding physical reality changes accordingly. What we are conscious of inwardly is reflected outwardly as our personal life.

Of the basic laws regarding how life works, the primary one, as far as the individual is concerned, is the law of cause and effect; thoughts are causes and the conditions and experiences of personal life are the results or effects of the power of the corresponding thoughts.

It is important to understand that we are creating our own reality through our own mental activity, and especially when thoughts are accompanied by intense emotional feelings. This is basic stuff, and if we don’t understand this much we won’t pass ‘Life 101.’

It is important to understand our part in the process of creation. Then we can live to contribute to harmony and gain freedom from suffering. Otherwise, unmindful of how life works, we unknowingly generate the very things we don’t want.

We meet here to be reminded of the Truth. This includes being reminded that thought is creative, and that our habitual and predominant thoughts create the details of our personal reality. This is a most essential basic step, understanding that we create our own life through what we think, and yet many people on the ‘spiritual’ path dismiss the principle as though it were not good enough for them, not spiritual enough somehow.

There is a delicate balance of new approaches to ancient truths. The Truth of the present moment is never going to change, yet the methods that awakened or stimulated our awareness of Truth in the past might not be as effective now. It’s like we become immune to them. So the Truth must be approached in not only new but also unexpected ways.

We ‘wake up’ to some degree when we are surprised or shocked, and this element is essential in the process of expansion and development. Surprises are like subtle growth spurts. One of the greatest surprises is learning something new that is absolutely unexpected. When we stop being surprised, we stop growing.

I would love to hear from you in the comments at the end of this entry, your perspective of Why do we meet here, the transmission of Truth, and the process of transformation. I’d truly appreciate feedback on these topics, just to see your various perspectives. If you have any questions, write them in the little box, and we will enjoy interaction and discussion.

See you in the comments.

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