Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Why Do We Meet Here?

There is a certain space we can tune into that is independent of the words or whatever meaning we give to what is being written. To tune into this space, we come here and share it together. It is a space of the heart.  It is a place of inexplicable and unconditional love.

There is a transmission from a higher (more expanded and refined) realm currently happening affecting the population of the planet Earth. There are those that are attuned to and aligned with this transmission, and there are those who are oblivious to it and would smirk at the thought of it.

The Transmission of Truth expresses through various channels and teachers. Some are clearer than others due to the purity of their own understanding. Some are able to bring life to a principle so powerfully that it comes alive inside our own heart and we are transformed. We can absorb something of value from whomever we come in contact. Each person we know adds something to us, each teacher we come across has something to teach us.  The meetings do not happen by coincidence or chance.

The principles of Truth are not about individual teachers or personalities. They come from a higher Source. Various teachers each have their own style and personality when it comes to the presentation of the Principles, yet to some degree they are tuned into the same Source. All lineages come from the same Source. There is already vast agreement that the Truth is the Truth. There are not two or more Truths out there.

The Truth is vast. Yet in our personal lives we often find ourselves caught in trying to figure out the most insignificant details. This is why, in our course, we place a priority on priorities.

Tuning into the Truth of the Present Moment is the primary reason that we meet here.

There is so much to doubt in this world, so little to actually trust, how do we recognize a true channel of live knowledge?

The answer is through our own experience. Something happens inside us, something inexplicable is stimulated or awakened in us, there is some mysterious stirring that leads us to believe something new is possible. Otherwise there is only a peculiar selection of words with no actual meaning whatsoever. There is no in-between the two—it is either intuitively obvious or completely nonsensical.

Some will read this and it will make absolute sense. Others might read it and find it absolute nonsense. Our ways of understanding things and our readiness for new knowledge are quite varied. We are each ready for what comes next, but we are not all ready for the same thing.

The Transmission of Truth happens on a realm far beyond individuals, personalities, religions, philosophies, and paths. We recognize it when we feel its power in our heart, that feeling of knowingness, of infinite possibility. There is no doubt whatsoever, except possibly in the conditioned mind.

The Transmission of Truth happens when we become aware of something completely new. It is often accompanied by an exalted sense of well being.

This is such a simple point that it is challenging to consider that it has any significant meaning. Also, because we don’t totally understand the past conditioning of ego and mind, we might not fully grasp what is meant by ‘new.’

Our Course of Training via email is a guided process of opening up to what is new. It is being attuned to the process of awakening. The lessons sent by email twice a month are the primary outer form of the course. When the lessons are read, however, more is happening than mere reading.

There is no homework. Participation in the course is simply reading the lessons, and referring to them on a regular basis during the time of each lesson. This leads to a transformation in the way we see and understand things. Also, it is essential to actually apply the principles of each lesson in one’s daily life—and to never consider them to be mere philosophy. We break free from dogma and begin to see things as they truly are.

If you are open to the transmission, you are already receiving the transmission. It is not something that will begin later. It is a matter of being alert and paying attention to what is already real. You already feel something stirring inside, some transformation that hasn’t yet fully revealed its essential nature.

Ordinarily the mind hasn’t been conditioned or molded in a way that accepts significant transformation as a possible or likely reality. We are strongly conditioned to feel that everything will remain very much the same as it already is, even if we vaguely ‘hope’ for something more.

In reality, everything remains the same on one level only: the level of the highest Truth, the Self, pure Consciousness, the Awareness of Being. Only on this level does everything always remain the same. On other levels, there is continuous movement, motion,growth, and transformation.

Living in the Truth of the Present Moment has various elements. One, for example, is the understanding of exactly what is meant by ‘present moment.’ Another is the understanding of exactly what is meant by ‘Truth.’ When we live with the simultaneous understanding of ‘Truth’ as related to the ‘present moment,’ we experience contentment and fulfillment.

I know this to be true: When we generate a feeling of how we would feel if everything in our life were already perfect, it will feel uplifting and enlivening. That feeling, strange as it seems, is the Creative Principle. Once generated, that feeling creates or attracts an outer reality corresponding to the nature of the feeling.

Our feeling, our consciousness, creates or attracts a corresponding reality around us that will seem very real. It's actually not real at all, because as soon as we change what we are conscious of, the corresponding physical reality changes accordingly. What we are conscious of inwardly is reflected outwardly as our personal life.

Of the basic laws regarding how life works, the primary one, as far as the individual is concerned, is the law of cause and effect; thoughts are causes and the conditions and experiences of personal life are the results or effects of the power of the corresponding thoughts.

It is important to understand that we are creating our own reality through our own mental activity, and especially when thoughts are accompanied by intense emotional feelings. This is basic stuff, and if we don’t understand this much we won’t pass ‘Life 101.’

It is important to understand our part in the process of creation. Then we can live to contribute to harmony and gain freedom from suffering. Otherwise, unmindful of how life works, we unknowingly generate the very things we don’t want.

We meet here to be reminded of the Truth. This includes being reminded that thought is creative, and that our habitual and predominant thoughts create the details of our personal reality. This is a most essential basic step, understanding that we create our own life through what we think, and yet many people on the ‘spiritual’ path dismiss the principle as though it were not good enough for them, not spiritual enough somehow.

There is a delicate balance of new approaches to ancient truths. The Truth of the present moment is never going to change, yet the methods that awakened or stimulated our awareness of Truth in the past might not be as effective now. It’s like we become immune to them. So the Truth must be approached in not only new but also unexpected ways.

We ‘wake up’ to some degree when we are surprised or shocked, and this element is essential in the process of expansion and development. Surprises are like subtle growth spurts. One of the greatest surprises is learning something new that is absolutely unexpected. When we stop being surprised, we stop growing.

I would love to hear from you in the comments at the end of this entry, your perspective of Why do we meet here, the transmission of Truth, and the process of transformation. I’d truly appreciate feedback on these topics, just to see your various perspectives. If you have any questions, write them in the little box, and we will enjoy interaction and discussion.

See you in the comments.

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rico said...

The question is where is Here? We sit in front of our keyboards and press these buttons and before you know it we connect. We appear to be in a bunch of different places and times but when we come HERE we connect in the same place. And that place is HERE.

I suspect many of us have had the experience where we are reading a comment here or on Facebook which gives rise to a thought and before you know it, a kindred spirit has posted what you were thinking.

Somehow we connect, tuned into the same vibrational wavelength, HERE, NOW. The limits of time and space don't always apply when we tune into the NOW, HERE.

Terry McMurari (LOL!) said...

My perspective of why do we meet here: There is only Here and Now and we meet to move our attention to that space between thoughts where we exist as we always are. The transmission of Truth is independent of a "doer" but seems to use "others" as channels to awaken us to the moment and to re-mind us of Who we are every moment beyond the dream of life and its dramas. The process of transformation is not in linear time, but once "initiated-seeded" in the moment blossoms to pull the attention to the moment even within activities of the mind, emotions, and body. My very good Friend, you asked (LOL) and that is my perspective in this moment! I Love You!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm....When I read your question, I focussed on the word "here". My initial response is that we meet here because there is nowhere else to meet. That brings up whether or not there really is anywhere to meet, since "here" doesn't seem to mean a location in physical space and time. But that's probably just my mind complicating matters (or simplifying matters, depending on perspective).

Why do we meet? When I hear the word meet, I think that in order to meet, we have to first be separate. There first has to be some consciousness other than my own to meet. How can I meet myself: "Hi self, meet your self. Hi self, nice to meet you." To me, we can only meet from a perspective that sees "us" as separate. Once again, my mind as it is wont to do, is probably making "it" all too complicated.

My final stab, even though there may be no here, and no us, is that we meet here because the sky is blue, coffee tastes good hot or on ice (for some of us), babies, puppies and kittens are cute and mean people suck. We meet because its what "we" do.

wonderthoughts said...

This is an awesome blog entry. It makes absolute sense. Thank you Ram for stating this. Much Appreciated, Dennis

Taylor said...

In the space of the heart available here, I experience an exalted feeling from my heart space up. My whole head area feels very good when I read your blog entry.

Also, I meet here to be reminded of the Truth. And, to ask any questions that arise from reading my current lesson. It's a great hangout with great company. I visit often. Thank you for making the space available.
With love and gratitude,

Jim said...

we meet in each seer, behind each set of eyes of each reader and writer

ER said...

"The Transmission of Truth happens when we become aware of something completely new. It is often accompanied by an exalted sense of well being." I am not showing off and I hope I am not being indiscreet but "here" has been so consistent last few weeks I am speechless! More recently "we" met "here" this weekend. Then I received my lesson and, as with every lesson but some more than others, it was the culmination of my sensations of the previous hours. This entry I gulped down as every paragraph evoked the ponderings that were uttered in the next so that I already "knew" the next thing you were writing. You say it is the Creative principle and I recognise it as I recognise my child when he comes out of school among hundreds of others dressed just like him. I equate it to the dawn chorus I can hear now. Don't know where "Here" is but I love THIS place.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to have the opportunity to meet here and to ask questions. I'm on lesson 41. There's something i'm not "getting." Let's say you see someone, and they're harming others, physically, or emotinally or in some other manner. How do you get "okay" with it or accept it as something God is allowing. I guess if you do you become Thich Nat Hahn or another great yogi. But seriously I sure am trying to get this concept but I suppose am asking for clarification. I suppose my inner judge "I call him Flip Wilson" is being a little to active for me to hear what I need to.

Bob Dahl said...

Well, me ... It's nice talking to myself; A credit to dementia

PS what is it with the verification word for this blog? This time the word is aplayin :-)

Scott Marmorstein said...


You asked "how do I get okay with someone who is harming someone else." Forgive the paraphrasing.

Instead of taking it, in the moment personally, you respond accordingly (with direct action as necessary--example: if some person is being mugged or ripped off or beaten, and you can literally do something about it, like use martial arts to stop the attackers) rather than react emotionally to the situation, you can be a driving force for good in this situation. It is "being okay" by realizing in the moment something is going down that is not serving anyone. If you go into 'victim' mode about it, and say what a tragedy it is and don't at least call 911, then all you contribute is a negative state which really doesn't help anyone, least of all yourself.

Take the appropriate action if it is something immediate. If on the other hand, as is the case with the world beyond the bounds of your back yard (wars in other countries) then you have other great practices of response (not reaction) such as sending light, love, offering meditation or chanting practices, or even sending donations. This is 'being okay with someone doing harm to another' by lending help and not emotionally involving yourself to the point where no good occurs.

There is a saying to this effect: "hate begets hate...war begets war." and Obviously, "Love Begets Love." It's a beautiful question you raise. And yeah, you'll have to tell Flip to shut up and leave you alone so you can call the cops or otherwise (safely) intervene. Hope this helps!

Alison said...

For as long as I can remember I have felt that my outer world was out of alignment with my inner world.

When I read my lessons or meet here with D.R. and read all the participant's comments I feel my inner world aligning with my outer world.

In just six months of participating my outer world has shifted into a much truer reflection of who I really am versus the identity I had "assumed".

I consider checking into the blog and reading my lessons each day as important as drinking enough water and getting exercise.

D.R., and the message he embodies so well, are my decoder ring for life and have brought a joy to my life that had been missing.

In the past I thought D.R.'s gift was just cosmically bestowed, but as I have been reading the current course I am reminded over and over of how much he has practiced living in the truth of the present moment and how important it is for me to practice and test out the ideas I read about.

Kathryn McC said...

and in this place where we mingle, my word is "mingly"

and it's just great gettin' all mingly here with y'all..
love, K

Terry said...

I have studied and practiced a lot on the spiritual path. I'm not interested in anything elementary before I get to the stuff I actually need to work with now. If I tried the course, do you think I would be satisfied with it at my present state of understanding.

D. R. Butler said...

Terry, I write the course for my peers, for yoga and meditation teachers, and other spiritual teachers and leaders. It is a course of refinement of one's current understanding, however far along it might be. There are no elementary lessons. You will find in Lesson 1 exactly what you need to work with now, and Lesson 2 will be just right when it comes, and so on. Perhaps others will share their own perspective in response to your question. From my own point of view I have full confidence that you will get exactly what you need.

Devorah said...

I saw your comment regarding posting the blog on my page. I wasn't sure how to do that. If it is easy to explain, would you mind?


D. R. Butler said...

Hi Devorah,
Great to hear from you. I hope that all is well.
Here is the easiest way to copy the link to the blog:
Go to the blog. Put your cursor on the address of the blog and click so that it turns blue.
Right click and then click on 'copy'.
Go to your page or wherever you wish to repost it, and right click again and this time click 'paste.'
The link should come on without any problems. If there are any, let me know.

Ann said...

I meet Here to feel the opening of my heart with greater ease so that I know, without question,that Transformation is both Real and Happening. I meet here to experience my Self as deeply as I am able. I am very good at complicating my life, but when I am Here the complications seem to cease and once again I am called to greater practice. And yes...it all sounds way too easy to be true.

rico said...

I have been taking D.R's course in one form or another for over 30 years and I still find it inspiring. At one time it was called a correspondence course not so much because it came by snail mail but because it corresponds with what is happening in your life at the time you are reading it. It is uncanny how one's current lesson is relevant to what is happening in one's life at that time even though it may have been written at "some other time". This is a common experience among all the course participants I have talked to.

BreathWorks said...

It dawned on me that I "meet" here as an intentional act of "doing" what the blog suggests, tuning to the highest 'feeling'...and it's why I re-read the lessons. Doing it in community, so-to-speak, seems to add to the power of the practice, a stronger resonant field of highest feelings. In a way, it's like taking a shower for me after working out. Most of my day is the "working out" of past impressions, and the shower freshens my attitude and energizes me.

James said...

I experience a great feeling of being tuned to a sense of well being when I read the blog.

Having the lessons to keep me in alingment with my deeper intentions is great.

I am grateful to participate.


ari said...

when we read the lessons we all receive it in our own unique way. When we share how we receive it we also teach each other.

The course "works". Over time I feel we imbibe what we read on a much deeper level then we initially might accept.

I find the course also very practical in navigating this strange world we live in.

Karin Eisen said...

For me it is because, as you stated in this post, "something happens inside us, ....there is some mysterious stirring that leads us to believe something new is possible" I read or heard somewhere - maybe this course -that when something is true it resonates with us and elevates us and those around us to a higher level. That is why I subscribed to the course and why I look at this blog, meeting here.

Marc said...

I'm finding that whenever something negative comes up or happens the simple understanding "this is Shakti creating an opportunity for me to practice what I'm learning in the course" is enough to generate gratitude for the experience and to come into harmony with the karma. It's also very easy for my mind to accept as truth.

Is it adequate to have a generic interpretation, such as this one, to use in all situations? Some things that happen, it's very difficult to see them any way but negative but it's very easy to see them as a gift from Shakti that will bring me one step closer to liberation. After all, isn't the most important thing that you interpret whatever is happening in a way that your mind can accept as truth?

D. R. Butler said...

Marc, this body we find ourselves in has a certain amount of karma that we experience as our personal life. Karma has a haunting quality to it, as we sometimes feel 'haunted' by our karma. Someone just asked me about the karma she was haunted by, and I thought it was a great way of putting it.

The Shakti, simply speaking, is simply the Universal Force that makes things happen. So of course in a sense the Shakti delivers our karma to us so that we experience whatever we need to experience to grow stronger or freer. It can be truly said that whatever in our karma doesn't kill us will definitely make us stronger.

I think a generic understanding is good. It simplifies things and keeps the mind from trying to analyze everything. Your example of "this is Shakti creating an opportunity for me to practice what I'm learning in the course" is a very effective way of working with whatever presents itself to you as the karma of your lifetime.

It's much superior to thinking something bad is happening or that something is going 'wrong.' There is no chance of anything ever going wrong at any time or place. Everything happens by cosmic design.

In our thoughts and actions we create karma, and in the conditions and experiences of personal life we experience the effects of the karma we created. Nothing more happens, and no one else causes anything to happen to us. Deep down we are One with the supreme Creator of all.

Karen Jo Shapiro said...

I am so deeply grateful at my great fortune in having access to this channel of love, light, and highest feeling, and shared with such good company.

Was it really only a year ago it came into my life again? It is an orienting force, an elevated magic, a profound connection.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

"Life is innately and wholly appropriate,and whatever arises in my world, presents me with an opportunity for my progressive evolution."

Colette said...

I come here because it touches my heart. My heart is never led me astray. My mind however is another thing. I find when I listen too much to my mind, I get completely caught in my ego.

I had a very difficult day yesterday with my mind, and got totally caught up in it I had forgotten how contracted I could feel I am very grateful that I have few days like that anymore. It wasn't even a day. It certainly seemed like one though. I am so grateful for the course. Reading it, and coming to the blog helps me to settle into my heart.

I come here because it opens my heart. My heart has always been more reliable than my mind. My mind seems to get me more caught up in my ego.Yesterday I had a very difficult day with my mind. It really wasn't the whole day, that's how I know I've made progress. I hadn't felt that contracted in a long time. The blog and the course help me to pull out of my mind, and back into my heart.

I am very grateful to have this place to give and receive. There is so much love here

Lotus said...


I am new to the course, and am currently on lesson 3. I have been consciously working on inner development for the past two years, and find this course to be exactly what I need to deepen my growth. I am grateful to have been led to it.

Over the past two years, I have come to very much believe that we are the creators of our karma/life circumstances with our thoughts/mental activity. A year ago, my husband was diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrome with emerging Acute Myeloid Leukemia. We were told that without a bone marrow transplant, he would die within 6 months. He had the transplant the end of August. He had severe complications with graft vs. host disease and continues to fight an onslaught of infections and mental confusion from the meds. Taking care of him at home has been physically and mentally draining.

I have managed, nonetheless, to stay focused on the good that lies in this situation for me. I feel that if I don't do that, then it is a wasted opportunity. It is very hard, but on many days, I am able to find a depth of joy that is quite amazing. On other days, my heart breaks due to the level of suffering my husband is experiencing. It is really hard.

I recognize that this is his path, and that he has created it for himself. I honestly don't know if he will live through it. We have three kids, and the thought of loosing him is hard for all of us.

I try to stay in the present, and when I can manage it, I find peace there. I would like to help my husband to use this as a death/resurrection experience and not just a death experience. I don't know how to do that, though.

Do any of you have any comments that might be helpful to us in this current circumstance? I would greatly appreciate it.

Bindu said...

Dear Lotus,
I’m sincerely glad you found this course. I too am dealing with the serious illness of my husband. He has Lewy Body Dementia with Parkinsonsian features. And like you I am sometimes elevated to new levels of Love and Joy through the caretaking experience, and am sometimes lost in the grief of loosing my dear friend and partner. I know when I am centered in my lovingness and laughter, we are both more peaceful. The practice which helps me the most is reading our current lesson aloud. It is my belief that the energy of the lessons is available on many levels. Even if he does not always understand the words the reading always uplifts his spirits and mine too. I have been reading the Lessons for over 30 years. In that time they have grown richer and more profound, and have guided me through many different cycles of karma. Keep reading and I know that you will find the peace you are seeking. I am sending you great love and great respect.

Sylvia in Colorado said...

Oh my! I opened the current blog posting for the 1st time today (I'm a little behind), saw Ram's photo, got tears in my eyes and felt the transmission even before I started reading. It seemed like Ram was physically in the room. That was a surprise by itself as Ram and his photo are not new to me. As I started reading, more tears and as sense of well-being spreading through my head and heart. Wow! Love, love, love! Divine Shakti abounds.

I have been loving the recent "poem" posting ... an entire lesson in itself! Oh, it just now occurred to me... THAT particular poem, along with 2+++ years of lessons/sadhana, seems to have opened my heart in preparation for this new transmission posting. Talk about connecting here and now! thank you Rico for your fun posting and for each person's response/ contribution...my own Self. I love you all. Sylvia

Bob Dahl said...

Sending Light and Love

Hi Lotus,

Sending light and love your way. Peace be with you!

Taylor said...


If I had any serious health issue, I would seek support from this center:


Blessings to you and your family.

D. R. Butler said...

Lotus, your comment is a great example of the poignancy of the human predicament. In our course we explore the relationship between poignancy and compassion. Compassion is an essential aspect of why we are here and what life is all about.

This physical life is not like a vacation. It is a cycle of karma that from time to time will seem difficult as well as poignant.

I know of several people participating in the course with very similar circumstances. Some recently lost their partners, and others have partners as sick as yours. I was happy to hear from Bindu, for her situation is very similar, and there are others as well. It is amazing how many of us do not enjoy ideal lives.

It is wonderful that you wish to help your husband have a 'death/resurrection experience,' yet a lot of your ability to help depends on your capacity to maintain your vision of the Truth.

In the subtle body your husband is what we would think of as 'at his peak.' There is no illness, suffering, aging, or dying. All those things exist in the realm of physical karma only.

If you can remember to consciously see him as he truly is, as youthful and vibrant and strong, that is the most you can do to help him have an experience of resurrection. If you see him as healthy and full of life, you give energy to his resurrection, to his rejuvenation, and even to a greater rebirth.

This physical life is not set up to be ideal. It's set up to see how much we can take. And then when it gives us as much as we can take, it's our work on ourselves to be as in harmony with it as possible. Instead of resistence, we accept it as a temporary karmic reality in our life, knowing that everything will be different again soon enough.

The inner Self, or pure Consciousness, was never born and will never die. It is ageless, and it always remains as it is, even though it takes innumerable shapes and forms here and there.

This is the Truth you must see if you are to contribute to another's resurrection.

Whatever happens outwardly is according to divine design, and in a sense you simply watch how it turns out as though you were watching a movie that you had become very identified with.

It has always been my experience and observation that everything happens for the best. We simply have to balance this certainly with the compassion for the poignancy of life. No one can avoid poignancy in some form or another. Therefore compassion is such an essential quality to develop.

Anusuya said...

I have also been a caregiver to my husband with late stage cancer for over 5 years. We practice a form of energy healing called tong ren. Many amazing healings. Had a young man with MDS in class. Came in having transfusions twice a week and did not need more after 1st class. He did great over the course of a few months. He did so well they talked him into a transplant at Dana Farber (had twin who was a good match). Never saw him again to know how it worked out, but he was doing really well with us. It couldn't hurt. We do webcast classes so people receive healing chi via the internet if they don't have classes locally. Sounds odd, but it works!

Ekaman said...

In Lesson 22 I have come to learn more about subtle realms in which we live simultaneously.

I often have a connection with people living far away as a sign that we are all connected. Thinking the same things, calling each other at the same time, etc...

Time and Space is less limiting in the subtle realms.

The Blog is just the physical manifestation of someting happening in the subtle realm.

We DO meet in the subtle realm. We are very close to each other when we come to participate in the blog and facebook.

When Ram says that the physical lessons are just the tip of the iceberg I can understand more that what is happening subtly is humongous.

And our meeting is important!

It gives us strenght, it empowers us, it teaches us and some learn from us.

Something is happening on planet earth and our meeting here is important, cucial, blissful, and misteriously a place to enter the space between two thoughts.

Love to all of you!


Achla said...

Hello D.R

I am no poet but here is what reading your blog for this month brought up for me.Thank you for being Here.
When I know
You`re there.
I love myself.
There is such joy
In forgetting
That i was.
In the space-
In the zone,
We are so close
I forget whose voice
Belongs to whom.
Who asked
Who answered.
In this zone
I remember who
I am.
Other times
I wander
Knocking on doors
Looking into eyes,
Grasp at words
To find my way
`back`-a hazy memory ..
Like an Alzheimer`s woman,
Looking for the
next door that will
Take her back home!
Someone forgot
To treat this disease
Of Alzheimer`s we are
all suffering from
here on planet earth
forgetting we came here
to run
an obstacle course
have some fun
jump around
experience the
Notion of forgotten Self
The twilight zone…
Excuse me
I need to go back
To where I AM
And You are Me
And so we
back Here

Michelle Synnestvedt said...

Thanks Ram for another great blog.
Transmission. This is why I come here. I have always felt that when I align myself with my Heart amazing things happen, deep insight, and mysterious change on a level that sometimes can not be easily articulated at first. When this desire to align with the flow of what is powering me and everything in this and every moment is coupled with a group intention..well truly miraculous things occur.
I have been blessed with great "formal" teachers and from the transmission I have received from them a sensitivity has increased my ability to soften to this transmission that the great Heart is always offering in any and every form.
It is a great boon to have the opportunity to spend time in the company of seekers and students who desire true Knowledge, it is also rare. So I do not take this connection lightly and feel blessed to have a space to meet and even more grateful to Ram for his loving service in offering this.

Laurie said...

Having you magically come back into my life at this time is a beautiful synchronicity. I am thrilled to read your letters once again, only now we are in a new world, things have changed, but the connection we feel with the course - that is beyond space and time. It is the eternal heart space. The greatest! Thank you Ram for coming back and reaching out to us again. We have missed your comforting and inspiring words dearly. May Grace continue to bless all that we experience together in this course. Love, Laurie Lincoln

Lotus said...

Thanks to all of you for your thoughtful comments. I am especially grateful to Bindu and Anusuya for sharing their caregiving stories. I am in awe at the grace with which you have accepted what has come to you.

I do feel that compassion is one of the many lessons I am intended to learn on this path. Not just compassion for my husband, or even for my family...but a much wider cirle of compassion for humanity as a whole. I needed to hear that and I needed to contemplate it.

I, also, appreciate the reminders of the truth that I need to remain focused on. I feel that I understand these ideas and embrace them. It is a constant challenge, however, to live them day-to-day in the middle of such a crisis. At least, for me it is.

Nonetheless, I am determined to use this challenge to transform and expand into a more full expression of who I really am. I feel so blessed to have found this course during this time. I look forward with anticipation to the journey ahead.


Ekatman said...

Does this transmition of Truth from higher realms of consciousness have anything to do with the Mayan profecies for these times?

D. R. Butler said...

Everything is connected. There have been many prophesies for these times, including from several sources natural disasters from unusually intense weather patterns. Sound familiar? The Earth as a whole is being tested to see who is ready to move on and who must be held back to learn their lessons more completely. The Transmission of Truth is for all, but not all will hear.

I first started studying the teachings of the Mayans when I was 16 and still lived in Mississippi. They were an advanced society in their understanding of things. Still, everything out there to be read about their prophesies may or may not be actually relevant to the times we live in. A lot of writers have instilled their own projections, and it is challenging to separate fact from fantasy.

In the end it is best to focus on the Truth of Being, which can only be discovered within, as pure Consciousness. This is our true eternal Identity, and the only thing truly worth knowing above all else.

Naganath said...

I meet here because I am you. And you are Love.

Ari said...

Hi Lotus. Welcome aboard. I've been taking D.R.'s lessons in some form for about a long time and they are incredible.
I'm very familiar with the procedure your husband went through and the graft vs. host problems he is encountering. I am an RN at a major hospital and have worked with patients such as your husband. What your doing is very draining on you. Just make sure you recharge your batteries somehow. Mabe a meditation practise.
A book which is very helpful both to me in my profession and you in taking care of your husband would be The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. It's not as morbid as it sounds. It's an incredible text I highly recommend it for you.

D. R. Butler said...

I also recommend the same book. It's the best book on death and dying that I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Hello D.R,

I am intrigued by your statement:
"The Earth as a whole is being tested to see who is ready to move on and who must be held back to learn their lessons more completely."

Could you elaborate on it please-held back how? where? move on-as in another realm/ level? And if so-is this a one time event-its happening now and if I miss it-I'll have to circle around for another eon?

Thank you and Happy Valentines day to you and Kay.


D. R. Butler said...

Achla, there are a lot of changes taking place on the planet. Anyone who doesn't realize this simply hasn't been paying attention. The energy level of the souls born at the present time is very different from the energy level of souls a hundred years ago.

The energy level of the planet will continue to be more refined in a certain way. People who were comfortable here in the 50's, for example, probably won't be comfortable here in the future.

Incarnations take place on different planets or dimensions, although neither of those words are exactly correct. And the various planets or dimensions exist on various vibrational frequencies, which vary from age to age as they go through their own cycles.

When it is time for the subtle body to take rebirth into a form made of the elements of a particular planet, it will be attracted to the planet which most closely has a vibrational energy similar to its own, according to its inner development.

It is challenging to fully or even accurately describe it all right here. In the process of the course, as we stay attuned to our current lesson, everything begins to make sense in an entirely new way, and after a while you realize that your question has been answered entirely. It's simply a refinement of one's vision of things, and then we operate at a different level of awareness.

No, it's by no means a one-time thing. We are all in the process of spiritual evolution, in the same way a bud opens into a flower. When you're ready for the next thing, the next thing happens. There's no waiting around. We get what we're ready for.

Jo-Ann said...

You wrote somewhere that you are no longer interested in learning new facts. Doesn't that attitude kind of nullify the whole point of taking your course? Isn't it primarily a process of learning new facts?

D. R. Butler said...

Interesting question Jo-Ann. The course actually has very little to do with new facts. Oh, sure there might be tidbits to come up that you've never been aware of before, but the course is primarily a reminder of the Truth of the present moment, and a way of understanding our own knowledge in a new and more expansive way.

A relative beginner might read a couple of lessons of the course and think, 'Oh, I already know all this. The same information is available in the book I read last week,' and totally dismiss the lessons as being repetitive of what they 'already know.' You can also be sure that they will never actually apply their 'knowledge' in any practical way whatsoever.

Someone with a little more awareness might read the same thing and experience an unexpected upliftment, and perhaps a surprising insight that seemed to have nothing to do with the written words.

There is a certain energy or Shakti that exists in the process of participating in the course. There are people who have read my writings over 30 years now. It's not that when they receive their next lesson they'll be excited about all the new facts I'll be presenting. It's that they know that seeing what is familiar in a new way is the key to the evolution of wisdom.

There are people whom I know beyond all doubt will read everything I ever write--or at least the lessons and the blog. It's not that they're expecting new facts. They receive something much greater due to their openness, as well as the fact that they have proven that the principles invariably work when pratically applied.

So we share a process of continous refinement of awareness. For myself and many others, sharing this process together is one of the most profound, transformative, loving, and even intimate things we could ever share.

I continuously thank God, Guru, and Self that this process is possible and that it is actually available in our lives.

Taylor said...

Amen. Awomen. Aum Guru.

Ghayas said...

For me the "processs" (and I love the Compassion that the word "process" implies) of transformation is the back and forth between forgetfullness and remembrance. I forget the Truth of the Present moment, than I come here to gently remember it again and I try my best to remember applying it, hoping that the intervals of forgetfulness are getting more and more narrow. I understand the process as a continuous effort of discarding what is spoiling the simplicity of each moment, all these heavy thoughts, all theses anxieties and resentments. The process is about choosing to let them go and to come back to the simple love in each moment. I meet You here because this Truth is thoroughly transmitted to me, and I feel encouraged over and over to apply it and live fully the moments of my life. Love, Ghayas

Taylor said...

Wow - Ghayas. So well said. So sweetly said. I relate totally.

Karen said...

I meet here as an extension of the Course.The blog and the comments "twist the crystal" a bit for me. I may find a little different perspective on applying the lessons. I may find an answer to an unasked question. I may find a book or movie recommendation. I never know what I'm going to find here!! It's full of surprises, and that makes it fun!

Tom said...

Probably you've been asked this before, but you give so freely here and on Facebook, what's the advantage of taking the course? Wouldn't we eventually get everything through the free venues?

D. R. Butler said...

Yes, it's an old question that oddly comes up from time to time. On Facebook, and especially in the blog, you get glimpses of the course.

When you actually participate in the course, which is simply reading the lessons sent by email every 2 weeks, a process happens that goes beyond reading and writing. This process leads to an actual transformation that does not happen by simply reading uplifting posts here or on Facebook.

There is only so much you can get for free. Trying to get something of genuine worth for free is like going to the ocean with a cup.

The inner transformation must be paid for and earned. This is something that many people fail to understand. There is a strong tendency to feel that spiritual progress is freely available. And I tell that you it isn't--from my own experience and from observing the experience of any others. It's simply an essential principle of transformation. It has nothing to do with anyone's desire for your money.

There is a great power behind commitment. Once we awaken to the true power of commitment and intention, a certain energy comes alive in us that we never noticed before.

The only thing we get for free is free will. Yet it does not come with an instruction booklet. Most spend their lives never fully mastering it. One aspect of the course is learning how to activate and apply free will, an ability that we previously assumed we had but actually didn't, since everything we did was based on prior conditioning and was therefore mostly mechanical and predictable.

The answer to your question is so vast. The best thing is to try the lessons for yourself. That's the only way to know the truth about them. You can simply commit to 3 or 6 months and see if anything changes for you. Even if nothing changes, seeds will be planted that eventually lead to the realization of your highest innate possibilities.

There is a reason you even know about the course. Don't think you are reading this by coincidence or chance.

Kathy said...

Here's a story I'd like to share. Today as I was driving home in my car, I had the thought that I need to find ways to strengthen my mind. I have been realizing the value of a strong mind and was wondering how I could strengthen mine. About five minutes later, I looked up at the license plate on the car in front on me and it said "STRGMIND" To me that was just amazing. How could that have happened? What a confirmation!
So Ram, any suggestions on the best ways to strengthen the mind?

Karen said...

Hi, Tom! In my opinion, limiting one's experience to FB and the blog is like going to the movies and not getting passed the concession stand. Lots to load up on with FB and the blog....however, in my experience, they are only a shadow of the Course.

Chris said...

Dear D.R.

You mention free will, and this reminds me of something I have been contemplating for the past few months in relation to what I'm reading in the lessons about will, conscious intent, choice, and change.

I'll try to speak to what I'm seeing and I'd appreciate your comment.

You speak a lot about how when we come to the spiritual path, we are mostly programmed, reactive mechanisms that don't have the capacity to respond to situations and choose things consciously. Just a bundle of samskaras reacting to things in a completely predictable way. I really get this, and see it in myself.

Then, through self effort and grace, we begin to be able to live our lives informed by the Heart, by a bit of Buddhi (wisdom) that makes its way past the ego. At this point, there is the possibility of choosing something different from what the samskaric reactions dictate. We can offer ourselves selflessly to others, express love, and choose to do what is beneficial rather than do what will satisfy our immediate desires. This is a great shift, and it opens the doorway to free will, to utilizing our power of will to direct our attention to our conscious intent, and in this way choosing what we want to do with this life we've been given. I'm all down with this.

Then there seems to be another whole level of "connection" one can attain, in which there is complete acceptance of everything and all of one's actions could be said to be "surrendered action". In this state the mind is just a clear vehicle for divine, it is the servant not the master, and it's not calling any of the shots. It's about the Heart, or God, and there really is no more choice or "free will". There is only the will of God. This is where I hope I'm headed.

So in this way, all of the concepts of choice, free will, changing things, etc. are just illusions that appear at a certain point when we're coming free from the samskaras, and that at a certain point we must let go of these things in order to be pure divine manifestations. I haven't gotten this so much from the lessons so far, but perhaps that is to come.
Thank you for any comment.

D. R. Butler said...

Quite a few questions have come in, and I will be away from the computer until at least Sunday. Continue to comment and post questions all you like, and when I get back I will catch up with everything.

Enjoy a lighthearted weekend.

rico said...

A great Master used to tell us that God lives within you as you. What is meant by “you” changes as our understanding deepens. As samskaras lose their control who we perceive ourselves to be changes. It’s not a like we stop manifesting as this particular personality. When the Great Ones realized their greatness they didn’t turn into somebody else. They didn’t stop being who they were. The only thing that changes is that the things that limit us fall away.

There are essentially 2 aspects that comprise each individual, Shiva (the Witness) and Shakti (the actor, the dancer). As we stop identifying with the tendencies of the ego and the movements of the mind we become aware of who we really are and that includes this physical manifestation. As we become more aware we become better dancers.

The thing is we don’t lose our free will. What we lose is interest in making things “better” for ourselves as an individual. When we are attuned to the highest perspective everything is seen as perfect as it is in the present Moment. What perfect means is a very subtle understanding and this too evolves over time.

There always is only the will of God. Only the ego causes us to think differently. God does everything.

karen said...

Hope you've enjoyed your time away from the office.

Here is the context for my question:

Our Teacher once gave a talk called, A HUMAN BIRTH IS RARE. During that talk, I recall a statement that it is in THIS very body that we can know God.I took the talk and the statement very literally. I concluded that having a human body was THE vehicle for merging with the Absolute.

My Question:

Please explain the connection of the above with what you wrote about subtle bodies of human going to other planets. Are other planets the lokas I've heard about? What in the heck are we dong on the planets... earning another human birth? Do we need a human body to merge? I think I am confused as only a used-to-be devout Catholic can be. :-)

Anonymous said...

Why do we meet here?

I often forget that there is a connection between my thoughts and my karma. It takes a long time for me to get it that my sense of self and what I do in this world and how I define what is possible, all that is generating karma.

So I come here to be reminded of that.

Reading Lotus' experience with her husband I am reminded that keeping the mantra in mind when a loved one is passing on does make a big difference not only in attracting grace but in reconnecting with our own inner Truth, the ultimate truth of the present moment, the presence that is here.

I come here to be reminded of that and because there is something amazing about being here with each other, being able to help each other along the path, hold out a hand, learn together, and remember what it's all about.

It is to be reminded that without the karma we might never even look for a greater truth or meaning.

It is to be reminded that there is a transmission happening and we can either align with it or tune it out.

And you write about it so beautifully Ram. And it's there beyond the words as well.

And thank you for that.

Bob Dahl said...

Why do we meet here...

We meet here because we are blessed.
We have either seen IT or know we will.
Once IT is seen, IT can not be unseen.
The trick, my love, is to see it always.
Can our meetings here help our vision?

They help my memory!

Michelle Synnestvedt said...

Dear Ram,
I have noticed something when I read the course. I notice an undercurrent of fire/intensity that has been consistent since I began again.
I have had the great pleasure of being in your presence and have experienced you as a playful, funny, loving, lighthearted being.
I feel this playful -ness and humor sometimes when reading as well.
I was wondering, do you think it is 'my' own fire I am experiencing or is there really more of an underlying intensity in the course these days?

D. R. Butler said...

I truly appreciate your participation, Michelle. You add a lot to our ongoing dialogue.

The course exists of many levels simultaneously. One aspect of it is fire and intensity, and another aspect of it is learning to be playful and lighthearted as our primary approach to life.

The intensity of the course increases as we go along. This is because, in many areas, we must understand or experience one thing before we can understand or experience the next thing. The effect of participating in the course is both immediate and cumulative.

And of course it is your 'own' fire and intensity as well. The lessons and your experience correspond perfectly with each other. It is just the way the process works. Yet nothing you see, experience, appreciate, or feel gratitude for actually happens outside yourself.

D. R. Butler said...

This 'place' (our blog in cyberspace, where we share subtle satsang) is as safe as you can find anywhere. No matter how long the neck of your ego sticks out, it will be chopped off lovingly and gently, and only if you really want it. We are divinely protected here. We can reveal anything about ourselves without fear of judgment or reprisal. All that arises and appears here eventually dissolves back into the play of Consciousness from which it came.

James said...

I am working on being cheerful. I am grateful that is the focus of my lesson (34). Many times I reach for those positive thoughts or feelings. One of my coworkers is assertive and apparantly lighthearted and intelligent. Also very verbal. Iam more low key and struggle to find my lightness to share with others. Although I am certainly making progress. How can I get rid of my fear of those extroverts who sometimes put me down. Also I need to heave ho my resentment of them? I could answer my own question? Like just lock in to your lightheartedness man. Anyway I am in the light of day here.

Bob Dahl said...

D.R> said, "No matter how long the neck of your ego sticks out, it will be chopped off lovingly and gently, and only if you really want it. We are divinely protected here. "

Chop away, the ego has got to go!!

karen said...

Why? To paraphrase a great Being, I come here to change myself and become that person I always wanted to be.

Jim said...

I'm reading the section on Attention, Conscious Intent and Will. It speaks to a struggle I've had much of the first year of the course. During this first year, it would seem that I wasn't capable of doing some of the coursework. I would tell myself: I can't or won't do that. Soon I realized there wasn't any -can't- ... it was all -won't-.

Since then I've had a big question that keeps coming up: how do I want it more, how do I become more willing to do the work? Recently I've gone back to thinking it's about -can't- ... I'm currently not capable of wanting it more, I can't force it.

I do feel that these current lessons are providing some clarity. Still I'm compelled to ask for extra help. There's this belligerent place I go to sometimes where I refuse to consider or practice the principles. When working with the lessons, certain words will trigger resistance and require a slow digestion process. Or during the course of a day certain events will trigger certain responses or emotions and I have no willingness to alter course. I get bent to continue on a negative path. Bent really sums up the feeling - an energetic determination that has a lot of power.

The best answer I've come up with so far is to own it. Take responsibility for being bent and blame no one should there be any unpleasant consequences.

Any advice or experience is appreciated. Thanks.

D. R. Butler said...

James, 'to get rid of fear of extroverts' sounds like the story of my life--my youth anyway. I know the feeling exactly. I was once intimidated by extroverts who seemed to express themselves so easily, regardless of what they were expressing. You simply practice being more established in your own subjective consciousness, and the effects of objective humanity, or other people, grow smaller and smaller.

I recently posted the following in a thread on my facebook page:

'Enlightenment' only occurs now, in the present moment. We couldn't have been enlightened in the past. That's not how it works. Neither will enlightenment occur in the future. Enlightenment, truly speaking, is actually nothing to aim for, like to have a goal of being enlightened. This is misleading. It makes it sound like everything will be special and euphoric from that day onward. A taxi driver can be enlightened, whether in New York or Mexico City or Mumbai. Yet if you get in his taxi he might be grouchy, honking his horn and cursing the traffic. All enlightened ones are not like Mahatma Ghandi. Most of them are quite cleverly disguised. If someone proclaims himself or herself to be enlightened, you can cross that one off the list. If a person is truly enlightened, he or she will probably do their best to conceal their true worth.

D. R. Butler said...

Jim, to 'want it more,' it's good to think of sadhana as play or recreation. We speak in terms of 'work' sometimes, but it is just as much play and can be a great deal of good fun.

My old friend Sally Kempton has a wonderful book out called 'Meditation for the Love of It.' She feels you can't truly master meditation unless you develop a love for it and see it as recreational, not as a striving. I agree with her entirely.

If you don't want it at times, accept it and don't fight that feeling. It is okay too. It will pass, and then you will want it again. That's the time to zero in and make real 'progress,' for lack of a better word.

The key thing is to make it fun for yourself. Develop ways to actually enjoy the process. Then you will be amazed at the transformation that takes place within you and in your life.

Chimene said...

hello Ram and the blog gang,

In my lesson you say:
'Contemplate during these two week the perfection of the Self and and simultaneously the evolution of the individual soul.'
I wanted to share my contemplation with all of you.
The insight I got when I read this, this morning, was as if I was suffering from amnesia. I had forgotten what a great person I am, all the great things I have done, and so I was still trying to prove things to myself - and then when I read the lessons, when I turn to the principles of the Truth it's like my memory therapy - and little by little, it starts to come back. My sense of true identity comes back by glimpses, so that I no longer identify with what I am doing out there in the world and identify with what I am inside.
If I can remember to think of myself in this way, as a person on 'a sense of true self recovery mission' it will give meaning to all my practices. Because we all ask ourselves at some point, what's the point of all these efforts?
Ah! To remember - so the truth is there all along, just have to remember it.
lots of love

Michelle Synnestvedt said...

Dear Ram,
This may be too much to take on here, so please let me know. I have a question regarding "ego". It is something That I have been confused about for many years and something I question over and over again. IN lesson 40 you say:

" I wanted to break free from all tension, all stress, all pressure and uptightness. These things were not divinely ordained, but were products of the insidious ego.
The ego experiences this pressure: Do more, do it better, keep going, no time to rest, keep straining to get it right, got to finish it, got to do it, got to do it again, keep struggling, do it better, get it all done, and so on and on, creating endless amounts of stress and anxiety until we finally create a conscious intent to make being at ease a priority."

Do we use the word "ego" because it is easier to lump in all the contracting energy that results when the ONE chooses to experience Itself as form?
I am not sure why we are isolating Ahamkara out of all the tattvas, or is "ego" a term used for the "individual" experience clouded by the malas?
Isn't it really the malas..not ahamkara per se that create the perception of separation? I ask this because aren't the malas are in place "prior" to ahamkara?

rico said...

It interesting that events/experiences that once caused us serious grief and aggravation can, with the passage of sufficient time, be the source of great amusement if not outright gut busting laughter. What's even more interesting is that with the right attitude that passage of time can be significantly reduced if not eliminated altogether. So that those situations that once caused us grief can be the source of a good laugh while they are happening.

It seems the trick is to maintain some perspective while the distressing event is happening.

Sally Kempton wrote an excellent article on this very topic recently. Here is a link to her article

D. R. Butler said...

Michelle, you never fail to make me use my mind, and then you give it quite a stretch to boot.

You know a lot of people would read your comment/question and it would sound like 'new age mumbo-jumbo.'

And here we are trying to determine the exact meanings of Sanskrit terms.

Yes, truly speaking, it is the malas that do all that you say.

In Kashmir Shaivism, which you are referring to, the ego is the 15th tattva. Ordinarily the ego is turned downward and identifies with all the tattvas below itself (mind, senses, body, etc.) This is what we ordinarily speak of when we refer to 'ego.'

Of course we can't just yank ahamkara out of the middle of the tattvas, so it's not a matter of 'getting rid' of ego. It's a matter of purifying ego.

The purified ego turns upward and identifies with the tattvas above itself--such as pure Consciousness.

In sadhana, we gradually go from the sense of 'I am the mind, I am the body' to 'I am pure Consciousness, I am everlasting love.'

You know you know what we're talking about as well as I do, but it's fun to play this way.

Jim said...

Thank you, DR. That was spot on and completely unexpected. I posted my question with trepidation, bracing myself for a harsh ego adjustment. It was like preparing for the guillotine, and instead getting invited to a party.

I discussed your response with my wife and we agreed that we both make everything into a job. All work and no play made Jim an angry boy.

Taking in that I'm allowed to play reduces me to child's tears. Thanks and gratitude.

Renee said...

rico, that is it exactly, the few times I've witnessed a personal "tragedy" or misstep.


Kristopher said...

Ram, you brings up a real interesting point regarding the ego in your last comment. It's certainly not new, yet I heard this in a new way. The ego becomes the positive vehicle ultimately for the identification with the self right here in this very incarnation. So obstacle becomes vehicle. That is a cool contemplation. So effort becomes effortless.

Karen said...

After I finished reading Michelle's question and the answers, an image came immediately. The image was Arjuna in the chariot,accompanied by Lord Krishna. For me, it was an analogy of the chariot as the body, Arjuna as the ego/mind,and the Lord within guiding Arjuna to look upward and beyond his circumstances in each moment.

Hanora said...

I think we meet here as separates longing to be Atonement with the Self...and here is the classroom.
Until we are at peace and still within ourselves and experience love no matter what we see and not to deny what we see or hear but to not make it real...because it isn't real...and if we make it real we are snagged again and again into the illusions...which I too am still not totally free. I think we meet here to become ONE through our willingness to forgive and be guided to this Oneness through Love and Gratitude.

I'm still at the effect of this illusion so I hope my thinking will be higher and higher until I don't need to think anymore...Hanora

Hanora said...

I keep being here...even when I keep signing out???

I think here is not here...it's a classroom back to
the Truth and Self.