Monday, September 10, 2012

What in us is Eternally Changeless? Living Among the Constantly Changing

If you are reading this blog for the first time, I strongly recommend that you also read the previous (August) entry, if nothing else, although there are also many other worthwhile entries and exchanges in the comments that are all archived for anyone who cares to visit or revisit them.

Communications of a spiritual nature happen very differently today than in years past.   I recall the 70’s and 80’s very vividly, and remember how spiritual communication happened primarily through physical gatherings.  During those years we could never have imagined anything like the Internet.

The Internet and cyber-world exist today because it is attuned to the vibrational changes happening in, on, and around the planet Earth, as well as our whole solar system.  We are in the process of entering a new age.  If we could glimpse past this particular time and place and see how things are actually changing, it would be very obvious.

The world as we have known it is crumbling.  One day the postal service will be seen in the same way that we now see the pony express.  The world is changing faster than we realize.  From day to day we don’t realize how much a child grows or how much we age, yet over time the changes become quite obvious.

In the same way, from day to day we can’t see the changes our earth is going through, yet over time they will become quite obvious.  In just a year from now, look back and it will be very clear what is being referring to.

Have you noticed that time has speeded up?  Changes happen faster.  This doesn’t necessarily mean that we age faster, although in some cases this is possible.  In fact, depending on how we choose to live and think, youth can be extended even longer than before.

When time speeds up, space becomes more compressed.  The world is smaller now than it was a few years ago, especially in our consciousness of it.  In cyber-world we can be simultaneously in contact with people all over the world.  We can relate as though there is no distance at all, and we can exchange a lot of value in a relatively short amount of time.

One aspect of these changes is that we, the humanity of Earth, experience our vibrational level becoming finer and subtler, so that the actual experience of life happens faster, and feels fuller, although all that is actually changing is the vibrational level we live in.

It is always good to be versed in universal principles of Truth.  Even so, these days we need this understanding more than ever before in our lifetimes.  There are Beings that look over and guide the spiritual upliftment of the entire planet, while others work with certain individuals who are ready.  Some of these Beings are invisible and not currently in human form; others dwell in remote areas of the world and guide us telepathically.

The most enlightened Beings who live in the highest state consistently are often hardly known at all.  Most people, even in the 'spiritual scene,' have never heard of them, as they do not attract attention to themselves.  They deliberately remain unknown.  There is nothing to be gained through their interaction with the profane world, and much could be lost.

Teachers are needed for all levels.  Beginners need teachers to teach them the basics, and advanced seekers need a teacher to show him or her what they haven't already seen about themselves, and what is the next step to take.  Many teachers can share knowledge, but only a few can actually transform our state, our experience, and our vision.  These usually come from an authentic lineage, for the Shakti (spiritual power) is in the lineage, not the individual.

In our dreams at night we get glimpses of life in the subtle world.  It is much more varied and diversified than physical plane experiences.  In the subtle world you can flow from universe to universe; the physical world is limited by space and time.  It is challenging to put into words an experience that the mind will have trouble understanding anyway, no matter how clearly presented.

Someone asked, ‘Am I there?' and 'am I getting there?'  Who is this being that you are assigning the 'I' to?  When you ask, 'Am I there?  How will I know?' it is as though the ego hopes to one day be enlightened.  What else would care whether you are 'there' or not?

That which is not enlightened will never be enlightened.  That which will ever be enlightened is already enlightened.  Enlightenment is not something you can comprehend with the mind, because such a state goes beyond the mind.  You also cannot get there through stressful struggle, because where you are going is where you started out from.

Someone else asked, 'Is the state of ananda (bliss) something we are aware of through the physical sensations?’

Physical sensations alone are too dense to experience bliss or ananda.  Bliss is not an emotion, and has no polar opposite.  It is part of our Being and is never absent.  The only thing that might be absent is our awareness of it.  It can be experienced during any physical or emotional state.  It is best experienced as an exalted state of well-being.

It doesn't require any effort to experience bliss.  Your true and eternal nature is already blissful, so it's only a matter of tuning into what is always already true.  You are simply a bit caught in the mind, which is pretty much like everyone else.  If you could truly get into the space between thoughts, wherein you experience the Universal instead of the individual, you would discover that bliss is already present.  As long as you are trying to attain something that you don't already have, that very effort will be your primary obstacle.

As a participant of the course, you will find that you naturally experience bliss in your life more and more, without even knowing why.  It happens not through effort, but through opening and letting go.

We use 'course' for lack of a better word.  It is also a 'training' regarding the principles that govern the universe, including individual karma, and a 'process' that leads to transformation and expansion.  The experience of the course is different for each person who participates, for each makes of it what they will, what they want, and what they need.

Someone else said, 'Please offer the complete course for free.  Truth is free.'

I responded:  I know what you mean about how the course should be free.  The Truth, after all, IS free.

Yesterday I had surgery to repair 2 hernias, and today my abdomen hurts to move, to get up or down, to sit, to change positions while lying, to blow my nose, and to clear my throat.  Even so, I stubbornly continue to clear my throat.

It is difficult walking from room to room.  And the pain just sits there like a hideous blob in my abdomen.  Now, why is it that I have to pay for all this?  Why is it not free!  Hell, they should pay 'me' for having to endure it.

But the nice community hospital provides a great service.  Should they perform surgery for free, and then go off to their day jobs?  The surgeon has spent many years in school and learning through internship, and many other years serving others with his skill.  Why is it that he should offer his services for free?  I guess he'd also have to get himself a day job.

The Truth is the most valuable thing there is.  Nothing else compares to it.  Sure, It IS Free.  Yet, for us to open and expand enough to see and experience the Truth within ourselves, AS us, it is necessary to go through a certain process.  And just like the surgeon is essential for surgery, it is helpful to have a guide through the process.

For many years I was keyed on doing my spiritual training by my own terms.  I didn’t want a ‘guru’ or anyone telling me anything.  I read books, listened to tapes, and in Manhattan  I had access to all the different teachers that came through.  I could pick and choose whatever I believed to be helpful and ignore the rest.  Then at the age of 29 a teacher came along who actually blew away my perspective of reality; with his help, I began to experience and live in a world that I had not previously known to exist as anything other than perhaps a fond fantasy. 

My eyes were opened to something that I could not have come upon through my own efforts.  That’s what really blew my mind.  Yet we mostly live with infinite Mind contracted into the form of whatever the current melodrama might be.  The mind literally becomes what we think.  In reality there is no difference between the mind and the thought.  The thought is simply the current form or shape the mind has taken.

I've spent—as of this writing—the last 52 years learning, training, preparing, practicing, and communicating principles of Truth that anyone can embrace in his or her life for surprisingly effective results, especially greater freedom.  My Teacher told me to pass it on to others.  So this is what I ‘do’—I pass on to others what was passed down to me.  And it wasn’t available for free.  I paid dearly.  Still, this ‘payment’ initiates a process that continues until it is finished.

Few people can even imagine, in the beginning, what a ‘free mind’ actually is, and what it means in real life.  So our Course is simply a guide through the process from here to there and back again.  Why should this be free?   Should I, too, get a day job, and write the lessons by the midnight oil?

How would Kay and I live?  How would we help get my daughter Sara through college?  Can't you see the way life has to work in order for the most people to experience the most benefit?  In Sanskrit this is known as 'dharma'—doing what is simultaneously best for everyone concerned.

The Truth IS free.  But to get from where we are to the full recognition and experience of the Truth requires not only that we go through a purification process, but also that we give something of value in exchange.

Truth is free.  Yet a certain subtle transmission of energy cannot happen, cannot be sent or received, unless it is 'paid for.'  And it’s not that it’s held back.  It is just the way the universe works.  It maintains a certain energetic balance.  

Some people are, due to their upbringing, subconsciously stingy, although they would never ‘think’ of themselves that way.  They want to keep what they have.  As someone remarked recently, you can participate in the course for the price of a pizza each month, and yet people don’t want to part with the little bit of money suggested as an exchange for active participation.   We have to reach a point where we truly want it and are truly committed before we will understand the value of exchanging a little bit of money for spiritual wealth.  In fact, many participants, after a while, contribute more than the suggested amount, and they receive a great deal out of the course.

The course is not for everyone.  A certain kind of person finds it the most meaningful thing in life, feels renewed and rejuvenated by it, while others find it totally irrelevant.  Truly, all in all, very few will ever even hear of it.  You who read this are among the few who have.

Someone commented, 'I feel a sense of relief knowing I will continue to make human mistakes, but now and in the end I have a divine nature.'

That is a real biggie, a Maha understanding; most people tend to think that spiritual progress is becoming a greater person than we are now.  That might also be true, but it is not the essential understanding.  That would be firmly established in knowing we already are of a divine nature, regardless of what the body, mind, or emotions are doing.  They are only the play, the drama of this world.  These are not things most people easily understand.

If there were such a thing as 'sins,' self-judgment would be right at the top, along with passing judgment on others.  Ultimately, no matter how long it takes, or how many lifetimes, we must be firmly established in the understanding that everything is perfect and purely divine exactly as it is.  This is the ultimate realization.

Finally, someone wrote, 'To look myself in the mirror and say, "I love you". To say, "I forgive you". To say, "I accept you exactly as you are".  That is not an easy thing to do for me.... It should be the most natural!'

When these things are hard to say to ourselves, we are thinking of ourselves as ego, mind, and body.  Ego, mind, and body have disappointed us again and again.

When we realize we are not limited to ego, body, and mind, and that our true and eternal essence is very beautiful, supremely pure, and totally perfect, then love arises spontaneously.  This inner Light, which was never born and can never die, is our true Identity.  Once we realize who we truly are, it is most natural and effortless to love the eternally changeless Self within.

You can't 'wonder about' anything in the space between thoughts.  That space is Infinite, and never wonders about anything.  The space between thoughts is non-thinking.  You can't be in the space between thoughts and ask yourself if you have attained the highest state.  The space between thoughts is wordless.  It does not care about attainment, but sees it only as a notion of the mind.  It is already all there is and all there will ever be, the Seer of all that is seen and the Knower of all that is known, so It already knows there is nothing to become.  
The play of the mind is the play of Consciousness.  Pure Consciousness, or pure Awareness, is experienced in the space between any two thoughts.

Thank you for joining me here.  I look forward to this month’s comments.

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