Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Self-Interview

        Q:  So we’re doing yet another interview.  Why?

A:  Mostly just curious about what kind of new questions you’ll come up with.

Q:  How is the Course coming along, and how are you doing in relationship to the Course these days?

A:  The unfoldment of the Course of Training via email has surpassed anything I might have thought or felt about it when we first got started.  Something very powerful comes through, and I am amazed at the impact it has on me, as it was quite unexpected.  Something in me asks, ‘Where did that come from?’  Of course, the question isn’t as mystifying as it was at the beginning.  I understand the process more now than in the beginning. 

The Course is a great divine Gift, and works according to grace, although this usually takes a long time to truly understand.  The true understanding comes when we actually experience the Truth of what is happening.

Miracles do happen.  Mostly it’s a matter of giving something the space to be and the possibility to happen.

Q:  What do you mean by ‘miracles?’

A:  The occurrence of something unexpectedly transformative.  Something extraordinary, beyond the scope of what most consider the ordinary, the ‘normal,’ and which is usually a limitation or an inhibition.  The world, and our life, is not exactly as it appears to be.  Something even more powerful is going on behind the scenes, and the best way to know what that is, is to understand that the physical realm is only a temporary reflection of the subtle world within. 

The inner, subjective realm is the source of Power, and the consciousness of inner power enables you to access and apply it for beneficial results, for others as well as yourself.  Just don’t identify with the power, or the ego will pull you and your new-found power into an exquisite melodrama.  This meets all the requirements for an egotistical melodrama:  happening in ‘time,’ described in words, involving other people, and usually regarding the past and sometimes the future, but rarely connected in any way to the present moment.

Once we recognize and experience the inner Reality on a consistent basis, we go beyond the temporary melodrama and whatever importance or significance we had assigned to it.  It was simply the recurrence of an old subconscious pattern.

Q:  Anything new and exciting happening in your life?

A:  Yes!  We've begun monthly online workshops.  This way we can meet in real time, with human voices and faces.  The next online workshop is December 16.  To learn more about these, and me in general, go here:

Q:  What do you think is the most important aspect of the spiritual path?

A:  Truly speaking, the spiritual path is a myth.  It is not something that actually exists, yet we create some image or feeling regarding it within ourselves.  Each individual has a whole different idea of what a ‘spiritual path’ is, and one person’s spiritual path might be another person’s hedonism.

In the context that the spiritual path is a process we are each on whether we are conscious of it or not, the most important aspect is to realize that the end goal will be to arrive at where we started from once we consciously defined ourselves to be on a ‘spiritual path.’ 

When we arrive where we started from, we realize that everything we sought was all within us all the time, from the very beginning of memory.  There has been no time that we have not been looked after, guided, and cared for.  That which we seek is playing the game of seeking, knowing that in the end It will only find Itself.

We had to go through the process of sadhana, or some level of spiritual practices, to realize that all along we were, deep inside, what we were always looking for, what we had been yearning for a long time, often wondering if it actually existed.

Q:  So people who practice their yoga and/or meditation, who believe in the underlying unity of all things, and who practice the principles that lead toward spiritual development and expansion, even perhaps the principles outlined in your own course, are never going to get anywhere except where they started off from?  What’s the payoff?  What the point in participating in such a process?  It seems from what you say that it all eventually leads nowhere.

A:  Your question indicates some inherent misunderstanding and perhaps even some mistrust.  The payoff is everything; it is the sense of having and doing and being the greatest you can attain in this lifetime.  It is also doing what you do as though the effects of what you do actually matter, while knowing within yourself that nothing matters at all.  Truly, if it is all the same, if only One exists, then what could matter?

We do what we do out of the pure joy of doing it.  We do what we love, and we love what we do—from one moment to the next.  In fact, love is our primary feeling, our primary inner sensation.  The more we understand the Truth of the Self, the Truth of Being, the more we live in love.  If love is absent, we are to some degree temporarily delusional.  Truth cannot be recognized or experienced when there is no love.

Of course, there is always love; it is never truly absent, for it holds the universe together.  What is lacking is our awareness of love, or we fail to focus our attention on love. 

Love never goes anywhere.  It is more who we truly are than any other identity, and than any way in which we can describe ourselves in words.  Descriptions are limiting, and have the power to create limitations where they never otherwise exist.

Love is misunderstood by most people.  We explore this quite extensively in the Course—all the varieties of love, and the true unconditional love.  The more aware we become, the more we realize the reality of Love as our own Self.  During the time we are unaware, and there is a knot in the heart, love seems long lost and impossible to regain or experience anew ever again. 

You can see that the realization of the reality of Love is quite a major occurrence.  In fact, compared to anything else, it is everything.

So the payoff is that we open the heart and live in love.  Nothing can improve or enhance this experience; nothing can add to it.  Living in love we see the entire world as a play of Consciousness, and our personal life as our own karmic movie.  When we can relax and enjoy the movie as it is, we are free.

Q:  Why did you decide to do a self-interview in December, the holiday month?

A:  You wanted to do it, so I agreed.

Q:  I’m fairly certain that it was your idea.

A:  Be clear about this, this is your thing.  I just agreed to answer your questions.

Q:  Okay, do you have anything to say about the upcoming holidays?

A:  Happy Holidays everyone!  Enjoy them to the fullest.

I feel that every day can be a holiday.  We can always celebrate the day, this day of our life, when we are actually alive.  What is greater than to honor our moment of actual existence?

Besides, I’ve spent time in India, and they have so many saints and gods that there is always something to celebrate.  I never knew a country could have so many holidays.  But I learned to revel in them, as they always served bandharas (big feasts) with really yummy food.

May this be the happiest holiday season of your life—to each blessed being who reads these humble words.

Q:  How did you end up in India?

A:  How could someone with my background not end up in India?  I was a teenage yogi.  The Eastern scriptures and texts were the only ones that made sense to me, and I had a double major in English Literature and Philosophy, so I had checked out quite a few ways of seeing and understanding things.  Of course I wanted to visit India, the land in which yoga was born.  I wanted to meet real Masters, to hang out with evolved Beings.

Q:  And did you?

A:  Oh yeah.  Did I ever.  I would not be the same today if I had never met them.

Q:  So is there something outside us, separate from us, that we must get from another?

A:  Absolutely not.  The greatest Teacher, the truest Guru, points us toward our own inner Self.  Even the Christ said, “The kingdom of God is within you.”  The greatest Teacher tells us to turn within, to love and worship our own inner Self. 

If a teacher tries to convince us to follow him, or to be devoted to him, then beware of such a one, for he is truly the ‘wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing.’  If he wants something from you, he has nothing authentic to offer you.  Only a Teacher who needs nothing whatsoever from you can give you anything of value.

This doesn’t mean it will be ‘free.’  To receive anything of true value, it must be paid for.  People don’t understand this, especially Westerners.  In India, you’d never even approach a great one without an offering.  To the Eastern mind, the offering makes it possible to receive blessings.  It is a universal law—when we give we open up to receive.  If we are too tight to give, we are also too tight to receive.

This principle is especially obvious during holidays such as Christmas, when people give freely, expecting nothing in return, and this giving makes them happy.  They feel good about themselves simply because they offered someone a gift.  A true joy arises from this.  During this season the principle at work becomes more evident than usual.  We simply need to learn that we don’t have to depend on a holiday to have the opportunity to give.  We can live this way, and it is a truly fulfilling way of life.
 Q:  Any final words to those who might read this?  Any principle in particular you wish to make a point of?

A:  The last subject was a good one—the one regarding offering.  Offering of ourselves, offering what we have, is a way of truly surrendering to the universal flow, for when we give we open up the gates to receive.

Be mindful of Service.  We come to this world to realize the Truth of the indwelling yet all-pervasive Self, and also to serve those around us, those whom we naturally come in contact with in the course of our life.  If we live for ourselves alone, we will never be fulfilled; we will remain disappointed and frustrated and perhaps even cranky. 

If we do what we can to add to the happiness of others, or to make their lives just a little bit easier or more rewarding, the subsequent joy we experience within ourselves might be surprising at first until we get used to it.  If we live a life of service, then we find that we always have everything we need.  It is a very mysterious principle, yet it is invariable and unfailing.

Don’t think of love as an occasional romantic occurrence.  See it as a way of life.

        Thank you for visiting with us here at the blog.  In the comments to follow we can meet, mingle, and blend.  Always love your own Self, and always see that same Self in all others.  In this way you live in the vision of the Truth.

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