Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Talks Available for Downloading Now

This is not actually the new official entry, which will not be posted until June 1.

This is a reminder that 4 sets of talks, with each set containing 4 talks each, from our In-Depth Immersion Into Inner Growth Through Relationships, are available for download now.  Although all the various aspects of relationship are explored, it is also a complete Course for inner development or spiritual growth.  Go here for more information about what is contained in each talk:

For a sample excerpt from one of the talks, go here:

For more regarding all that we offer, visit here:

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Anusuya said...

I was just thinking of watching a segment of this but felt drawn to the blog first. This series from the first 3 week Immersion is amazing. I was not sure this series was right for me because I am not "in a relationship." But although there were sections about being in relationships, it was also about our relationship to our Self, and so much more.

It also really speaks to me because there were some great insights and discussion about death and passing into the subtle realms, and that is an area I have been exploring in my life after my husband's death. I remember my guru saying many times that it was one thing we would all face and that we should contemplate it. It was good to have new understanding that came through with great clarity in Ram's daily presentations. There are also fun aspects, like having DR reading a lesson to us.

This series is a treasure. I love going back to take it in again in smaller pieces. The actual Immersion experience packed so much into 3 weeks that it was hard to absorb and contain it all.