Friday, September 13, 2013

Your Life Is What You Make It

After resigning my ‘official position’ in 2002, after 20 years of living in a yoga ashram and being a ‘spiritual teacher’,  I figured that phase of my life was over. 
 I spent the next six years as a recluse, here with my wife Kay in this village of 90.  We spent time with our children, but that was about it.  I had lived among so many people for so long, and I craved privacy.  One of the many things I love about Kay is that we are happy being alone together, and it’s not like ‘someone else’ is present.
I honestly had no idea what I would do in my life now that I had grown up.  I first thought of a book, which would in itself be a fine form of communication, but in my heart I knew it wasn’t really me.  My own experience had been progressing through the process of a Course, growing from one lesson to another, understanding one principle just so it will be possible to understand the next, slightly subtler principle.  My personal experience of this reveals that it is a very powerful practice, especially with the repetition that enables us to receive all that is actually being given.
I had experienced for myself that I could read the greatest book in the world, yet a few months later it was all but forgotten.  In the Course, no matter what we forget, there is always the next lesson to remind us.  Those of us who participate in the Course, have each experienced by now, that there is an inexplicable power in simply referring to our current lesson, or we wouldn’t still be here, .
It was made known to me in 2008 that it was time to write a new course, an entirely different course, starting from where I was now—with updated and a more refined understanding.  Now I could even more directly explore the principles of Truth I had studied, practiced, and been trained in since I was a teenager in Mississippi in the early 60’s.
Of course, my conscious mind was not certain even a single person would wish to take this new course.  I wasn’t sure myself what was going to come through; how could anyone else know?  Did I even still have anything worthwhile to say; it felt that I had already said everything.  Besides, it seemed that by now everything was already available on the Internet.  What could I possibly offer in addition to all that was already available?
I put my faith in my Teachers, each of whom had passed on something of great value to me.  My first Teacher trained me thoroughly in the Truth of Being—how the universe works, how the Universal becomes the individual, and what is the purpose of the individual, and how it finds its way back to the Universal.  This is the true game of life.
I wrote the first blog entry in July, 2008, introducing the Course and the underlying principles of Truth—it is still worthy of a new reading—and Kay and I contacted all the people we were able to and let them know that a new course was beginning.  I was surprised how enthusiastically so many of them were ready and even eager to start the new course—and already had the understanding that the new Lesson 1 was simply their next lesson, continuing from where the last one left off.
Since then, the Course has grown through word-of-mouth.  Sometimes the people you think might have the most interest in knowing about the Course have no interest whatsoever, while someone you would think would have no interest at all suddenly wants to know more, wants to get that first Lesson asap.
No one knows until they read Lesson 1 along with the intro material whether they want to try the Course or not, because many people are surprised at how the first lesson affects them, or by what their experience of the lesson is.  Something happens that can’t quite happen unless one actually reads a lesson for himself.  It certainly cannot be described in words.
We are not a path of monks or ascetics.  Some of us are to some degree on the path of the yogi, but others not necessarily so.  We are ‘householders’, people living in the world, learning to see the divine in the world as well as ourselves.

Know that the only 'sin' is the consciousness of sin.  There is no cosmic list of do's and don'ts, or shoulds and shouldn'ts.  No one should should on themselves.  Whatever we are, whatever we do, is God in this form being or doing that.  There is no separation between us and the Divine

There is of course dharma and adharma.  It is not nearly the same as 'morals,' which have their origin in orthodox religion.  Simply speaking, dharma is doing that which benefits everyone involved.  Adharma is anything that hurts another on any level, or takes advantage of them, or in any way causes harm to others.
We are God in Human Form.  There is a section of the Course that explores this essential Truth quite extensively, so that it becomes consistently our own experience.  Whatever we do or experience, we are God doing or experiencing that.  As the Bhagavad Gita says, "All actions are His."  Nothing is in and of itself either spiritual or unspiritual.  It is All the Same, all Equal.  The 'spirituality' exists only in the consciousness we bring to it.
My digestive system could never deal with a hotdog, but some people eat hotdogs, and when they do they are ultimately God eating a hotdog.  If someone has a glass of wine, it is God enjoying a glass of wine.  The one that feels like the middle-man, the person between God and the action, is the ego.  There is nothing between God and the action doing the action.  It is only God in the form of that action.
We explore this deeply in the lessons of the Course.  The point of this month's blog entry is to let you know clearly that there are no good or bad actions.  Love exists, and if we are attuned to that love in our own heart right now, everything we do or say is equally spiritual—which ultimately means 'natural.'  So don't judge yourself, ever.
Remember that guilt is the worst thing.  Guilt is worse than whatever we are feeling guilty about.  What affects us inwardly is all that is relevant  So think the highest of yourself, and let the actions of the body simply be the actions of the body. Then it is easy to live in perfect dharma.  (Dharma can be translated simply as 'right action.)
The process of Self-development takes place totally in what we call the Now.  No one ever has or ever will improve in the future.  In fact, in Reality, there is no such thing as self-improvement at all, but rather an unfoldment of what is always already here. It is possible, through the use and direction of Creative thought, to fulfill any reasonable desire.  When we attain True Understanding, however, we then no longer have desires, for we are then constantly fulfilled to the highest possible degree.
This may sound incredible, but it is the state to which this process called ‘Life’ naturally leads.  Meanwhile, all your dreams can come true, if you choose.
We express physically as who and what we think we are.  We do what we think we do, and have what we think we have.  If we need more of anything, all we need to do is picture what we want in our minds, like a small child does in imagination, with the feeling that we already have it.  This mental creation attracts the object, condition, or experience like a magnet, causing our visualization to manifest physically.  Just remember that the 'feeling' is essential.
If we desire better finances, or improved health, or harmonious relationships, or to achieve success or development in some area—even Spiritual Realization, which is true Freedom—we must ‘imagine’ that we already have it, making a game of it the way a child would, instead of being  solemn and serious like boring grownups.  This creation of mental pictures is ‘fun.’ When we actually 'see' our own creation, we ‘enjoy’ it.  It makes us ‘feel good.’ 
It must have this kind of positive effect on us in order to affect us emotionally, and we must be affected emotionally in an uplifting way before our desired visualizations can become physical realities.
Our intellectual mind has the tendency to recognize what it thinks it already ‘knows,’ simply through familiarity with the ideas, and to reject hearing the same knowledge as something new.  Actually, though, we are not attempting to educate the intellectual mind, but rather to radically change subconscious impressions, causing the Universe to be viewed and Life to be experienced in a totally new way than what we’ve previously considered.
The subconscious mind is impressed in two ways:  through constant repetition, and through highly charged emotional events.  As we go into deeper secrets, the highly charged emotional events necessary to growth and improvement will occur naturally and spontaneously.  It may take a while for you to understand the significance of certain events in your life, but you will soon see that everything that happens to you is deeply meaningful and a significant piece of the puzzle. 
In the Course, certain ideas are repeated over and over in many different ways, approaching the principles from all possible angles.  As this knowledge begins to become a part of you, and as you begin to notice positive changes and results, you will greatly appreciate this method.  Meanwhile, it will be good to read and reread all lessons as often as possible, before the next new lesson arrives, for new insights and greater understanding will follow each reading.
Reading the lessons actually changes the way you feel and how you view the world.  It changes the state of consciousness which you live in daily.  It is not a matter of memorizing material, or even of believing what has been written.  By simply reading each lesson three or four times during the two weeks until the next lesson arrives, you will be amazed at the results.  Don’t take my word for this, but prove it to yourself.  The Truth is always easy to prove.  There is nothing to 'believe.'

We live in several worlds simultaneously.  Of these, our intellectual conscious mind and our five physical senses perceive and apprehend what we call the ‘physical world’.  The physical world is the realm of action and reaction, or cause and effect.  That is, here we reap the fruits of our actions.
The Universe is always in perfect balance, and therefore there is a corresponding reaction to every action.  In Sanskrit this is known as karma.  We use some Sanskrit terms occasionally, because they represent important Cosmic processes for which there are no English equivalents.  Each person is already fully involved with his karma—and only his karma.  There is nothing else on the physical plane to be involved with.
For information about the Course and a free lesson, write:
The lessons are also available in Spanish and French.


Mandala Healing Art said...

I have come to value each blog post as I value each Lesson. Thru reading and re-reading each Lesson, I have truly experienced the external world as a reflection of how we have created our lives. Even the most subtle experiences reflect the total "bigger picture" of our moment to moment thought forms that we often take for granted... I am more amazed each day how reading Lessons expands my awareness of "Your life is what you make it". Thank you again Ram, and all who join the blog discussions.


Michael said...

I deeply appreciate you spelling out the game of creative visualization. The trick is activating enough imagination to cause me to feel that the bliss is already mine. I'm already there. I'm there the moment I accept the Truth that I'm already there. I can't hear this enough. I'm happy the lessons keep hitting me with this and similar principles using different words and contexts because the mind's conditioning is so complex.

Colette DeVore said...

Thanks for sharing with us in this way. I am constantly amazed by how quickly things change when I change, and how my subjective awareness is everything.

MF said...

Although not exactly a question in response to this blog entry, I have a long standing question I want to ask you.
How can I forgive myself for pain and hurt my off kilter ego caused others?
Although the deep remorse that exists in my heart for unintentionally, ignorantly caused in others, especially the ones closest to me, is a strong reminder and motivator to improve my awareness and seems egotistical, selfish, and insensitive to just 'let it go'; in particular my oldest adult child bears the scars of my ignorance when she was an infant and young child imbibing my megativity (typo, but "LOL", it tells me, "yeah, mega negativity, right!).
Learn to laugh at it?
Actually it is comical. What a character that ignorance created!
Much gratitude and relief to replace it though.

FB said...

Actually I seem to be getting it now; to forgive myself I make the decision to do so! Simple yet profound! And greatly appreciated joy and contentment, allowing love! Great!

Harriette said...

These precious lessons! Where would I be without them. They are Guardian, Guide, Elevator, Revealer . . . . A gift like no other. Love

Divya said...

I don't know how the lessons work but they just do. Whatever I am dealing with is always in the lesson I am on! Right now, I am working on finding a job I love. So I've been praying about it. Next step is to visualize myself with it. It seems so simple and I notice I forget to visualize and feel as though I already have it. I seem to go into fear until I finally get that I need to be grateful for my new job. Thank you for the reminder of the game of life!

Gary Sealy said...

I am on the last few lessons of my second year of the course and I can honestly say that it is truly revolutionary! I remember taking the original course a few years ago and I was amazed to find that the pages were dripping with Shakti, and the words nectar to a novice on the spiritual path. You know something is Special when it speaks to you directly and seems to discuss or illuminate EXACTLY what you're experiencing at that moment. Such is the power of these lessons. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking a practical, modern approach to living a life of great Contentment and the Love of the Self...!!! :)

Colette DeVore said...

Dear MF,

Laughter is good. Using these moments of lack of forgiveness as a reminder to come back to the moment your in, while remembering that someone had to play that role for your child and you agreed to be that one. Today let the past be, let go and be brand new.
Thank you for asking this question, because it is helping me to do what I am advising in an area where I tend to get stuck. LOL As a famous clown 'Wavy Gravy once said to me "we are all Bozos on this bus together" to which I add and thank God there are a few good Tour Guides out there. LOL LOve and Blessings, Karuna

Lisa said...

How do you handle it when a person appears to express beliefs or qualities that you don't think a "spiritual" person should have?

D. R. Butler said...

What is a 'spiritual' person? How does a 'spiritual' person live, and how shouldn't they live?

In the last 30 years or so, my ideas of spirituality have changed quite a bit. Now my 'spiritual' person would see the same Consciousness appearing as everything, would live in a state of equanimity, and would experience love in all situations and among all people.

So, just using that as qualities of a 'spiritual' person, how do we know whether they have them or not. A person can act totally outrageous and still see it all as the play of Consciousness, remain in inner equanimity, and abide in a state of love.

Nothing about a person's appearance or actions indicates whether he is a 'spiritual' person or not. If he has a beatific smile, always acts lovingly, and is pious in any way, you can be sure he isn't among the 'spiritual' person. He is simply a show, a costume.

Ultimately, everyone is a 'spiritual' person. Everyone has Spirit in their heart. In fact, we all share the same Spirit. Living in this awareness is as 'spiritual' as we can be.

D. R. Butler said...

MF, if you have wronged or hurt others, your remorse is what purifies you of it. Never feel guilty, which is egotistical in nature, but remorse is very purifying.

Know that everything that happened in the past was karma and had to happen as it did. There were no mistakes or bad actions or wrong choices. It was all karma.

Create wonderful 'future' karma for yourself through living in equanimity and love.

Melissa Abbott said...

It is actually so good to contemplate and evaluate your own judgements of exactly what really is spiritual. When I was younger I had the vision that a spiritual person is gentle, soft spoken, always happy, helping others, kind, and patient. Over the years some of the most spiritual people I have met were mysterious, slovenly, confused, outspoken, weird, and even rude. Eventually, after many years, I came to look deeper then the outward appearances and outer interactions of a person. In fact, sometimes it is quite interesting to dig a little deeper in your understanding of spirituality and your own projections of a situation. It is so easy to mis read something or have a bit of a hair trigger way of misunderstanding other people. Our ways of "understanding" people and "judging" them be creating deep samskaric grooves for ourselves. Sometimes you kind of have to blast yourself and your concepts out of the water a bit and get over yourself. I actually like it when someone is a bit fiery and controversial. I like it when they don't take any shit and stand up to the energy of things sometimes. Sometimes people like that are about as spiritual as anyone. Even a homeless person who is indigent can be deeply human.. Our spirituality is our humanity and how we see god in others but also in ourselves.

Jake Birdsong said...

Thank you for this posting. I love how you said: "In fact, in Reality, there is no such thing as self-improvement at all, but rather an unfoldment of what is always already here." On this level, life is simply the gradual increasing realization that ego is simultaneously the universal and always has been. Thank you, Ram, for this Course and community that we all share. I am so great full to be a part of it.

Darcy said...

Beautiful! I always love reading the blog, such a great gift. I am beyond grateful for the opportunity to be a participant of the Course. D.R. I am always moved by your words and by those that post here, and on your FB page. Thank you, all!
With great love,

Avivit said...

Melissa, I loved your last sentence: "Our spirituality is our humanity and how we see god in others but also in ourselves".

In my own experience in these last few years I can see how the capacity to accept and include more and more options options has increased and made me feel more human as well as godly. The capacity to be more at ease and experience a growing flexibility toward everything and everyone. Maybe I could say that by that expanding awareness, I can hold more, i am a much larger container and that makes me use the term Spiritual....because being just of this world, i can only contain so much. "Spiritual" reminds me of the vastness of it all.

Regarding rereading the lessons, something I started practicing with the "old" lessons, which taught me that it is definitely the best and maybe only way to dye my mind in another color and become it. There were years I literally waited for your reapearance D.R., in the meantime I used this learning method especially with the teachings of Dr. David R. Hawkins. I 1st got a 6 cd pack and I honestly listened to it for 6 years on and on and on and one and on. I swear to this day, when I listen to it again sometimes (despite having many of his works), I always could shout at the experience of still hearing something new! How can that be? Well....Dr. D.R. Hawkins says we are 23% of the time unconscious...and I add to this, that each moment that passes, I am in a new spot on the globe of consciousness and therefore see and experience things from an ever new perspective. Its never boring here right?

Karen Blum said...

I appreciate coming back to the blog and finding a reminder of why I take the Course.

Tom Mc said...

When I read the Lessons, your Facebook page, or this Blog, I do experience a shift. A positive and welcome shift. My normal experience after that is that I have to dig deeply to remember ANY part of what was written. How strange! Even after reading something many times I can recall very little. In fact the first and LAST readings are very clear and profound; the ones in between I can hardly make sense of! But the 'magic' is that I become aware that it has been soaked up in the changes of my inner experience. Osmosis! Quite the process (and I love it!)

FB said...

What comes up today is: while making effort “to come into harmony with everything”, it occurs to me that this does not mean passive acceptance of 'whatever' without speaking up (when 'reasonable preferences' conflict of interests presents) for fear of making waves, or feeling guilty for speaking up. One can pleasantly, lovingly, considerately, even affectionately (when appropriate), cheerfully and lightheartedly speak up! So I tried it; I like things neat and tidy, prior to this body being physically limited I could always ‘do it myself’ when I met resistance from others (co-workers, family members, etc) to do a task. Pleasant and fearlessly I asked, “Will you please..”. It was a simple task actually. Fine with our difference in priorities and the family member does a lot for me and others, yet in living under the same roof…
Honestly, in my case, it was fear (being too demanding, nagging, ‘the heavy’, etc). Now since physically unable, I often have to stop stuffing that samskara and speak up! What appears as mundane are actually doors to expansion and freedom. It all seems so small, yet its persistence and my lack of awareness of it is not small, just weak!
Being in harmony with my own reasonable preferences is not only OK, I am discovering it is essential.

Donal Brady said...

Thanks for the blog, as with anything of yours I’ve read it’s very inspiring and intriguing.

You talk about highly charged emotional events being necessary for growth and improvement. In my opinion I’ve gone through (or more accurately am going through) one of these at the moment. I have a very clear understanding (I believe or hope) of the significance and purpose of this event in my life. That said, this emotional event and subsequent growth has arisen from what I feel is a significant amount of adharma on the part of others. This is proving “difficult” to reconcile within myself because whereas I would not want to go back to the me of a few months ago, in weaker moments it can prove difficult not to dwell on some of events / actions which were hurtful to me. At least I “know” that I need to just live in the present moment and when I do that, all is well and thankfully that is the case more often than not.

Something that has been running through my head through all of this is the relationship between:
(i) Adharmic actions on the part of others and the eventual positive growth and improvement this can lead to in 3rd parties (in this case, myself), and,
(ii) The Fate V Free Will debate in relation to others choosing an adharmic course of action (even if at the time this wasn’t a conscious decision on their part nor ever intended to hurt others).

D. R. Butler said...

Donal Brady, a quick check reveals you are nearing the end of the 1st two years of the Course. Do I have the right info on you?

The best approach is to never even notice the 'adharmic actions' of others. They have no power to affect you. You are affected by your own karma and nothing else. So, whatever you thought those adharmic actions were, someone had to do it.

No one has the power to affect your karma. Neither do we have the power to affect another's karma. Each person creates his or her own karma, and then experiences the natural consequences.

Funny, I think even in the introduction to the Course I mentioned that we incorporate some Sanskrit terms, such as karma and maya and dharma, because certain terms have no exact equivalent in English or other languages around the world. And here we use karma and dharma to understand the answer to the question. Of course, all such terms are explained clearly in the lessons.

Anyway, your dharma is to be in harmony with whatever happens, whatever anyone does or doesn't do. There is nothing greater you can do than simply be in harmony with it. Only then can you see the unity of all things.

D. R. Butler said...

Speaking of 'adharmic actions,' just about everyone you know is committing adharmic actions much of the time. One has to be very spiritually developed to live completely according to dharma. If we're going to look at anyone's adharmic actions, we should look at our own.

I understand that things can happen in life that lead to very hurtful emotions. Someone might do something that makes us feel disrespected and even humiliated.

Still, those feelings could not come up if they were not our karma. So we have to do a lot of work to be in harmony with our own feelings.

In the Course we stress never to blame another for our feelings or for what we inwardly experience. Such hurtful feelings are the result of certain samskaras (subconscious tendencies) that must be purified as a part of our own dharma. This purification leads to our ultimate freedom.

Donal Brady said...

That is correct regarding where I am in the course.

Thanks very much for your response. Focusing on my dharma and being in harmony with this is definitely where I am in my stronger moments. I guess I just need to ensure they are all strong moments :). I think I "knew" this already but as always, hearing it again and repetition definitely help to maintain focus.

Donal Brady said...

Just to clarify, blame has never been a part of this for me. If it was, the best place to start would be by looking in the mirror!

Thanks again.

BreathWorks said...

Ram, what is it that you feel/see/experience that distinguishes walking the path of a yogi, as you write early in the entry (ie; ascetic, householder, yogi)?

Christine S. Boyd said...

For me, this blog entry raises the questions, What do I want? and, What are my priorities? I have this feeling right now that I don't want anything, my life is in balance, but probably if I dig a little I do want something: constant inner peace; even more laughter. This is a wonderful reminder of how the law of attraction really works.

With love,

Michael said...

I understand the importance of applying
effort needed to come into harmony with existing karma. Learning how to do this consistently seems to be a major part of what the Course is about. Some aspects of karma appear to be inflexible, such as marriage, vocation, time of birth and death, place of residence. But what about health and finances? Are there some details of life that may be changed for the better through the practces outlined in the Course, such as cultivating the feeling of already having something - such as money - that hasn't yet manifested on the phusical plane? What aspects of karma can be changed, and which cannot? Is it more profitable to improve karma or simply come into harmony with your life as it is?

Margaret M said...

I have been reading Michael's question and think I have similar concerns or misunderstandings or questions - I'm not sure what the correct word should be...

Is it possible to actually change any of the physical aspects of this current incarnation? How much of our Karma are we creating as we go along in this incarnation that affects this incarnation?

For example - If I am consistent at visualizing myself in abundant good health; I reduce my stress level and simplify my life; I eat properly; I exercise properly... Can I delay the heart attach I signed on for in this incarnation? OR Is doing those things already part of my Karma?

In the LOOONG run, I suppose it doesn't really matter - if I do these things, I will be a happier person and everyone around me will benefit, even if I do 'kick the bucket' at 65 (not in my current visualizations).

Perhaps I should quit chasing my tail...

Margaret M.

James Donohue said...

I like the idea of being unattached to thoughts.

D. R. Butler said...

Hardly anything worse than being attached to thoughts.

D. R. Butler said...

I'm contemplating the questions offered by Michael and Margaret M. And no, they are not a
couple, as it could be read, or at least as far as I know. There are numerous Michael's who post here, and heaven knows how many Margaret M.'s? I'll be back with a response soon.

D. R. Butler said...

Okay, exploring Michael and Margaret M.'s questions. They are fascinating, and the essence of the will be explored even more deeply in the lessons of the Course.

Yes, Michael, it is very important, and ultimately essential in our development, to develop the capacity to remain in harmony with our existing karma. That's an excellent observation, and is very astute of you.

Remaining in harmony with our existing karma is the highest dharma.

Any sign or experience of conflict, or inexplicable lapses in emotional or mentally harmony, or the venom of agitation, reveals that we are not in harmony with our existing karma. We want new and improved karma. Which is ridiculous, because all karma is simply karma--just stuff happening to make up the details of our personal life.

(To be continued)

Tom Mc said...

re Karma: "how do we know that it is time for a certain karma to come to an end? How do we get that clarity?"

Often I feel I have some choice as to whether a karma can be continued (eg where I live, a relationship) or that I can choose to change it. Often I "hang in there" and continue to attempt harmony but after years it is still not harmonious. How do you 'know' when it is time to move on to something new and let the old go????

Dave S. said...

Ram, My current lesson talks about 'Inner Growth Through Relationships" (Volume 2). I'm currently in the process of divorcing my wife of 29 years. This is not something I'm joyful about in any way. I'm conflicted with the idea of leaving my marriage because I'm not in 'harmony' with my own 'samskaras'enough to do whatever it takes. I know the happiness doesn't come from my wife, no blaming her for seeing my own 'reflection'. I'm not looking for new and improved karma by leaving....However, suppose being in 'true' harmony for me IS leaving my marriage. Suppose that's what I need to do. It feels very 'right' to me...yet, I know how 'sneaky' my ego can be even masquerading as my heart as silly as that may sound.

I'm not asking for advice so much as I'm looking for a 'spark' of divine insight that may give me better clarity. Ultimately, I know it will all be perfect....There's just so much grief.

D. R. Butler said...

Tom Mc, you know when a certain karma is to end because it ends. It is not up to you. It just ends.

When to move on to something new? When something new presents itself that is intuitively obvious the direction to move in.

Rule of thumb is that it's better not to focus on leaving or ending something, but rather to focus on going somewhere or beginning something new.

Sandy said...

After I completed the first year of the course I felt that everything I had ever studied before was clarified, blended together, and suddenly everything made sense in a whole new way. After completing the 2nd year, I felt we'd covered everything that one ever needed to know to live a happy and successful life.

And so it's gone, year after year, amazed at what had been covered, and amazed at what was to come. I remember someone in the 3rd year wrote here that she wondered how you could have possibly kept so much knowledge hidden until then. I keep having this experience over and over.

Now I am beginning the 6th year of the course. And I wonder, where did all this come from? Suddenly everything seems totally different, like we just went into another dimension or something.

So I was wondering, how does this happen? Do you actually plan it out that way, that each year will be deeper than what has come before? How do you do that?

D. R. Butler said...

Sandy, I appreciate your question, but I do not know the answer. It's one of the few questions that stumps me. It's just what comes out when I type. Do I plan it out? I don't even plan out the first paragraph. I just go to the computer and start typing.

Whatever you get out of it depends on your own karmic needs.

Vandita said...

Dear Sandy, if he knew how he does it, he would not be able to do it :) This goes so much beyond the mind... :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Ram, thanks for that answer, it feels good. And Martita, that comment, I love it. I am so happy when I am beyond my mind. Love...