Sunday, October 20, 2013

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There have been a lot of question and answer exchanges in the comments over the past few months that most people have never seen.  Since we contribute to others’ experience and understanding by verbalizing questions for clarity, this month we honor those who are willing to ask the questions that we all share but don’t know how to verbalize.
When we make the effort to verbalize a question, even if it is a question we could answer ourselves if someone else asked us, it opens up reception of a new communication, and we learn or imbibe something new, something we might have never guessed we needed to learn.  In the same way, we learn what we need to know simply by reading the exchanges initiated by others, because basically we all need to learn pretty much the same things. 
Q:  A teacher of hatha yoga asked, ‘The class seems to be going great, but sometimes I start feeling self-conscious, and then I worry if everything will fall apart.  How can I counteract this?’
A:  About 35 years ago, I was being introduced as a speaker at a yoga ashram. As I was being introduced I looked at the Guru’s photo on the wall and inwardly said to him, I don't have enough Shakti (spiritual energy) to give this talk.
As soon as I had that thought I heard his voice inside my head, very vividly and clearly, and he said, You are right, you have very little.  However, I have enough to get us both through.'
That little exchange has been the underlying essence of my sadhana, and after that experience I never felt self-conscious again. I always spoke as though speaking to the air, to space, being totally alone. I'm never speaking 'to' anyone.
Always be the Seer; never be the seen. We are the one looking out, not the one being looked at.
Always talk as though you're talking to yourself. Never speak as though you're talking to someone else, especially someone that you 'hope' understands what you are saying, and perhaps even agrees with you. Never care whether they 'get it’ or not. You've done your job by revealing your own Truth. They have to do theirs by opening up to it, which opens them to their own Truth—which is always and invariably the same Truth..
Most important of all, whenever you speak, always enjoy yourself, always make it fun for yourself. If you're having genuine fun, then your audience will have fun also. If you're not experiencing it within yourself, there's no way you can convey it to another, no matter how clearly you might be with your words. Don't get caught up in communicating concepts. Communicate experiences so vividly that you audience also has their own very strong experiences.
Q:  Another teacher asked, ‘How do you go about telling the student about his weak points or misunderstandings when I’d much prefer to tell him only good things about himself?’
A:  I hear what you are saying and it is a great question. Of course we would prefer to say only great things to people. We love and honor them, and want only to support them, so why wouldn't we want to shower them with praise?
As a 'teacher,' though, a communicator of Truth, there has to be a delicate balance. Singing their praises only can be hard for their ego to take in proper perspective, and it can sometimes get inflated, so we do someone a disservice if we praise them too much.  At some point we only contribute to ego, and a true teacher can never do this.
In my earlier life I had the great fortune and grace to spend many years in direct relationship with a genuine Guru of an authentic lineage. I can never be thankful enough for all I learned from him just being around him and watching him relate to others.
He was by no means a people pleaser. He didn't smile to be polite; he smiled when he was amused. He didn't issue many compliments at all, and usually if he said anything good about you, it was when you weren't around, and you'd have to hear about it from someone who was. He was always lightheartedly and laughingly putting down the ego at every opportunity that presented itself, and I got where I could only be amused when he ignored me or said something embarrassing about me. Yet every now and then he would say something to you of a positive nature, and because it was so rare, it was greatly treasured and transformative.
Anyway I learned from personal experience that more growth might be offered by sometimes withholding praise, and offering it only in special moments that truly mean something.
I know exactly what you mean, though. When simply relating to whoever shows up in my daily life, I am fairly pleasant and much more likely to say something of a positive nature than negative. When it comes to my children, of course, I speak as positively as possible, as the dharma of a father is a bit different than the dharma of a teacher.
Q:  Does the Course have a different purpose than meditation? What's the specific benefit of meditation that the Course wouldn't fulfill? Which state of meditation is the one to preferably head for and spend regular time in (knowing that some states happen through grace and can't be created)?”
A:  Watch this aspect of you that is judgmental about states and meditation experiences. Only the ego is judgmental. Ultimately all states are equal, for they are but various manifestations of the same Consciousness shared by all. What is important is what sees and knows the state we're in.
Some participants of the course are into meditation as a practice, while others practice no formal meditation as such. Read in the right way, reading each lesson is a meditation in itself. Each sentence is infused with its own power and meaning. If we are absorbed in a lesson, we are in a true state of meditation, for the lesson takes us out of the mind.
Meditation is always happening. We can't start or stop it; we can only tune into what is already going on. It's not something we can take personally. Meditation is experiencing the space between thoughts. Meditation experiences are only experiences; the essential thing is the Seer and the Knower of the experience.
Be the Seer, not the seen; be the Knower, not the known.
I am happy you are enjoying our Course. It will greatly enrich your capacity to pass on greatness to your many yoga students.
Q:  Someone asked a few questions regarding the current state of the world.
A:  I agree that major energetic and vibrational changes are happening on our planet; this has already begun. If you haven't noticed, you must not have been paying attention to what is going on in people's lives. Even the weather is changing.
This will be an elevation or upgrading of how the world manifests, energetically speaking. People who are working to expand consciousness and awareness will find the new energies to their liking, for what is happening is an expansion, an elevation.
Most people in the world are going through something relatively intense right now. No one has written to say that life is humdrum or happening ideally. If we look and see what is already happening, and has been happening for a few years now, we will get some idea of what is coming in the future.
Unfortunately there will be more floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, droughts, earthquakes, financial upheavals, and all such things before it is over. Many people have had their lives uprooted already, and this will happen to many more in the time ahead.  This is why it is so important to develop awareness of the principles of Truth.
Those who are doing inner work, who are open and ready for the Truth, and who aspire to live in the present moment will find this a fertile time for self-development and transformation. This is exactly why many of us are incarnated here at this particular time.  Those who are only attached to the outer world as they know it will have difficulties.
Q:  ‘I’ve heard that a definite quality of a great being is fearlessness.  How do we permanently vanquish fear?’
A:  The Upanishads say that when we see 'another,' fear arises.
As long as we are conscious of power external to us that is possibly more powerful than we are, as long as we live in that kind of duality—recognizing that ‘another’ has power over us, we give fear the freedom to roam.
The secret to living fearlessly, which is indeed a prerequisite to being a free Being, is to be firmly established in the consciousness of Oneness, as well as the knowledge that ALL power originates from within. When we realize that true power invariably comes from within, and that the sense of an external power is delusional, we experience that there is nothing worth fearing.
Q:  One fellow wrote describing his many faults, flaws, and imperfections.
A:  I know that you judge yourself too harshly, and I am telling you that there is no need to do that, because only pure Consciousness exists as you, as you are right now in this very moment. The divine Self shines within you, radiates from you, yet you doubt yourself and focus on your faults. This in turn causes you to be judgmental of others, and even taking them to task for it. Yet only divine Consciousness dwells within them as well as you, and there is nothing going on anywhere other than the play of Consciousness.
Q: “I feel I am so identified with the mind?  Aren’t we supposed to get free from the mind” 
A:  Read your question above and note your use of 'I' and 'we’.   Contemplate exactly who you are talking about.
Who' has identification? 'Who' should get free from the mind?'  You are injecting an imaginary character whom you take to be yourself. There is no one to 'have' a mind; there is only the egotistical identification with thoughts. There is no one to have an ego; there is the ego which identifies with the body, mind, and emotions, and considers itself to be a particular person. When you fully understand this, you will understand your own question on a much subtler level.
Q:  'What role does the mind play in helping us realize our true Self?'
In short, we need the understanding that mind is creative in nature, and mind-in-motion, or thought, creates situations and conditions in accordance to its own nature. For example, thoughts of joy lead to joy, and thoughts of sadness lead to sadness. And so on.
Once we understand that the mind is creative, and that thoughts are actual psychic forces that affect us and have their effects in our life, then we understand the incredible importance of controlling what we think, so as to think only thoughts of a positive and productive nature. This is the key to mastery to this physical world and the land of karma, but of course it takes more than merely understanding this with the mind; it takes actual practice and participation in our own life. This is why we have a Course.
Ultimately, the Self exists in fullness between each and every two
thoughts. The contracted form of the Self is the mind, so thoughts are merely the bubbling up of Consciousness. It is when we are not thinking, and the mind is not in motion, that we experience the pure Awareness of the Self.
The mind can help in this process by thinking thoughts that lead toward the realization of the Self, and by ceasing to think thoughts that lead us into egotistical melodramas having to do with the world of objective humanity.

It takes no time to be realized. That which will ever be realized is already realized. That which is not already realized is only a figment of our imagination.

Q:  Can you tell me simply and concisely why it might be good to continue reading this blog or consider taking your course of training?

A:  The only reason is to learn to live in the Truth of the Present Moment.  Many people think they are in the present moment, but on the level of ‘my back hurts’ or ‘I’m so angry and irritable,’ or ‘here I am, walking with a good posture.’  All such things on the emotional or mental level are very temporary and usually pass very quickly.  The Truth is eternally changeless, never fluctuates, never comes or goes. 

All there is arises from this Truth of Being.  All spiritual paths, all yoga and/or meditation, all Buddhism, all of anything else, eventually leads to living in the Truth of the Present Moment.  Our Course of Training simply goes to the heart of the matter without any trappings to trip on.  It focuses from the very beginning on what everything else eventually leads up to.

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Naganath said...

Naganath says, I am only a figment of my imagination and I have no imagination, only thoughts.

Jean said...

Thank you, God, for appearing to me in this form. That was in my Lessons I took with me on my trip to Europe. The only questions I would have would be 'THIS? I'm supposed to see you in THIS?' What I'm understanding is that if I get the mind quiet, I get the answer. Usually the THIS is revealing an aspect of myself that I'd rather not see. But one thing I know is that by now I'm teachable and willing to learn. And sooo grateful.

I'm seeing myself as a swirl of Samskaras--and I thank God for that. Just a swirl of Samskaras revolving around this sense of being an individual. The Ego I guess I'd call it. The more I recognize that swirlness, the easier life is and the more compassionate I can be with myself and others and their swirl of Samskaras. You mentioned once about just catching the Ego in the act and it'll just slink away, it's tail between its leg. Isn't it the same with Samskaras? It seems if I can recognize the pattern of behavior or emotion or thought caused by the Samskara, then it's easier to see when it pops up again and once I see it, I can begin to change the behavior.

Another thing I'm recognizing is how infinitely practical the Lessons are. They just WORK. In any and all situations. Actually I haven't found the situation where the Wisdom of the Lessons doesn't apply. Traveling, I'd read part or all of my lesson every day, usually morning and night--which made hanging out with 28 people I'd never met before one hell of a lot more fun than it ever could have been otherwise.

Bottom line, the point of this communication is that I am infinitely grateful for the Lessons. Love you and Kay always. What great karma I have. This is the best lifetime I EVER had.

leela Jasmine said...

In the spirit of asking questions, I had a question arise while reading your most recent Facebook note. What is the relationship between the mind and the ego? This question keeps resurfacing and my mind seems to go blank whenever I ponder (which isnt a bad thing).
Thank you SO much,
With All my Love,

Jake Birdsong said...

I've been eagerly awaiting this months posting :) In one of the Q&A's you mentioned that the Lessons in themselves are a form of meditation. This is also stated periodically in the Lessons themselves. I experience the truth of this every time I read the lessons OR the blog, which includes everyone's comments and questions. Something magical happens in these readings where we become absorbed in the ISness. No matter what words I try to use to describe that Stillness, it still takes something off of it. Eternally grateful for Ram's work and everyone's contributions here in the form of both Q & A.

D. R. Butler said...

Leela, in Shaivism there are 36 tattvas, which explain how the world got to be as it is, how the Universal became the individual, and how the individual once again realizes its true identity as the Universal.

Consider the highest tattvas to be what we think of as God, or the Supreme Presence, or Shiva/Shakti--It remains the same no matter what we call it--and the lower tattvas to be the elements of the physical body and the objective world.

The 15th tattva is the ego, and the 16th tattva is the mind. The ego makes us feel separate and different. It appropriates things and experiences to itself; it appropriates the mind to itself and thinks of itself as the thinker.

The conscious mind is related to the external world, or to waking life. It creates a coherent continuity out of the mass of vibrations perceived by the 5 physical senses.

The ego and mind usually act together as a tandem, and makes us feel as though we are a particular person with certain thoughts and feelings, going through a 'life'--experiences that it appropriates to itself as its own, and makes of itself a particular person with a life of its own.

The mind thinks. The ego thinks its the thinker, and appropriates whatever is thought as its own life.

It is a good question, Leela, and seemingly simple, yet it requires a subtle intellect to actually understand how it all works. Asking this question, of course, is part of the process of developing that subtle intellect.

We explore this thoroughly in the Course, and have whole sections of lessons on the mind and on the ego. In a sense, you could say that all sadhana, or spiritual work, takes place in the 15th and 16th tattvas--the ego and the mind.

Physical life is basically about purifying the mind and ego, so that we are finally able to know and experience Who we truly Are.

Leela Jasmine said...

Thank you, So very much! I feel like I have to reread your response many more times, much like I feel when I read a quote from your first teacher. Will let you know if more questions come! Love you!

Donal Brady said...

Re: The state of the world.
My two cents. We all experience and face challenges, personally I’m living in a country experiencing a fair degree of financial upheaval as it’s termed above. This has been ongoing for many years and in fact has probably been worsening to the point where it’s at the bottom now. However, I have found that through a conscious change in how I decided to view this and experience it I have accepted that right now I and my family have what we need, it’d be nice to have more but we could have a lot less. So as it stands, everything is in balance, naturally, why would it be any other way, right?

Material things were better in the past and will be again in the future, such is the cyclical nature of life. Without an acceptance that at all times I and we have what we need, the financially “good” times won’t really be experienced as good and the “bad” times will probably be experienced as worse. However with this acceptance I can instead see them for what they are, enjoy all the times, roll with it and just be!

D. R. Butler said...

Jake Birdsong, I liked your comment, and as always feel that you are really attuned to the work we are doing. It is great that you have begun these studies at such a young age. Your sharings reveal that you have very good understanding.

Sarah said...

This blog is completely "in sync" with my ponderings lately... this particular sentence, " The contracted form of the Self is the mind" clears things up quite a bit and brings forth a new awareness of compassion... having compassion for "the mind" as it is Self. This leads me to having compassion towards the ego, which is also Self. Folks often say "I just want to get rid of the Ego" and my experience lately has been that the Ego and Mind are our individuality as we manifest on this physical plane... is this an accurate perception/experience?

At times when I am just being with whatever situation is unfolding, I feel the samskaras and ego vibrations that keep me as this physical body on this plane and it gives me a sense of comfort. The comfort I guess, comes from the increasing awareness that everything is Self, Divine Love... and that ego and conscious mind... being Self, not separate, not an enemy, are valuable tools in their own right....

Thank you Ram. Sarah

Donal Brady said...

I tried to send this yesterday but something odd happened when I sent it so not sure it went through. Sorry if it did and this is a resend!

Re: The state of the world.
My two cents. We all experience and face challenges, personally I’m living in a country experiencing a fair degree of financial upheaval as it’s termed above. This has been ongoing for many years and in fact has probably been worsening to the point where it’s at the bottom now. However, I have found that through a conscious change in how I decided to view this and experience it I have accepted that right now I and my family have what we need, it’d be nice to have more but we could have a lot less. So as it stands, everything is in balance, naturally, why would it be any other way, right?

Material things were better in the past and will be again in the future, such is the cyclical nature of life. Without an acceptance that at all times I and we have what we need, the financially “good” times won’t really be experienced as good and the “bad” times will probably be experienced as worse. However with this acceptance I can instead see them for what they are, enjoy all the times, roll with it and just be!

Purnima Orlandi said...

Thank you for this vehicle to communicate with you. I'm so grateful for the lessons and for the blog.
In my current lesson, which is amazing (they actually all are amazing) it asks me to see myself as a multidimensional being. This exercise has been so freeing and deep. I find myself almost immovable at times, just being and yet still need to get up and run errands, do chores, attend to business, be a wife, mother ect...LOL!
I see how the role in this life takes over swiftly and I remind myself throughout the day to do the exercise and just be with that Truth. It gives my daily life a boost and a detachment from melodramas.
How do I navigate through in relationships with others, that are so caught in their melodramas, without sounding aloof to their situations?
At times I just want to hug everybody and tell them everything is perfect. I wish I had more people like me around, to snap me out of!!!!
It's too funny D.R. Butler. Thank you ever so!

ari said...

Just finished a reading on another great lesson. They just seem to get richer and richer for me as I go along in the 5th year.
I was reading the lesson and it mentioned tryin to "understand another's perspective" and how "important it was".
Is it not true if we do that we are just trying to make sense of our ego's which seem to rule our domain most of the time. Would it not be more important to ignore another's perspective much like ignoring our own and focus on the light love and bliss which exists in each other?
After all as you say we each live in our "own imprinted bubble of psychic space". How much of that do I really want to understand?

D. R. Butler said...

Ari, it is important to understand your own perspective as well as the perspectives of others. Otherwise we might not listen to another's perspective even though he might have a much greater understanding of what he is talking about than we do.

This doesn't mean we identify with another's perspective or take it on as our own. The context in which this was mentioned was in not deluding ourselves into thinking we know much more about absolute reality than others we know, and have an inflated opinion of our own perspective. So it is very good to understand the perspectives of others. Since we do live among other people, it is good to understand how they see life and the world. Perhaps we will learn something from them.

This is different from the purification of the ego, a process that leads us to know the Truth of our Self. All this is explored in detail in the lessons.

Ellen said...

Dear Ram and all . . . Thank you for this incredible community and priviledge. I am currently reading lesson 43, part of the incredible power of feelings. I'm also doing a course through landmark education. i'm reading about the girl in the lesson who's father told her "get out of here and leave me alone!", and lived with other contributing factors to create the subsequent situations and relationships in her life. the way you write about this seems so much like how they talk about things in landmark, and yet also I get it on a deeper level through your writing. . . what i am left with at the end of reading it though is how much this woman is basically me, and even though I perhaps should know what to do given that i'm somewhat familiar with the idea of creating a new possibilities from the methodology they use in landmark... .. i'm not sure what this woman would do or i would do at the point of this recognition, or how any "possibility" could replace this tendency and way to live regarding men and relationships. My go-to is to basically pray and chant and meditate, and think that perhaps Grace in such abundant compassion will help lift these samskaras. . .

I get that the ego is responsible for creating whatever circumstances, and I also can apprecaite my tendencies when they arise at times, such as , for example, accusing a man of not actually wanting to be with me, and then stopping myself and realizing this is a function of samskara... but it seems like everything is pervaded by ego and the underlying samskaras, pervading with such subtlety -- so how does one simply use this knowledge to re-orient ones thinking in a way that is as pervasive and subtlely powerful-- but to produce the results and circumstances we truly desire. . . ?

I realize this question probably has an answer i'm not thinking of but "knew" or "know" on some level, but as you said, its helpful to articulate these questions, and its very alive for me right now. . .
thank you <3

Happy Diwali!!!!!!! <3 Much Abundance and Light to all

Vandita said...

I read recently in my lesson, or in your Facebook site, that the power of a lineage is behind certain masters, and so it is a matter of that person 'getting out of the way' so that the power of that lineage can be freely projected on to people [I am paraphrasing.]

There are new young spiritual teachers available right now, and I can see truth in their words. I wonder if a person, just because she is awake, can really transform others spiritually, can offer them a real taste of awakening; not only comfort them with explanations about Truth. Truth is always comforting.

I wonder if here are teachers who speak about Truth, and that helps, and there are other Teachers who are able to bring Truth alive in the experience of others, and this is where a lineage is involved, being the latter such a unique and unusual 'person' to come in contact with?

Would you please shed some light on this subject? Thank you so much! :)

D. R. Butler said...

Ellen, the situation in the lesson you refer to, while real, is only a variation of a certain dynamic that occurs in the lives of many people, and is also an example of how very early experiences in life affect and form our ways of seeing and reacting to the world.

As far as what can be done, all that can be done is to come back to the present, come back to the heart, and come back to your love. This takes you out of the melodrama, which is only the outer manifestation of certain samskaras, or subconscious impressions from the past.

Landmark Education does good work, and they have helped many people. There is no conflict between anything they teach and the lessons of our Course. In fact, many Landmark teachers and leaders participate in our Course of Training in the Truth of Being.

D. R. Butler said...

Vandita, a spiritual teacher without a lineage is like a teacher in a university that never attended or experienced a university. There are occasional exceptions, like William Faulkner teaching writing at the University of Virginia without ever having attended a university himself, but he had mastered his craft to such a degree that no one was better qualified to teach what he taught than he was. However such people are very rare, and exceptional.

If a person has his or her own Teacher, or an authentic Guru, who in turn had his or her own Teacher or Guru, the teachings and the Shakti (Spiritual Energy) of that lineage is passed through those who were designated to pass it on to others. The lineage goes back a long time; it wasn't just started up a few weeks back. A true lineage goes back to ancient times.

If a person has no lineage, no Teacher who held him accountable to the purity of the teachings and practices of the lineage, then he can teach anything that comes off the top of his head. Maybe someone will gain some clarity from this, if the teacher is a good communicator. Still, he can take a student only as far as he himself has come.

With the lineage comes a great Shakti, which is palpably transforming. It is a Spiritual Energy that ultimately makes a person one with his own teacher. A true Teacher can make another into a true Teacher like himself, like a lit candle lighting an unlit candle. Then what is ultimately passed on is the Shakti or the Spiritual Energy of the lineage itself. This happens in a spontaneous way, and takes place primarily within the circumstances and situations of one's own life.

Darcy said...

Dear D.R. and Vandita, thank you for the recent exchange. After reading your response to Vandita a question arose. Does Shakti / Spiritual Energy then, only exist through a lineage? Could you please help clarify?

I've been a participant for two years and love reading my lessons. I'm SO blessed to have the course of training in my life.

Thank you in advance. Sending ALL much Love!


Todd said...

I recently noticed while reading my current lessons, that I often think, "oh, so and so is so like that. They would really benefit from it." I realized how often many times while reading the lessons how I get into the mode , "Oh, so and so." I am very curous about this dialogue I have with myself. I am not sure where it exactly comes from. Is it off the idea that we see in other what we possess ourselves?

D. R. Butler said...

Darcy, the Guru once said that the Shakti is not just 3 or 4 inches long, it is all-pervasive. The entire world is a manifestation of the play of Shakti.

In the individual, there is a latent Spiritual Energy at the base of the spine, and in its dormant state it is known as Kundalini. When we come upon the Shakti of a lineage, it has the power to spontaneously awaken the Kundalini, and in its awake and active state, this Spiritual Energy is known as Shakti.

It is very difficult to awaken our dormant Spiritual Energy on our own, through our own efforts. Coming in contact with the Energy of someone whose Shakti is already awakened can in turn awaken our own innate Energy. With the awakening of the inner Shakti, much can be understood that is not possible to understand if one's Spiritual Energy is still in a dormant state.

Back to your question, the Shakti exists everywhere at all times, but to awaken it within ourselves we need initiation from an authentic lineage of Masters.

Some people will not find this question or answer to be the least bit relevant in their own lives, and that is fine. No one has to pursue such a line of thought unless one is naturally inclined to do so.

D. R. Butler said...

Todd, for a long time we see the principles of Truth as things that obvious apply to others in our karmic sphere. Especially when one is a relative beginner, the ego comes up with the various people in our lives that we wish understood and practiced such things.

As one matures spiritually, we understand that the principles primarily need to be understood and practiced by us. As the ego's power decreases, we begin to see that others are primarily reflections of our own Self, or that everyone simultaneously shares the same Self or inner Awareness.

It is particularly easy for the ego to see in others traits and qualities that he himself has, but which he largely denies or remains blind to. When he or she learns of what needs to be done, instead of actually doing it, he or she wishes that others were doing it. Eventually we come to understand that we are the only one that can understand and apply the principles.

When we change inside, we see the world and others differently. "My how you've changed since I changed."

Michael said...

What are the marks of a spiritually mature person?

D. R. Butler said...

"What are the marks of a spiritually mature person?"

Such a person has a still mind, or at least is able to watch the mind in action instead of identifying with it.

He or she sees all beings as sharing the same Self as his or her own inner Awareness.

He is mature enough to have left behind all mechanical reactions and habitual negative emotions.

She is established in love, and naturally loves all in her sphere of existence.

He is established in contentment no matter what is said or what happens around him.

She is always the same one, and no longer fluctuates among various personalities.

He is established in the present moment, in in his own heart, and experiences only love wherever he goes.

These are some of the marks of a spiritually mature person.

Anonymous said...

Good tidings D.R. And Kay
I barely ever recall any dreams and wonder why. I guess I have mostly deep sleep at night? I'm interested in dream experience, especially since taking the course, and would like to experience the dream realm. Do most of us naturally have rich dream experiences? Do you have any tips for how I might access dreams. from Becky

Sarah said...

In returning to review the blog posts, a question has arisen from Vandita's posting, Darcy's posting, and your response to them, Ram. Being that so much of Sadhana is via email, Cyberspace, etc, can the awakening of Kundalini, and transmission of Shakti occur in this manner (Cyberspace)? Is it necessary to be in the physical presence of a Teacher from this lineage for awakening to occur? I have an innate feeling that this transmission is occurring through participation in the Course... at least it feels that way to me... So if this can be clarified, I would be so grateful... Thank you ...Sarah

D. R. Butler said...

Sarah, I recall when the Guru first told me to create a prison project so that the prisoners could receive the course. I told the Guru that many of the prisoners were in for life, or were even on death row, and that they'd never be able to meet him physically, and that they wondered if they would still receive his blessings and grace.

He told me, "Tell the prisoners that they will get everything through the course."

I'm pretty sure that this applies to all of us. Many people have mentioned how the course currently has more Shakti than ever. Many people have actually received Shaktipat initiation through the Course, which is the awakening or activation of their innate and inherent Spiritual Energy. This is because the Shakti of the lineage is contained in the Course.

Not everyone will be able to experience the physical presence of an authentic Teacher. It is actually a very rare experience to even come in contact with the Shakti of the lineage even subtly or cyberly. How many people ever come to read this, and how many of those actually participate in the Course, which is the core of the work we do here? Only certain people are draw to it.

So yes, the transmission is occurring through participation in the Course, and I hope this has somewhat clarified it for you.

Sarah said...

Yes it does Ram and thank you. I am drawn to the course it like a humming bird to the sweetest nectar....My experience has been that the energy from the Lessons literally lifts off the pages in a vibratory nature. You often use the words "imbibe the Lessons". I experience what feels like "Ancient Timeless Truths" unfolding the secrets of the Cosmos each time I re-read them...the energy is palpable and feels to be absorbed thru my physical skin. Thank you. Sarah

Tom Mc said...

"The Shakti of the lineage is contained in the Course."
Those words are very sweet to me. And I experience this. At one time I was very attached to the physical form of the Guru. It seems this has faded for me. I have unclear feelings about this. I feel great gratitude, I feel part of the lineage...yet I also feel some guilt that my attachment has dimmed. I also feel less attachment to the Course, yet feel gratitude and part of it the Course- or rather the Course is in everything? Can you shed any light on this shift?