Sunday, February 9, 2014

What Is the Most Essential Understanding?

Hello and welcome to this month’s blog entry.  This blog is for anyone interested in living in the Truth of the Present Moment.  Most people, if we were to ask them, think they are already living in the present moment.  Yet there is often confusing and irrational stuff going on in the mind, or the emotions are in turmoil over some seemingly good reason, or we are focused on some sort of physical discomfort.  Tuning in to such things may be in the present moment, but it is not the Truth of the present moment.
The Truth of the present moment is not about whether our back hurts or we are thinking crazy stuff or if we are depressed or angry or anxious or in any other emotional state.  The Truth is that which remains true at all times and places, and among all people.  The Truth does not fluctuate.  It is always the same.  It is eternally changeless.
Those first two paragraphs are from a blog entry I made a few months ago, and I ran across it and thought it was about as clear as I could verbalize it.  There is this part in us that reads or hears those ideas, and thinks, that’s nice, but it is still not that important, not that great of a priority.  And we spend our time engaged in very temporary and meaningless melodramas that we somehow convince ourselves that are an essential aspect of our life, and that they are what’s actually going on.  This only shows how brainwashed, how hypnotized we truly are.
There are a growing number of us around the world who have dedicated our lives to living in the Truth of the Present Moment.  The central practice that we share is reading the lessons of the Course of Training sent and received via email. 
The next most intense and transformative aspect of the Course is the blog and the exchanges in the comments following the entry; this aspect of the Course is available free to the public. 
A more casual and lighthearted aspect of the Course is my Facebook page, where we maintain an ongoing dialogue of an elevated nature; this is also available to the public. 
Other aspects of the Course are revealed in time through the process of participating in the lessons of the Course. 
Nothing whatsoever is expected or demanded from participants other than remaining closely in touch with their current lesson.  Of course, in order to fully benefit from participation in the Course, the principles of each lesson must be applied in practical ways in everyday life.  The lessons contain no dogma or theory; they are only valid through our own experience. 
I began my own inner journey at 15 in 1960; now I am revealing all I have come to understand in the simplest, clearest, and most easily applicable ways possible through the physical form of the Course.  It does, however, require actual participation.  It is not a spectator sport.
In the other blog entry I also found these three paragraphs:
Something inside you attracted you to read this—something that is interested in what is going on here, which corresponds to something going on within you.  First of all, what is going on here is not primarily about the words and ideas.  There is a spiritual energy available that is awakening and elevating.  Of course, the ordinary mind is full of doubt and distrust.  Why should anyone trust what is being said?
The only validity of what happens here is found in your own inner experience.  Either something happens or it doesn’t.  There is no reason to take anyone’s word for anything, or to accept anything on blind faith.  The Truth can easily be proven, and you can prove the Truth for yourself.  The point is to know with full certainty, and not to merely ‘believe.’
The mind of the average person is filled with untrue beliefs and assumptions.  Even most educated people simply carry around a lot of useless knowledge.  We recognize this as ‘limited knowledge,’ which is knowledge that actually limits us.  True knowledge is what can be actually proven and applicable in practical life.  There is no reason to assume anything.  Remaining open to the Truth is a much more powerful way to live.
I’m happy that I ran across those words from the previous entry, because I had no idea what I might write about this month, and frankly had no urge to write anything at all.  If you’d been writing about the same thing for 39 years (as of this writing) you might wonder what to write next too.
Since the Energy was not there to begin writing a blog entry, I decided I would work on the new lesson, as there are always people out there waiting for their next new lesson.  And if one is a day or two late, boy do we get the emails wondering where their new lesson is J
Interestingly, I had no problem writing the new lesson, the lesson no one in the world has seen before.  It just happens.  I have no idea what I will write in a lesson either, so I simply go to the computer and start typing.  After writing a bit, I thought, since I don’t know what to write about in the blog, I’ll just share a page or so of the lesson I am writing.  So what I wrote in the lesson is the following:
Above all things, we have to remember that our own thoughts create our own reality.  Our own mind is always the first thing to look at if anything about life feels iffy. 
Everything else in life, whether hellish or enlightened or anything between, originates from the contents of the mind, which we have chosen or allowed.  If we do not know what we are thinking, we actually have no idea of what is actually going on.  We are living in a kind of fog, although we assume this is normal and don’t really grasp that something much greater is easily within reach.
Right now, are we doing everything possible to make this existing moment a glorious one for ourselves and all those around us?  Are we thinking thoughts that will lead to results that will be most beneficial to ourselves as well as others in our life?  Most of us have studied this principle for so many years, and even practiced it to some degree—probably enough to see the power of it when used constructively. 
Yet, unknowingly, unconsciously, from a powerful habit that stretches back further than we can remember, we continue to entertain negative or limiting thoughts, thoughts about what we don’t want, and thoughts that lead to the most unpleasant emotions.  Through this process, which includes getting the emotions involved, we habitually create and recreate the very things we don’t want, and then we lament, thinking ‘bad’ things are happening or that something is going ‘wrong.’
Anytime we think something ‘bad’ is happening or that something is going ‘wrong’—we need to let that be an ‘alarm clock’ to wake us up and remember to pause and see what is actually happening.  Those two ideas, especially key words like ‘bad’ and ‘wrong’, exist only in the conditioned ego and mind. 
Once we find ourselves describing such things in words, either to ourselves or to others, this is an extremely clear sign that the ego has taken over and is making us think that we are whatever the mind is describing us in words to be, or whatever we accept of the words others express to us, even if it feels more contracted to do so.  This way this apparent life goes on even though nothing ever really happens.  Nothing has ever happened yet.  There is only this dream, this play of Consciousness.
Some might want to argue that things definitely happen, that they see and experience things happening, and that they are actually affected by what happens.  Of course there is a level of existence where, governed by the immutable law of Cause and Effect, things do apparently happen in each individual’s life.  Both ‘causes’ and ‘effects’ often appear as ‘things happening’.  The higher Self that dwells beyond words, beyond the conscious mind, simply observes the causes and the effects taking place, in this magnificent, unprecedented play of Consciousness.  The silent and still Self sees all that is seen and knows all that is known.
Our higher Self, or our true Self, sees only beauty and perfection everywhere, and in all things and beings.  It doesn’t, however, see ‘situations’ in the same limited ways that we do; it only observes how the mind creates a melodrama and how the ego takes it ‘seriously’ and gives meaning to it, which arouses certain corresponding emotions.  There is an apparent ‘situation’ in our life that we assign some kind of meaning to, and according to the meaning we give it, we experience corresponding emotions, and most people actually assume that all this is happening in their real life, and that it has some importance or significance.
In this way, we have identified with the infamous egotistical melodrama.  Suddenly our whole life seems wrapped up in this thing we have created in our mind, but which we ‘believe’ has a significant reality of its own.  In reality, however, nothing is happening whatsoever.  We live in our thoughts.  Everything has the same Source, and the mind alone determines how we experience it as an individual. 
Always remember, What you Think is What you Get.
So that’s a little excerpt from the lesson I am currently working on, and I think it works perfectly as the main thrust of a blog entry.  This is what we do, our approach to life, and our attitude toward the existing moment.  You have been offered a true glimpse of the lessons and possibly even how the Course works, according to how subtle and refined your vision might be—which is developed through the process of participation in the Course.
Twenty or thirty years ago I couldn’t say certain things because I might have sounded mostly delusional.  Since my next birthday, on July 4, I will be 69, I feel okay about saying what I say now, or rather, allowing what comes out.  It does not concern me how it sounds or what anyone thinks.  After all, it’s not the least bit uncommon for a fellow in his late sixties to be considered delusional, so it’s fine with me however anyone chooses to interpret these words, or how open anyone is about receiving what is being offered.
I hope this brief offering has clarified something or helped in some way.  If uncertain, try reading it again.  If you in any way experienced any kind of expansion or upliftment, please come back for more frequent visits; even dare to participate in the comments or ask a relevant question.  Also visit us on my Facebook page; it’s fun.  And if you truly wish to explore this deeply and more specifically, give the lessons of the Course a trial.  You can start off with 3 months, 6 months, or even a year—which saves you money and us time. 
As one participant said, “For the cost of a pizza a month, miracles are inspired, and a true transformation takes place.  I have so much gratitude that I learned of the course’s existence, and that I had the courage to try it.  I am still a bit amazed that more do not know of it or what is available through it.”
Now you know about it, and have been given a clear glimpse of what is available.

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