Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The 'Power Struggle' Between Anger and Compassion, and Much More

Hello friends and life-mates.  I promised you a new blog entry and here it is.  I am taking some questions from last month’s comments that were never responded to, as Q&A is a very effective method for sharing Knowledge.  Even Socrates taught through dialogue with his students.  (While a member of the basketball team in college, my teammates gave me the name ‘So-crates,’ and usually referred to me as such.  Under my photo in the high school yearbook the editors described me as ’Philosopher at large.’) 

Going back to high school, one night during my senior year my girlfriend and I were riding in the car and suddenly, out of the blue, she said, very sincerely, “Please show me your space ship.  I promise I won’t tell anyone else that it even exists.  Just show me.  I want to see where you came from.”  She was an intelligent and level-headed young girl.  She was serious when she said this. 

Most everything is revealed in the lessons of the Course of Training Living in the Truth of the Present Moment (see the sidebar on the right for contact info), but the blog community is also important, for the Principles of Truth should be passed on to whoever is ready and open.  For participants of the Course, the blog is required reading, as an aspect of the Course.

There is a lot available here on this site.  There are archived articles that go back to July, 2008.  If you verbalize your question in the comments section of this current entry, it will either be answered there on the spot within a few days, or become a part of next month’s article.  Your participation is a great contribution to all who come here.

Something important that I want Course participants to understand (and it is available here for anyone who reads the blog):  We cannot tell by the way anyone looks, speaks, or acts, how advanced he is ‘spiritually’.  I am wanting to find a word other than ‘spiritual’ for it is greatly misunderstood and also brings up a duality--as in the word ‘non-spiritual’.  Nothing is either ‘non-spiritual’ or ‘spiritual’.  Everything is simply a play taking place within the supreme Consciousness we all share simultaneously.

Years back, I would come into scenes where some people dressed in a certain way, or made markings on their forehead, or acted or spoke in a way that was designed to cause others to assume that they were ‘spiritual.’  Invariably, such people were beginners with very limited understanding.  A truly advanced soul might be very cleverly disguised, might seem totally normal if not boring, or totally outlandish, and might do and say things no ‘spiritual’ person would ever do or say. 

It is important that we break out of this limited way of seeing and under-standing things.  Our job is simply to see the play of Consciousness in everything, and the same supreme Self in all people.

Okay, on to the questions and answers:

Q:  In my current lesson it says “We can experience hostility or intense resentment simply because we lack the determination and will to replace habitual reactions with something more uplifting.”   My question is “how does belief or faith relate to will?”  An important mentor in my life recently advised me to pray. He said I should ask God for what I want and offer my actions as devotion. I am unaccustomed to devotion or prayer as I was not raised in any religious tradition. In fact, I was raised by “devoted” atheists. Nonetheless I feel there is some connection to my struggles with maintaining the will to focus my attention on a conscious intent.

A:  You seem to have a natural understanding of the ways things work.  I agree totally with ‘offer my actions as devotion,’ but there is duality inherent in praying to God to ask for things—it implies that there is us and there is someone else, a ‘God’ separate from our own Consciousness.  Yet in truth there is no one else out there.  The only ‘God’ in existence is one with our own inner Consciousness.  There is nothing separate from that, except in imagination. 

Since the only ‘God’ there is lives in all of us equally as our Awareness of Being, the only true form of prayer is affirmation.  We don’t ask or beg or plead--we affirm what we wish to be true as ALREADY True.  This is the Creative Principle at work.  All this is explored in detail in the lessons of the Course.

You asked: ‘How does belief or faith relate to will?’  Will is consciously KNOWING something is true even if there is no physical evidence of it at this time.  ‘Belief and faith’ arise from accepting some particular dogma or perspective of the way things are.  I advise Course participants to give up ‘belief’ altogether, as all that is truly important is to experience the Truth of the Present Moment.  ‘Faith’ is real and true if it is having the ‘Faith’ that the only Reality is our own highest state is this present moment.  There is ultimately nothing else worth having ‘faith’ about.  Simply have faith in your own Truth.

Q:  Who reports my dreams and sleep quality to me? If I’m asleep, who is awake?

A:  The One who is Awake is the only One that is ever Awake.  It is referred to as the Seer, the Witness, the Observer.  In Sanskrit it is referred to as the Turiya state--which ‘sees’ the waking state, the dream state, and the deep-sleep state simultaneously.  It includes and goes beyond all the states.  In itself, Turiya is eternally changeless, and always remains as it is.  When we truly ‘awaken’, we live in the Turiya state.

Q:  In lesson 8, you mention to become aware of the space between thoughts.  I’m a little lost on how to be aware of the space between thoughts.  This is a “concept/method” that has evaded me for many years.   I’m more familiar with other methods such as being aware of awareness, or being present in the now.  I would like to understand and deepen my ability to be aware of the space between thoughts.   Is it the same thing as being aware of awareness or being conscious in the present?  Thanks for your help and advice. I’m enjoying the course very much and I can feel the Shakti, the universal Energy, in the course.

A:  The ‘space between thoughts,’ ‘being aware of Awareness,’ and ‘being present in the Now’ are all different ways of wording the same state or experience.  There is no difference among the three.  They are simply different ways of alluding to living in the highest State.  (The Guru used to say that the highest state is Alaska.)

Q:  In my Current lesson the exercise is to practice resting in the turiya state even while functioning in the world. I don’t understand this concept at all. Believe me, I would love to be able to do this, because I think it might help me with the chronic insomnia I experience, which then leaves me very tired when trying to function during the day. I feel as if I don’t spend any time in a deep-sleep state during the night. Is there any connection here? Could you explain more about resting in the turiya state, what it feels like, how to access it?

A: Chronic insomnia is usually attributed to an overactive manas, or conscious mind or waking mind, attuned to this physical world.  Turiya is simply the Awareness that is always, invariably, Present.  We access the Turiya state through observing that there is no interruption between the waking state, dream state, and deep-sleep state.  Turiya includes all the states and whatever lies beyond.  It never begins or ends.  It is, ultimately, all there is.  It is the state of living in the Truth of the Present Moment. 

For sleep, practice the sensation of ‘sinking’ into your mattress while taking long, slow, deep breaths, without allowing conscious mind thoughts.  By the time you truly sink into the mattress, you’ll be sound asleep.

Q:  What about physical pain?  Masters seem to transcend it.  I’ve tried many methods, but when present it occupies my whole mind and body, can you enlighten me?

A:  ‘Masters’ do not transcend pain.  They only remain absorbed in their inner state, and refuse to focus attention on pain.  A major transmission in the Course is the capacity, or at least the possibility, to focus our attention only on what we actually prefer.  In fact, speaking of spiritual Masters, their pain might be the only thing keeping them in the body.  Some form of karma is necessary to stay in the physical body.  When the karma is finished, the body has completed its mission, and is left behind.  Thankfully, physical pain does not follow us into the next dimension after the transition.  It is best to simply consider it an aspect of the human condition.  No one lives without pain.

Q:  How is the breath related to the subtle body?  Does the subtle body “breathe”?  I know you have probably answered this in the Course or here before, but I’d love to hear it one more time.  I heart repetition.

A:  The breath enables the subtle body to enliven and animate the physical body, and is the primary connection between the physical and the subtle. The soul (jiva) enters the physical body with the first inhalation, and departs with the last exhalation.  There is no such thing as ‘death.’  There is only transition.

Q: In my current lesson it says:  “It is juicier to experience being the lover than it is to be the beloved, although in reality we are one and the same.”  I couldn’t figure out the first part of the phrase, though the second phrase resonates.  Hmmm. I’m not really looking for “corrections,” but some things seem odd even when I read them multiple times.

A:  It is simply that it is more satisfying and fulfilling to love than to be loved.  Of course, it is of major importance that we love our inner Self--then we can see and love the same One in all ‘others.’

Q:  It is very clear that a large part of my sadhana [[the inner 
spiritual work]] consists of coming into harmony with a loved one, my only child, who struggles with substance abuse. I continue to struggle with my reactions to his undesirable behavior; not only the fact that he’s addicted to heroin which will eventually kill him, there’s the lying and stealing that goes along with it. 

Anger is a big one for me.  I’m angry when he steals from me and lies to me, I can’t trust anything he says, I’m angry because it’s so painful to watch this, it doesn’t seem fair.  I feel shame, I grieve for the loss of the little boy I had such high hopes for.  Every parent enjoys taking pride in their child’s positive development and successes, how do you come into harmony with this?

I don’t know how to or what to replace this anger reaction with when it comes upon me SO fast. I without a doubt feel compassion for his struggle, but compassion takes a back seat when anger is in town.  It’s hard to feel gratitude too.  How do I keep an open loving heart and not sacrifice my own well-being in the process? God only knows where I would be had it not been for this Course - thank you!  It has taken me quite a while to actually compose this question to you - it seemed so daunting. I need some help. Thanks.

A:  I am sure that most who come here can empathize and relate to your life-situation.  It seems to be a certain aspect of the human condition.  Due to how we have been conditioned, first we pass judgment on our parents that seems to change from year to year for a while, and at a later stage of life, we have to deal with the physical manifestations of our children.  They were so cute when they were young, but as they got older the stranger became their actions, decisions, and choices.  It takes a few years for parents to fully understand their children, and part of that is honoring their karma, and living what feels like the most dharmic approach to all that comes unsought. 

Anger is one of the most common and intense samskaras [[tendencies to think, feel, and react in conditioned ways]] shared among people.  Anger primarily feels, and believes, that a certain aspect of God’s creation just isn’t going the way we personally would prefer it.  So instead of acceptance and compassion, we fill our psychic space with anger and resentment.  These two things are what primarily hold people down, not allowing them to experience the Truth of their Eternal and Perfect Awareness of being.

The way to deal with anger is to replace it with something completely different, something infinitely more preferable.  The most powerful replacement for anger is Compassion.  It is possible to go through life feeling compassion when we would once have been angry.  Someone, your son perhaps, makes choices that you feel unsettling.  It is a matter of developing and experiencing the subconscious impulse to be compassionate, whereas in our ignorance we could only feel anger and resentment.  We replace subconscious patterns to feel anger with patterns (developed, through conscious repetition) to experience compassion for what we were once angry about.

This is a very great transformation.  It is possible, and many have already experienced it.  It is not a ‘pipe-dream’.  We can live in a natural state of acceptance and compassion for all that anyone has to go through, as aspects of their karma.  It is actually absurd to be angry at someone because of their samskaras (conditioned subconscious patterns).  They have not yet developed the capacity to be otherwise.

There is a lot presented here, and certainly worthy of more than one reading.  As participants of the Course know, repetition is very powerful.  Certain life-lessons are best taught or transmitted through interaction. 

Please consider sharing this link with your friends, or through your social media.  The blog is for all people of all traditions and faiths.  The principles presented are a generic presentation of all the relevant teachings of reliable and trusted sources, and there is nothing in the lessons that anyone of any philosophy or religion can successfully prove to be untrue--'truth' will always be intuitively obvious through your own inner experience.

Recently a participant of the Course wrote that someone she would never 
have considered as having an interest in these principles was eager to begin the Course as soon as she read the introductory material and the complimentary first lesson.

Sooner or later everyone must become aware of these principles of Truth, especially to make it through the very fast and intense era we are currently experiencing.  Let others know about the blog and the Course in Living in the Truth of the Present Moment.  There is nothing else completely like it, believe it or not.  There is no reason to take anyone’s word about anything, nothing to accept on faith.  Try it yourself, initiate yourself in the infallible and immutable Truth of the Present Moment, which lives in love, bliss, and absolute contentment; there is nothing beyond it or separate from it.  This is the Truth of our own Self; this is the Truth of the Present Moment.

In last month’s comments there are two lengthy responses to answers not included here, and there are also two posts where Kay interacts with people regarding their questions.  They are well worth referring to.

For information about the Course via email, and a complimentary first lesson, please write to: 

Thanks to our translators who have volunteered to help make the Course available to as many as possible, the lessons are also available in Spanish and French.  The translators are excellent, and have great understanding of the principles of Truth.  The only way anyone can successfully translate is through having a profound understanding of the communication and the evolutionary process we are all sharing.

I’ll meet with you in the ‘comments’ to follow.  A lot happens on a very deep level in that space we can easily share together.  Be Happy.  Be Love.


D. R. Butler said...

Some people sign their names, yet identify themselves as 'anonymous'. There is an option below the comment that we click on and then write in our name. It is much nicer to see real names than to see another 'anonymous.'

Tom Mac said...

Thank you to the person who shares about coping with the challenges their child is going through. Your offering is very helpful to me. When we share so openly it helps the writer, and also many others.

D.R., thank you for your response. I have been applying the principles of your Course Lessons and this is a great affirmation and clarification of how I have learned to approach my own child's situation. Before, I felt I was responsible for 'fixing' things, that I 'should' be able to control 'problems' and to mold circumstances to fit my concept of the 'ideal'. Now, I respond with calm support – instead of reacting with frustration and heaviness.

One perspective that particularly helped me was seeing that my child's struggles were also a lesson for ME. There were my own negative patterns and tendencies that I had to become aware of and then replace with acceptance and compassion (as you write). This totally shifted my approach and feeling. I also learned to ask for help, open up and honestly face such issues (instead of blaming it on others or circumstances). After much struggling, I am now able to let it go, surrender – and I continue to let go, over and over.

Blessings and thanks,
Tom Mac

Narayan a B said...

Mr.Butler, can you please answer the person's question in more detail about the space between two thoughts. Not just that it is the Truth of the present moment, but what exactly is one doing to get between those little suçkèrs (thoughts). Especially when they ramble on. THANKS.

D. R. Butler said...

You do nothing except peer between two thoughts to reveal what exists there. Anything else is just more thoughts.

Steu Mann said...

Really enjoyed reading this post, I am reminded, while contemplating what you have written, there are many levels to compassion. I tend to think what worked to be compassionate last week will work this week, not so I am being reminded - constantly. Each time digging a little deeper into discovering compassion really shows my world in a fresh light. And, as much as I think I would like to get compassionate and be in that state forever more ... being compassionate is a state I must be diligent about creating and applying to myself ... and also remember it FIRST (live it) when my inner state is feeling like the garbage dump smells. As always, I appreciate your work and your sharing .... you are rockin my world. Steu

rico said...

I've noticed that the mind is rather self conscious. If you watch it closely it tends to hide. When it does the space between thoughts is more obvious.

Mark said...

Thank you for this wonderful blog posting. I really value the insight on replacing anger with compassion. I've also started understanding the power of maintaining a positive, uplifting outlook and thoughts in a new way. I'm noticing that it doesn't matter so much what happens, but how I look at what happens. And the more positive I am, the more positive things happen. Life just keeps getting better and better. Challenges do come up, often, but I'm also seeing how they present opportunities for growth. If I come back to the present, my breath, my heart and my love, it really helps to bring me to some clarity to deal with the challenge in a clear way. I used to wish for a life with no challenges (and I admit, it is a tempting thought), but am realizing that life could be rather uninteresting without them.

Pam H said...

WOW!!!!! Here I am living in the highest state (Alaska) and didn't even know it!!
Thank you Ram for bringimg this awareness to my attention!!! He He
Alaska is also the biggest state and is home to Mt Denali (The High One) in Athabascan.
When one makes a trip to Denali Nat'l park and has the honor of catching a glimpse of the mountain in all its splendor it takes your breath away and puts one in that space between thoughts I think/know. I would imagine the Grand Canyon does this too as well as sound vibrations of beautiful music.
Love this month's blog and love being here.
Happy heart day tomorrow to ever one!
Pam/Charumati/in or on Alaska

ChrisG said...

HI D.R. And Kay,

Kay, It was fun to read your responses to questions in the comments of last month. I could really hear your voice, and as I believe you are involved in editing the lessons, I am sure your voice is part of the juju there as well.

I have just come off of a lengthy absence from the lessons as I was exploring other things. Those explorations left me in a place where I was perfectly ripe for being called back to work with the Lessons.

As soon as I started reading them, I immediately noticed a softening of hardness in my awareness, and a slight opening to a juicier way of being. It made me wonder "What made me thing that these lessons weren't the best thing going on?" I guess I needed to experience a temporary holiday from the blessings of the course so that I could more fully appreciate it.

Shortly after I started the lessons again I had a dream that I was in a Doctor's office. The doctor was named DR. Butler of course. There was a radio show happening that I was blissfully participating in called "D.R. Butler's Therapy Show". It has become abundantly clear that the lessons are one of the best possible therapies for my overactive monkey-mind.

Thanks for writing them!
All the best

Anonymous said...

My current lesson (Lesson 34) says: "The conditioned mind, in tandem with the ego, thinks the samskaras [[subconscious conditioning; patterns of thinking and behavior]] are part of who we are, and that anything that in any way resists or comes in conflict with a samskara is a threat to us. Then, when energies act in our favor to help free us from samskaras, we lash out—physically, emotionally, and/or psychically—against them. We emotionally and psychically attack best friends and loved ones if they appear as a threat to our most deeply embedded samskaras." The question is: What does it mean to ‘psychically attack’ and also can we feel it when someone is ‘psychically attacking’ us?

Christine Boyd said...

The question from the parent who has a son with addictions reminded me of a personal core issue, having expectations. I don't know if this will help the parent but I would like to share what came up for me. The only way through this when expectations arise is, after I recognize what's going on inside myself, to bring the real issue back to myself. Even though it seems about another person, I know it's about myself, since I'm the one feeling the pain. As I focus on changing my expectations or better yet having none, and just blessing the other person, I become freer and naturally, happier. It's a bit wild and out of the box to do this at first because it is so free. I have to continue expanding my ability to embrace this sensation of freedom because it's not how I grew up. It's learning a new skill. That's probably the main reason I take part in the Course, for the expansion into freedom and happiness. Of course, it means letting go of control and false or not, for years believing I was in control felt true and right. Talk about a paradigm shift!

D. R. Butler said...

Anonymous (yawn) there are different meanings and levels of psychic attacks. With each person we know in life, we share a certain psychic space. The relationship is most in balance when we equally share that psychic space. Sometimes some of us like to take up the whole space and fill it with negative emotions. This is one form of psychic attacks.

Black magic is real. At the ashram in India the Guru told everyone to not go up this mountain fairly near the ashram, because he said there are groups up there who practice black magic. Three muscular German men, looking like Olympic athletes took the challenge anyway and headed up the mountain. Before they even reached the top one of them had a heart attack and died. He had otherwise been in perfect health. The ashram's strongest men had to go up the mountain to bring the body back to ship to Germany. The Guru gave them a protective mantra so that nothing would happen to them as they fulfilled this task. Everyone else heeded the Guru's words. He wasn't just making up the tale that black magic was practiced.

I have also had Course participants in Africa who experienced black magic, as a curse was placed on them by a dark individual(has nothing to do with color of skin). Everything went wrong for them after that, they got very sick and had some very 'bad luck.' They had to find someone with the power to neutralize the curse, and then their lives returned to normal.

FB said...

All of these entries are so informative, relevant, and helpful....plus beautiful and beautifully said. Similarities abound!
I want to thank everyone for sharing and deepening my own understanding, each share and Q/A gives a wealth of understanding and compassion. Heartfelt thanks!
Freda Menaki Blackerby

ChrisG said...

Ram your posting about black magic was very intriguing to me.

It brings up something that I have pondered quite a bit, as I sometimes run into these situations in my healing practice:

We can look at these "dark energies" as obstacles and/or problems to be removed. But ultimately, they are divine consciousness too.

At once, they are a dangerous energy to be avoided, and also they are divine consciousness.

A bus driving at 80 miles per hour down a residential street is also divine consciousness, but that doesn't mean we should rush out to greet it.

So what is your advice to us, as practitioners of the Truth who are striving to see the divine Self in all, about when will we know when it's appropriate to recognize and welcome an energy of dubious purity as an expression of the divine vs as something to be avoided?

As someone who has run into these things in my own personal life, where the occurence rate of such encounters has been gently increasing, it is a question of considerable interest.

Many thanks,

FB said...

Reading the entries on a persons family member/loved one's addiction behaviors, and that person having anger reactions brings up my own anger, blame, justifications, rigid concepts/control issues of 'how it should be' vs how it is. Thus (as another person said), shows me where I can change my view of it all, giving me a lot to acknowledge and 'let go' of.
Someone else mentioned their efforts to understand and experience the space between thoughts. Don't give up! This was presented to me 36 years ago, last few days it is clear to me as a real experience! All I know is that it IS like the warm and restful shaft of light beaming through the clouds. I want to sustain it at will longer and longer; REST in it even while actively participating in my karma...Don't give up! :)
Thank you everyone, thank you!
Freda Menaki Blackerby

Sangita said...

Feeling such a profound sense of protection and guidance and we too are experiencing a family members struggle with addictions. Thank you everyone for sharing your wisdom.

Tom Mac said...

“A lot happens on very deep level in that space...”

I really appreciated this at the end of the Blog. For me it highlights that I really don't know what 'is going on' as it is on deep levels.... and I am better off letting go of trying to control it or to mentally put it in neat little boxes.

And the sign off is perfect,
“Be Happy.  Be Love.”
It reflects to me that when I feel happiness is when I am focused on Loving.

Thanks - Tom Mac

James Donohue said...

Thanks DR for addressing the insomnia issue. I have been restless and fearful that contributes to it. Also the pain issue. I get into the idea'that it just can not be'. Else where the opportunity to discuss three top issues that upset us came up.For me I think shame is the #1 issue and things get rolling from there into fear and inhibition. Then being angry about all that frustration. It is great to be reminded I can use acceptance and compassion to replace anger. I have been using gratitude to replace my tendency to be irritable. How can I be more lighthearted it seems to be as elusive as the space between two thoughts? Many thanks to those who contribute and for my chance to express and connect.

FB said...

I have a question:
Will you please comment on envy and jealousy?

Envy and jealousy came up big time today. There they were; powerfully emitting their presence, ’loudly’ interrupting my ‘inner peace’ (have to laugh), giving uncomfortable rise to anxiety, resentment, and dismal negativity in general: low self-worth, sense of lack, shame, pride, humiliation, rejection, dejection, etc., etc. Blah!’
By calling on ‘attention, conscious intent, and will’, all the course lessons/teachings, all spiritual teachings and grace, has significantly transformed my understanding to effectively deal with this. Plus my current lesson segment is titled The Greatest Game Ever Invented; the title alone transforms my seriousness towards this samskara to a lighthearted, cheerful, even fun attitude and approach, enabling me to much more easily and skillfully let go.
Yet, maybe I am being impatient and wrestling rather than flowing, although ‘loosened’ this is a tenacious one for me, it has cropped up, negatively influencing my mind, perception, outlook, actions, and experiences all this life.
Freda Menaki Blackerby

D. R. Butler said...

Chris, I deliberately don't notice or pay attention to negative energy, so for me it's not even an issue. This physical universe is made of polarities (the play of opposites) so there will always be a balance of positive and negative energies, like all other polarities. In the Course we learn how to direct attention only where we choose for it to go, so you can simply pay attention to positive energies and ignore negative energies.

D. R. Butler said...

FB, jealousy is the most irrational of all emotions and envy is not far behind when it comes to being irrational. Everyone experiences the karma they have created with their own thinking and acting. In our lifetime we have exactly the perfect karma to progress spiritually quickest and easiest. Someone else's karma might appear more appealing than our own, but if we really switched with them, we wouldn't want to have to deal with all the stuff they have to deal with. This physical world is not a vacation. It is 'the school of hard knocks.' Simply focus attention on your gratitude for what has been given to you, and know that your life is perfect for your own needs. If anyone has a 'happier' life than you, it is only because they are focusing their attention on happiness.

Anonymous said...

I can't seem to stick with many decisions or positions. I am obsessed with someone i started seeing to the point of affecting my work and children i work with. I need to get out of this way of life. every guy . obsession, waiting to hear from another.

D. R. Butler said...

You need to get a better grip on your mind. Your thoughts are too scattered and not one-pointed enough. You need to read your lessons more often. You've participated for three years. You should have more control over your thoughts by now.

Why need something from another. The only thing that will make you happy is within your own Self. Another person can never make you happy. You need to make yourself happy.

FB said...

Thank you D. R. for commenting on 'envy and jealousy'...actually, the same day I wrote that forlorn loaded letter, reading my current lesson, a quote from Nisargadatta that you gave jumped out (I highlighted it): "...Just turn away, look between thoughts, not at them...When you fight, you invite a fight...".
The lessons of the course, and your comment got me back on track.Plus, taking your tip and reading "Meditation for the Love Of It' then today let my heart dance to the dance songs you posted! Fun! Light-heartedness, great medicine!
Freda M. B.

Jake Birdsong said...

Dear Ram,

My previous lesson (V2 L29) contained a really cool story of a trip that you and Shane made a few years ago to the bus station. At the start of the journey, Shane realized you guys were tight on time, and began questioning whether or not you could make it to the station in time before the bus left.

You took the opportunity to immediately remind Shane of the importance of visualizing yourselves as having already subtly arrived at the bus station at “the perfect time.” You KNEW with full conviction that you had already arrived.

When you got to the bus station, sure enough, you had caught the bus just in time. I love it!

With the guidance from the lessons, I too have performed the same visualizations and felt with sustained conviction that the outcome I was creating was ALREADY a reality. Many times, I was very happy to see that the pre-determined outcome that I had visualized with sustained, creative energy showed up in physical form (i.e., the bus WAS ACTUALLY there and hadn’t left the station).

I have noticed, however, that sometimes even when I visualize a certain outcome as having already happened with creative and sustained energy, the bus still sometimes leaves a minute early, or the traffic DOESN’T actually clear up, or a friends disease IS terminal, in spite of the reality that I had conjured up for myself. My inner state however, even in such situations, is ALWAYS a reflection of my chosen reality (regardless of whether or not it actually manifested in physical form) and is experienced as such because my inner creation was so thorough. It’s just that I’m able to look back in hindsight and say that sometimes the creation manifests in physical form, and sometimes it doesn’t.

So I’ve observed that my inner state is not contingent on my ‘created outcome’ actually manifesting in physical form, but I thought this was law? - That what we created inwardly has no choice but to eventually find its way into form.

So my question is this: While I am successful at creating/adjusting my inner experience through consciously choosing specified outcomes that I visualize and feel as already real with firm conviction, why doesn’t the outcome I have envisioned and inwardly experience as real actually show up in the physical plane the way I have designed it to 100% of the time without exception?

Thank you so much for helping me connect the dots in my sadhana. Much love to you.


ChrisG said...

FB, I am also on that lesson, and I have also been reading "Meditation for the Love Of It", a book that's been on my radar for many years. It is fantastic, so much better than I even thought it would be, and I know that Sally Kempton is amazing.

I also noticed on Amazon that her 6-CD set "Doorways to the Infinite", which is an exploration of the Vijnana Bhairava, was on sale for something like $4.00. It's not that low any more, but it can be had for $17.00. It also is fantastic. Just listening to the first two discs moved my meditation to a deeper place than it's been in years.

I've always thought it would be awesome to have Ram presenting his teachings in this format. Ram, if you ever wanted to do a subscription podcast where once per week you would just have a stream of consciousness conversation with your Self, I think it would be a huge hit.

D. R. Butler said...

Chris, I will consider what you suggested. If we can learn the technology of how to make it possible, we would probably do it.

Jake Birdsong, I have been very impressed with your 'progress' in sadhana. You are moving along rather quickly. Also, I have heard great things about you, from several sources.

You ask a very good question. If you picture in your mind's eye (therefore creating a subtle reality) and BELIEVE WITHOUT ANY DOUBT that it is already true now, you will find that you can have a huge impact on that which actually manifests in your life.

There are, however, other factors to consider. This is why I simply practice being content with what comes unsought, which sort of balances out what you were asking about.

I am happy that your 'inner state is not contingent on my ‘created outcome’ actually manifesting in physical form.' This is very important. Also 'a friends disease IS terminal, in spite of the reality that I had conjured up for myself' relates to you changing another's karma, which cannot be done.

Most all the things you find do not adhere to the Law of Cause and Effect is because the karma of the situation is more than you can overcome with intention and will. No matter how elevated you are or become, you cannot change another's karma. Only they can change their own karma, or at least the experience of karma, through their own right thinking.

Use the knowledge of intent, attention, and will only when you know this will be a more harmonious outcome for all involved. Keep your powers of causation under wraps, and use only when necessary.

Learning to accept karma as it is, is a huge step in sadhana. Primarily we need to be happy with what comes unsought. Often when we try to 'create' something, it would actually serve us better to harmoniously accept it as it is. Primarily what we can create is only more karma. The more we accept karma as it is, and remain cheerful and lighthearted, the freer we become from it. Some things are simply not to be changed, but to be dealt with. In this way we grow.

Tony (Aditya) said...

Beautiful response to Jake, Ram. What I hold as intention without any doubt that it is already so almost always manifests -- but when it does not, I experience a surge of excitement because I know the shakti of karma has directed me in a direction better than I knew to envision.

Thanks for all this, and the music too!

D. R. Butler said...

Tony (Aditya), yes, Captain Karma always knows what is best, no matter how it appears or feels at the time. In the end, everything turns out perfectly.

Tony refers to my favorite 'music' of my lifetime that I post, slowly but surely, on my Facebook page.

I strangely have 2 Facebook pages. One is the usual one, in the name of D.R. Butler. Then there is a 'fans' page, (I find the terminology 'fans' irksome) in the name of D. R. Butler, with a space between the D. and the R. On my usual page I am often more personal and share my favorite songs, while the 'fans') page is primarily devoted to expressing the Principles of Truth--usually quotes from the lessons of our Course. Please visit it at least long enough to 'like' it.

Angélica said...

Dear Ram,
I'm a little confused by my current lesson and the feelings that I have lately. I feel depressed by the workload and stress that have unbalanced my life since last year. "Supposedly" I should be grateful and very happy because it has allowed me to do things that previously would have been very difficult, but the reality is that I feel trapped at this time, without enough time for me and my daughters. Maybe just an accommodation is needed to view it differently, but the point is that this is how I feel now.
In my current lesson you say "If we hide a feeling within us before it is fully expressed, it will re-emerge for sure as soon as it can, much more strongly than before, because now its power has increased at a higher peak . If we let it finish, even if this implies to feel it, the cause of that usual unpleasant feeling is finally expelled. "
How far should I unleash, for example feeling depressed, without hiding the feeling or reaching the other end ?, or how should I let the feeling flow and finish while being detached from it in daily life?
If I live in the present and with detachment, observing emotions and being in harmony with what comes, I'm living the present moment, which would lead me to a state of contentment, if I keep my attention and willingness there. But if I feel down, since ideally I should be in harmony with what happens in my life and "flow", I should not feel that way or unleash depression...
What should be the right approach then??? On the one hand I understand it and at the same time I´m confused!

Ghayas said...

My gratitude for the course keeps increasing. I don't know if I'm hallucinating, but I'm finding it easier to remember to think positively !!! I reached a point that when I think, say, or even hear something not positive, I feel awkward in my body, my whole being asks for an immediate adjustment, and I replace the thought with a more cheerful affirmation. Something within me, after five years of participation in the course, is not anymore on an automatic pilot. This for me is a sign of "transformation". Thank You D.R. Butler, and the whole lineage behind the course.

D. R. Butler said...

Angelica, we have to let go of standards and ideals, and hold fast to our principles and values.

You say, 'But if I feel down, since ideally I should be in harmony with what happens in my life and "flow", I should not feel that way or unleash depression...'

Let's see, that's 1 'ideally' and 2 'shoulds.' That's not in accordance with the Principles in the Course. There's no should; there's no 'ideally.' We must harmoniously deal with whatever appears, and that is not always easy to do. Depression is a hard one. Probably most people in the world suffer from some degree of depression. One of the only people basically free from depression are the Tibetans.

America has a epidemic of depression. Most people's mistakes is in trying to fight off the depression. You try to fight it, it wins, period. There cannot be any 'fight.'

The answer is to accept whatever is, including the most severe bouts of depression. For years I have advised people to look at the depression with detachment and an attitude of 'Wow, what a great depression! That's an award-winning depression! It should go into the depression 'hall of fame.'

If we can successfully pull this off, we become completely detached from the depression, and see that it has nothing whatsoever to do with us personally. It's simply an ongoing epidemic that might try to take over your life, but you can say 'no' to it simply by thinking of uplifting and joyful thoughts to replace the depression. It works. Try it and prove the Truth to yourself.

D. R. Butler said...

Ghayas, I am happy to hear from you. I was thinking about you just today, and hoping that you and Chimene and family are doing very well in all ways. I feel very close to you guys, and miss you if you're absent too long. Chimene is particularly soothing, without even trying to be. It's in her nature.

Any, your post is like a post from someone proving that the Course works. You no longer feel comfortable with negativity and you only allow the positive to take place within your being. You are not hallucinating, you have experienced a very real transformation. I never had any doubt for the two of you. If you didn't have the two youngsters to parent at such a crucial age for them, I would probably ask more of you in certain ways, but you are both doing perfectly and are excellent examples of how the Course transforms. Much love to both of you.

Jane said...

Ram - I have used your suggestion to witness depression and it has helped me to stop identifying with it. At this point, I can either replace the thoughts or, when this feels impossible, I just 'watch the show' knowing it will pass. However, the physical and mental fatigue persists inhibiting enthusiasm and activity despite the use of many (traditional and 'alternative') resources. The last few years have been particularly frustrating. I'm wondering if I need to have more acceptance or perhaps I am somewhat confused about how I'm applying the principles of the course, In any event, would appreciate any input from you, Kay, or anyone else.
Many thanks.

F. Kevin Moquin said...

I have taken DR course since 1988. I open and read each lesson on the 1st and 15th of each month. Something is going on here that is more than special. Back in the day, with snail mail, DR called his course, “The Correspondence Course. ” It was called this because what was read corresponded to what was actually happening in your life as you read about it in the course. I have found this to be completely true. Well, I would like to share an example with you. My wife, who does not participate in the course, was also astounded my latest serendipitous incident with DR’s course.

My current lesson is Volume 3 lesson 7. In this lesson DR describes an occurrence when he was driving home from dropping his daughter off to college. DR explained that he took a wrong turn on the highway. He found himself driving to Philadelphia when he intended to drive to Scranton. Before he knew it, he was in the city itself. He writes: “Suddenly I saw a city skyline rising up out of nowhere, and before I knew it I was in downtown Philadelphia. I even drove past the Benjamin Franklin Museum, where we had taken all three of our children at one time or another.”
I believe DR wrote this specific lesson in 2012. In all the years of taking the course, I don’t recall DR writing about Philadelphia.

I opened my current lesson on March 1, 2015. For the past year, we have been looking forward to our trip to Philadelphia for my nephew’s wedding scheduled for over a year during the first weekend in March. My wife took care of the hotel reservation many months in advance along with all the other particulars of our trip. I had no idea where we would be staying until we arrived. So when I opened the lesson and read about DR being in Philadelphia I thought, ‘There It goes again, another example of serendipity with DR. Well, I find myself writing this comment to DR’s blog from my hotel room with a beautiful, panoramic view of Philadelphia. Plus, our hotel is one minute from Ben Franklin’s Museum.

How does this happen? There are so many other examples of this kind that I have had with DR. From these experiences and from the contents of the lessons, I know that I have a beautiful gift in the form of this course. I have no idea how It works, but I know it is meant for me. I am learning to pull my attention away from my mind’s orientation and conditioning to this world. This world has a powerful pull. I need reminders and repetition to alter my focus towards the greater Energy accessible to me at every moment. The Moment is gently beckoning me to meet It through my relationship with the course. I have a personal map to guide my journey through this life. What a trip I am having, this is great! I think I’ll take a tour through Ben’s Museum.


Mary said...

"Volume 2, lesson 28: Our destiny has been written in the Akashic Records." So what are the Akashic records and can we access them?

D. R. Butler said...

According to Wikipedia:

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning "sky", "space", "luminous", or "æther", and it entered the language of theosophy through H. P. Blavatsky (1831-1891), who characterized it as a sort of life force; she also referred to "indestructible tablets of the astral light" recording both the past and future of human thought and action, but she did not use the term "akashic".[3] The notion of an akashic record is attributed to Alfred Percy Sinnett, who, in his book Esoteric Buddhism (1884), wrote of a Buddhist belief in "a permanency of records in the Akasa" and "the potential capacity of man to read the same."[4][3] By C. W. Leadbeater's Clairvoyance (1899) the association of the term with the idea was complete, and he identified the akashic records by name as something a clairvoyant could read.[3] According to Marshal McKusick, former professor of Anthropology at the University of Iowa, the term Akashic record was created by Rudolf Steiner.[5]

§Accounts of purported akashic access[edit]

Readings of the akashic record were central to theosophist writings, but also appear in writings of other related figures. Among the former, Leadbeater's book Man: How, Whence, and Whither? claims to record the history of Atlantis and other civilizations as well as the future society of Earth in the 28th century.[3][6] Rudolf Steiner referred to the Akashic Records and reported about Atlantis, Lemuria, the evolution of man and earth, et cetera.[7][8]

Alice A. Bailey wrote in her book Light of the Soul on The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book 3 - Union achieved and its Results:

The akashic record is like an immense photographic film, registering all the desires and earth experiences of our planet. Those who perceive it will see pictured thereon: The life experiences of every human being since time began, the reactions to experience of the entire animal kingdom, the aggregation of the thought-forms of a karmic nature (based on desire) of every human unit throughout time. Herein lies the great deception of the records. Only a trained occultist can distinguish between actual experience and those astral pictures created by imagination and keen desire.

Levi H. Dowling's Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ offers a version of the youth of Jesus Christ ostensibly based upon akashic record material.

In The Law of One, Book I, a book purported to contain conversations with a channeled "social memory complex" known to humans as Ra, when the questioner asks where Edgar Cayce received his information, the answer received is:

We have explained before that the intelligent infinity is brought into intelligent energy from eighth density or octave. The one sound vibratory complex called Edgar used this gateway to view the present, which is not the continuum you experience but the potential social memory complex of this planetary sphere. The term your peoples have used for this is the "Akashic Record" or the "Hall of Records".[9]

Ken said...

So, do you accept 19th Century Theosophists as a reliable source of truth ?

My own readings of 19th Century Westerners is that they did well to provide the West with the somewhat garbled versions of Eastern philosophy that they made available in Western languages for the first time. Given the horrendously chaotic nature of 19th Century Western philosophy (reminiscent of today), that garbled transmission must have seemed like a breath of fresh air.

But nevertheless there were many dubious concepts that originated in those 19th Century Western groups and some of them persist today.

The "teacher-who-cannot-be-named" :) sometimes referred to akasha, but never akashic records.