Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Truth of Being

In July of 2008, our very first post on the blog was published.  It was the original introduction to the Course of Training.  It was written before any lessons had been written or sent out.  I like to repost it every few years, because it remains an excellent introduction to the Course.  Even if you have read this before, and whether you currently participate in the Course or not, it will be very beneficial for you to read it once again.  All you need is an open mind and an open heart.

Are you aware of a seemingly elusive feeling deep inside you that feels very good? It is like an inner smile, with warmth, light, and radiance. When we open up and relax into that inner feeling, we feel as though everything is right with the world, and that we already bountifully have anything we could reasonably want or need. It is a feeling of a deep contentment, a profound fulfillment, and an exalted sense of well-being. Some say that being firmly established in that most excellent inner feeling is the ultimate purpose of life. An ancient Eastern proverb says: Contentment is the highest goal.

There is only one time that great feeling can be experienced: that is now, this very moment. That great inner feeling is the most profound Truth. It is the secret of the ages, and it is also the Truth of the present moment. We only experience it when we look within. This is the ultimate reason that people meditate or do other spiritual practices—to experience that bliss within our own Self. There are innumerable meditation techniques and methods of practice, but the primary goal in life is to experience that wondrous feeling of our own inner Self.

Ordinarily we are caught up in thoughts and emotions, which take place in time, and which are usually related to the past or the future. Many of our habitual patterns of thought and feeling are of a negative or limiting nature, because we were conditioned or programmed that way from the time we were very young.

Such habitual ways of thinking and feeling lead to stress, tension, and conflict. Instead of life being a joy, a natural high, we go to the doldrums. We spend our days angry, depressed, irritated, insecure, and life seems hard. All this happens because we ignore the awareness and power inherent in the existing moment.

Only in the present moment do we have access to happiness, joy, love, contentment, peace, and the other positive, uplifting feelings.

We need to be reminded again and again to come back to the present, come back to the Truth. Otherwise we get lost in egotistical melodramas and forget all about the existing moment, which is the only life we have. We need a way to actually tune in to the Truth of the present moment, and that is the exact purpose of these writings.

This moment is the stage on which we deal with the challenges of daily life, or, as we will examine, the karma of this lifetime. When we live in the moment, in that space between any two thoughts, is when we face life best. We can learn how to do this, and how to focus the mind in the present moment in a way that immediately modifies our experience of daily situations and relationships. Understanding how we create our own reality is an amazing process.

Right now, in this moment, we can consciously connect with our own inner Self. It has been known by many names in various cultures and in different eras, yet whatever we call it, it remains as it is, and remains the one aspect of this entire cosmos that is eternally unchanging. We experience this within ourselves as our own Consciousness, our inner Awareness of Being.

Ignorant of the eternal Truth, everything we know is fleeting, and as long as things are fleeting there is the potential for anxiety and fear. We know this all too well. And today's world offers new challenges that we would never have dreamed of even ten years ago.

For now, simply be with these ideas, as though you are reading an interesting science fiction story, and especially be open to any insights or new ways of seeing or understanding things that might arise. You might have spontaneous insights and revelations regarding what you as an individual need to know in order to proactively participate in your own spiritual evolution.

Living In Today's World

How do we deal with the realities of today's world, including economic hardship and insecurity for many? Hard times have existed in this world ever since it began, yet there have always been those few who knew the Truth of Being and lived in mastery of life to varying degrees. Many great teachers throughout time have taught this same great truth, although it has been interpreted in different ways, and there have been different points of emphasis, leading to the various paths that ultimately bring us back to the same Truth.

This outer challenging world, including the physical realities of economic hardship, deteriorating health, loss, lack, or limitation of any nature, does exists in its own realm. However it is not the only realm in existence, and it is certainly not the highest, nicest, or most pleasant realm. If we have a choice--which we do, whether we consciously realize it or not--why not choose to live in the exalted truth of the present moment, instead of languishing in the pain of external woe? We do have a choice, but we must exercise it.

We want to get to know that aspect of our own inner Self that is changeless. All things in this world change, physically, emotionally, and mentally. To have a still mind, a still emotional state, or even a still body would be a great attainment. There is great power in stillness, for it is the substratum of life as we know it. All movement, motion, and activity take place like a painting on the canvas of inner stillness.

That inner stillness exists right now; we only need to awaken our awareness of our own Truth.

The highest, most refined feelings and experiences will not be found in the melodramas of outer life and passing time. If we lose touch with our inner feeling, we get lost in our mental stories about what is going on and who is doing what. We get lost in habitual negative emotions that go along with those mental stories, and we lose touch with the Truth of the present moment. Through careless thinking we tend to create a reality that we don't even want. The mind creates our personal reality in each and every moment, not just now and then.

We Create Our Own Reality

The one underlying theme throughout this work is: Remain conscious of that great inner feeling right now. Awaken it within yourself. Create a positive habit out of it. Don’t wait for some external source to inspire joy. Joy naturally springs from within us whenever we get momentarily free from mental burdens and concerns.

Through the power of meditation, or through visiting the space between thoughts, we experience a great inner light. Through the conduit of this exquisite light, we experience love within our own heart.

This heart, the heart of love, is the portal through which we experience the highest aspect of the present moment.

We can go through life conscious of this extraordinary inner feeling everywhere we go and during everything we do, regardless of what is happening around us or to us. We can simply make this inner radiance our lifestyle. Through doing so, that extraordinary feeling is spontaneously radiated to others around us.

The sparkling inner feeling is palpable—others can easily sense it. It is contagious--others will feel good by simply being around us, without having any idea why. If we maintain this great feeling within ourselves, others will pick up on it and begin to experience the same feeling within themselves. Spend some time with a cheerful person, and see how much better you feel afterwards. Then spend some time with a depressed or angry person, and see how much worse you feel. There is a definite, distinguishable difference.

Through understanding this simple principle, we see how we can most contribute to others and the world around us by simply maintaining a good feeling in ourselves. We will discuss this fully so that you can master the process.

Experiencing true joy or love is a transcendence of time. The experience itself happens only in the present moment.

It is one thing to know about these principles and to agree with them, but actual mastery in practical daily life is a whole other matter. It takes practice, repetition, and consistency to actually apply these principles of truth in our own life. Otherwise we have learned some interesting information without any significant transformation. There are many who seek knowledge of the Truth, yet only a few are willing to do what is necessary for actual achievement and mastery.

When we are conscious of Consciousness, we experience that great feeling in the heart. Consciousness is not cold, intellectual, or remote. It is warm, heartfelt, the most exquisite openness and intimacy.

If you ever get the idea that I am repeating myself, I am. I have experienced a lifetime of repeating these principles over and over. It takes much repetition of a single exalted idea to make the slightest impression in the average human consciousness.

We are so conditioned and programmed to see and experience the world in rigidly limited ways. It is very challenging to open up to new ways of seeing and experiencing things, and the only possibility of success is through continuous repetition of the principles of Truth, as well as the persistent practice of our new understanding in moment-to-moment life. After exploring the principles of Truth in many different ways, and through applying them in practical ways in our own life, they gradually become part of us, and become our own understanding and wisdom.

Living the Principles of Truth

Understand from the beginning that these writings are regarding the communication of natural principles that can be practiced in one’s own daily life for a greater life, regardless of how one’s life might be manifesting in any given moment. The same principles can be applied equally for success in business or career, for harmony in relationships, for intensity and focus in sports or the arts or any field of creative expertise, in matters of health and longevity, for increased prosperity and the enjoyment of life, and in the long run, spiritual growth and absolute freedom.

You will be taught how to apply the principles of the creative power of mind in order to live in your own secret heaven here and now, while in this physical body. Unfortunately, most of us unconsciously use the same power to live in some degree of hell here and now, in this body, because we describe many aspects of our life in negative, hellish ways instead of positive, heavenly ways. We live in financial insecurity, for example, because we focus on fear and anxiety instead of developing a consciousness of prosperity through feeling the reality of having all that we need. Such an attitude attracts prosperity to us, while negative attitudes of lack and loss repel it.

You will learn how to think only of what you actually want to manifest in your life, or what feels pleasant, and to refuse to think of what you don’t want to manifest, or what feels unpleasant. This seems so simple that the conscious mind is almost unable to recognize the profound life-transforming significance of it.

Because of previous conditioning, we are unable to see the greatness of our own Being. Through persistent practice we can learn to break free from prior, limiting conditioning, so that we can live in the awareness of our own Truth, the Awareness of Being, which is living as a true human being. When we live in the awareness of our own inner Truth—and the love, light, and bliss that accompanies that experience—then we have fulfilled the purpose of our being here.

Among the Eastern scriptures is a great text called the Yoga Vasishtha. It contains the teachings of the sage Vasishtha to the young Lord Rama, which basically explains how all of life came to be and how the universe works. In it, the sage says:

O Rama, if you overcome the sorrow of repetitive history, you will live here on earth like a god. When delusion is gone and the truth is realized by means of inquiry into self-nature, when the mind is at peace and the heart leaps to the supreme truth, when all the disturbing thought-waves in the mind-stuff have subsided and there is unbroken flow of peace, and the heart is filled with the bliss of the Absolute, then this very world becomes an abode of bliss.

Such a person has nothing to acquire or to shun. He is untainted by the defects of life and untouched by sorrow. He does not come into being or go out, although he appears to come and go in the eyes of the beholder. He is not affected by the past tendencies that have lost their momentum; his mind has given up its restlessness, and he rests in the bliss that is his essential nature. Such bliss is possible only by self-knowledge, not by any other means. Therefore, one should apply oneself constantly to self-knowledge. This alone is one’s duty.

Some lesson headings:

Living in the Truth of the Present Moment
What You Think Is What You Get
The Evolution of Wisdom
How Feeling Creates Reality
Attention, Conscious Intent, and Will
Our Amazing Capacity to Change
The Incredible Power of Feelings
The Importance of Priorities
The Greatest Game Ever Invented
The Ego and Beyond
The Inner State
The Art of Flowing
Love Is Where the Heart Is
Growth Through Relationships
God in Human Form
The Mastery of Life
Attaining the Highest Now
Living in Your Own Secret Heaven
Entering the Stillness
Establishing Joy in Your Heart

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FB said...

2/16 begins 5th year of The Course for me; I have read this eagerly at the beginning. Beautiful and perfect then, beautiful and perfect today. Reading this after nearly 4 years into The Course, I notice that the words are noticeably still to me now. Smiling, I think, "was I anxious then, more still now so the words can penetrate deeper?"
I like it, this state, whatever or however. Rather, I love it. Cherish it, even more.
Thank you.

rico said...

"Therefore, one should apply oneself constantly to self-knowledge. This alone is one’s duty"

The perfect answer to the life's BIG question(s), why am I here? what is the purpose of life?

CDM said...

Hello, Ram. Just stopping by for a visit. Your words forever and ever ring true, and I hope they will continue to echo to the ends of the Earth and beyond.
Thank you for remembering us and reminding us again and again that "The sparkling inner feeling is palpable—others can easily sense it. It is contagious--others will feel good by simply being around us, without having any idea why. If we maintain this great feeling within ourselves, others will pick up on it and begin to experience the same feeling within themselves." --D.R. Butler, Living in the Truth of the Present Moment.

Colette DeVore said...

It was great to revisit this and see how much freer I am then the first time I read it. thank you for reposting it.

Taylor said...

Yes, indeed, that sparkling inner feeling is contagious and others can feel it and feel good around us. That was my introduction to the Course 20 years ago when I met someone who was reading the lessons. I felt great energy around him and felt good and began the lessons myself shortly after that. Amazing grace!

Stephen Pappas said...

Thank you Ram!

So great to retread this.

An interesting revelation or insight occurred while reading this months blog.

I have these recurring dreams. I feel in a state of bliss, and something, the circumstances change in each dream, draws me away - I've lost something, I'm looking for something - yet all the while I'm desperately trying to get back to that bliss. I never get there and wake up feeling angs as well as remembering that bliss I was trying to get to.

Is this the subconscious purifying . There must be some significance as the revelation literally stopped my mind . Can you speak to this?

Thank you for your steadfast selflessness always!


Jaime de Diego said...

Someplace recent, Ram, you commented how, with everything that is going on, for the end of the 21st century our planet would become quite "another". A 20th century sage that I respect also wondered in his last talk about how discomfiting the coming together of genetics and computer technology could prove to be. But whatever different the drama, it appears, from what you say in this introduction to the course, that the Self never will be at variance from what it is now, even then.

Karen Jo Shapiro said...

What a joy to read this again! I remember when I first found out that D.R. Butler had a blog... having taken his course many years prior to that, and having missed it dearly, I was SO excited. From the first minute I read the blog entry I felt the energy in it and all was right in my world. Two months later I was taking the course and I have immersed myself in that course and our course community ever since.

I almost always read my lesson daily.... and I can so relate to others here who speak to the transformed inner state over time. I feel safer, more contented, lighter, and more loving than ever before in my life-- even when outer life casts shadows and pains arise, I know to turn within to a very steady place that I come to know more and more as my inner Friend.

We are blessed beyond measure to have this blog writer and the Course that flows through him. Love KJ

Bill Berry said...

This is great. I started the Course years after this original blog. I am very glad that you don't get bored with repeating these important ideas in new ways... as you know and said, humans need repeated practice to change behavior. It's certainly true for me. The continuous coaching in the Course and its fresh reminders have made my life bigger and lighter at the same time, regardless of circumstance (karma) that's always bubbling around me. I love the result that my mundane life tasks, and my relationships, all work noticeably better when I separate my awareness/state from the details. Like a good tennis or golf shot, it feels "easy" when done right... but requires a lot of practice to be consistent. I think my brain/heart development is like my tennis game, way better than it used to be and still a lot of work to do. Gotta go back to practice now :-)

Divya Maureen Quinlan said...

So glad I read this again. Just this weekend was told by my brother how mellow I am. I didn't realize this about myself. It's interesting to know how we appear in the world. I know that it has to do with simply reading the lessons all these years. I feel so much better inside myself. Focusing on what I want rather than what I don't want and reminding others to do the same seems to be what I am working on.

Christine S. Boyd said...

Although I have been participating for several years in your written Course and you mention the power of repetition often, it really stood out for me here today. I recalled a financial "master" I had the good fortune to work with in the early 2000's. He taught many people basic wealth principles. Can you guess what one of the central principles was? Repetition! In his primary seminar he said, If you learn something once, your business will be a disaster. If you learn that thing many, many times, you will become a master.// I love it when I recognize the same Truth in other parts of my life. It reminds me of an Indian painting I saw when I was very young -- a seeker climbing a path that circled around a mountaintop. Years later, I read an explanation of the painting - it depicts how, on our inner journey, we come back after a while to the same issue within ourself, to re-explore and lighten it, through deepening our understanding. In this way, we grow into the Light. Thank you for this place and especially for the Course that is a form of the painting I saw 40 years ago.

D. R. Butler said...

Hello everyone. I have spent the last 4 days with my children, Shane and Sara, and I put online correspondence on the shelf during that time. Thank you for your patience. I actually intend to begin being more present here, and responding to questions more immediately. Since we are no longer on BlogSpot, this is simply our site for the Course. The first article, in print above the comments, is a great one to be on the front page right now, since it truly introduces the Course in the simplest way possible, while everything in it has been proven by others to be true.

It is great to hear from those who began the Course a few years ago, and they can come back to this original invitation and see that everything referred to has actually happened; everything has come true and is now quite real.

Stephen Pappas, your dreams seem very much like life. We are experiencing the bliss of the present moment, and then something captures our mind and emotions and takes us back to the make-believe world of objective humanity, where all our anxiety and worry lies waiting.

Thankfully in our case we always have the next lesson to remind us of the Truth once again. If the Course only serves as reminders of what we already know, it is well worth the time and attention.

Jaime de Diego, it is true, the inner Consciousness is eternally changeless. It will be the same in a hundred, a thousand, a million years, and beyond. It is timeless.

The future of this planet will be quite different. Already many people live primarily in cyber-world, on their computers or walking around staring at their phones. This is partially a product of the fact that since I was my son's age, the population of the Earth has doubled. Think about what that means. Among other things, people have less space. With less space, they become active in a world where they can relate to others around the world while remaining in the same space. This is explored in greater detail in the lessons of the Course.

D. R. Butler said...

I love to receive posts from Bill Berry. He somehow discovered the Course without having any previous background in yoga, meditation, mental science, or anything else related to what we explore in the lessons of the Course. His posts are always fresh and honest, as he's just sharing his experience of something he never expected in his life.

D. R. Butler said...

I will probably leave this introductory to the Course for at least a couple of months. I might not post a new entry until January, as I feel this is the best possible of entries to introduce new people to the Course.

Knowing this, you can ask all the questions you like. You have all the time in the world to verbalize it perfectly. I will respond to all questions as quickly as possible.

This is the perfect entry to share with others. If you know of anyone who wishes to progress in self-development or spiritual growth, please share this blog entry with them.

People have found that those they thought would be most interested have no interest at all, while those they imagined would have no interest at all are totally fascinated and eager to participate in the Course.

The Course grows only through word-of-mouth. It is up to you to allow others to open up to the Truth of Being.

Brent Flickinger said...

Ram, it was great to read this first blog entry as in my last lesson (3:45) you asked us to contemplate the principles we should know well and be practicing. You mention or elude to many of them in the first blog entry. These are some of the ones that have been most helpful to me:
-The only time that's relevant is the present moment.
-Come into harmony with everything as it is. (Great for a guy whose habit is often judging people and things.)
-Practice replacing negative thoughts with positive so a positive thought is the first reaction to anything.
-Understand egotistical melodramas and how they operate.
-Don't hope or wish for things, but visualize "It (whatever it is) is done." Then just go through the necessary steps needed to reach that place of completeness you visualize.

In my current lesson, you talk about the gift of someone who is an enemy or seems to create obstacles for me. This person provides tests for us. "Us" is the One who sports in testing him/herself. I see such a person in my life now as a great catalyst for my sadhana. This perspective has helped me with someone with whom I struggle at work. What's interesting is that I feel stressed and upset with things this person is doing via e-mail, yet knowing he is a gift to me allows me separate my reactions (Ah, I'm being tested in my steady mindedness!) from my love for this person. So I know when I am with him tomorrow in person I will interact with love rather than reactivity (which is my stuff, not him).

Another interesting thing is related to your first point above where you talk about that beautiful inner state and practicing focusing on it and going there regularly. The more I experience that state of calmness and joy, the easier it is to go there because it's become more and more familiar to me, more I place/space I want to be. Simply turning within, it's easy to access that inner state.

Margaret Garner said...

wanted to share that the new blog is so spot on for me right now. I was reading it as I sat in my hospital room in Toronto receiving chemo for the stem cell transplant on Wed. this week.
Several years ago before taking the Course and encountering these same karmic circumstances, I would have been riddled with negativity and anxiety. I'm actually surprised at how calm I've been and know I sure can't take any credit for it. Family and friends have been saying how "brave and strong" I am and I do feel strong but only because of the Grace that's so empowering through turning towards the Self. That's not to say I've had my moments of fear but focusing inward ASAP and turning towards the Light dispels them quickly.
My current lesson has a quote from Adyashanti which talks about how what's true within us actually grows under difficult circumstances. I am experiencing the benefits of the repetition of reading the Course and how the truth is sinking in subconsciously.
Just so thankful for the many blessings in my life.
Love to all, and especially to Ram and Kay for providing the opportunity to take our wonderful Course. <3

Anonymous said...

I have just started taking the course again, I had taken it in a slightly different venue for many years and am happy to be getting these wonderful reminders once again and enjoying the structure and discipline of reading and re-reading the lessons. I have been trying to post a comment or question but so far have been unable to accomplish it but I am going to try again, this time anonymously. We will see how that works. At any rate my question is this: I understand that I must try to think only about pleasant things and things that I want, and try to avoid negativity and focusing on the very things that I do not want to have happen. I am successful at this some of the time. The times I find it most difficult are those times when I am experiencing physical problems such as extreme fatigue or chronic pain. I know I am not my body but am only living within it, but these two manifestations (fatigue and pain) seem to have some real power to pull my attention to themselves and affect me. Any suggestions on how to overcome this? I must say after reading the comment above me from the lady undergoing chemotherapy I feel a bit foolish to even bring it up, but it is a very synchronistic occurance that when I try to post this question this is the comment I see. I will have contemplate the significance of that. She certainly seems to be doing well under very difficult circumstances!

D. R. Butler said...

Brent Flickinger, I loved your comment. You sum up very well the principles that should be understood by that point in the Course. I was very impressed by your list. It was both brief and very comprehensive. You've come a long way in your understanding, Brent. I know I used to put you through a lot in Workshops, and generally gave you a hard time, and we even stayed at your home a few times, which gave me the perfect opportunity to do everything wrong. You are right, you have had a strong tendency to be judgmental, but I think you are just about finished with that one. There has been a lot of maturity on your part since then.

Also, it is great sadhana to have to deal with, or even be around, certain types of people that give us a lot of grief. In almost everyone's life, there eventually, or even early on, appears a person that gives us a lot of trouble and annoyance, and it is an essential aspect of our own spiritual growth to have to deal with and come into harmony with this person, until we reach the point that he or she no longer disturbs our state or influences our feeling in any way.

D. R. Butler said...

Margaret Garner, I trust everything is going well with your chemo for the stem cell transplant. I totally related to your hospital experience, having experienced it several times in my life. The last was when I got the stents in my heart; it sounded like a terrible thing to have to do. But when I was actually there with the heart surgeon and in the hospital, it was just like everything else. Nothing noticeably different was happening; my body was simply going through a medical procedure, and it was pretty much like anything else I could have been doing.

Lots of love to you, and love to Rick also.

D. R. Butler said...

Anonymous, you say, 'I understand that I must try to think only about pleasant things and things that I want, and try to avoid negativity and focusing on the very things that I do not want to have happen.'

This is close, but not accurate. In both statements, you have to delete the 'try to.' Read each state leaving out the 'try to' and see how it is much more powerful that way.

You said you have the hardest times when you experience 'extreme fatigue or chronic pain.' I can assure you that everyone in this world has the hardest times during extreme fatigue or chronic pain. It's just part of the physical experience. As Bob Dylan once said, 'Nothing is better and nothing is best; take care of your health and get plenty of rest.'

So all of us simply have to do what we can with it. None of us can completely avoid it as long as we have these bodies, these corpses waiting to happen.

Stephe said...

Hello to everyone I am a newbie six months or so into this amazing experience, I have been reading all your words and feeling I am amid ot within family. In recent days I am starting to see that the global situation and the events facing the world mirror internal processes working to pull together disparate and previously alienated parts of myself. I see that I too need troops on the,ground to make a difference and that what we are conditioned to think of as intelligence, isn't always.. Intelligent. I wondered what u all think? I get a sense that harmonising myself can assist and soothe the world. I think the course is making me see this differently, thank u all so much and special online hello including u Kay and Ram

D. R. Butler said...

Hi Stephe. It's wonderful to hear from a new person. Many people it takes a while to participate in the comments, and I'm happy to see that you just dove in here.

What you say is absolutely correct. It takes some people a while to understand that the main thing to do is simply remain in harmony with whatever comes up. You catch on quickly :)

You'll see that the Course will gradually expand the way you think in many ways, and thanks for joining us here and sharing your perspective. Take care.

D. R. Butler said...

I'll mention again that this same article will remain on the site until the beginning of 2016, as what is presented is the very best introduction to the Course. Please share the link with your friends and anyone else you think might be interested. Take my word for it, it will do none of them any harm.

Since I won't be posting another article on our site until January, please continue to share comments and ask your questions here, as I will be as responsive as is possible. Don't think you'd better save your comment or question until the next new article is published, because that will be a long time, and by then you'll have a new comment and a new question.

Doug said...

Thanks for the reply. This tells me that at last I am getting on the board and also reminds me that I share the human experience with everyone else in a body. I forget sometimes that I am not the only one going through these things and that everyone's body is in fact "a corpse waiting to happen" LOL! Somehow this response soothes and enables some acceptance and that is appreciated. I also note that as Yoda said, there is no try, there is only DO! I see that in my language I am perpetuating a self defeating perspective and I WILL work on that, (not try).

D. R. Butler said...

If anyone posts a comment and it does not appear in the comments, please let me know. There is some kind of glitch in the matrix, and the best thing is to let me know if a comment hasn't appeared within three days. I aim for much better, and do my best to respond to everything the same day it is posted, but somehow it seems I am missing some.

Eric S said...

Dear Ram,

My name is Eric Stackhouse. Tom Mac has been a very close friend of mine for 45 years. Tom wisely chose to submit the 4 questions in your blog. These are the questions that I originally posed to Tom. I am very grateful for your response and your offer to help. So, I am humbly requesting your help which you offered in your reply. I thank you for your help.



Djaw said...

Dear Ram,

As I write this note to you, I can appreciate the knowledge that I am actually writing this to myself.....and actually I am not really writing this at all. This is a play of consciousness through which God tries to know (him)Self. I understand and am attempting to embrace this knowledge as foundational to Truth. But, as I do, I feel a sense of loneliness and emptiness.....How very difficult it must be to be God! What a solitary existence. For I love the "other" as my children, my parents, my friends...and even the kind strangers who make eye contact and smile as they pass. I even believe I have met my soulmate in the "other". Is this possible or is it just delusional? Much Love, Di

D. R. Butler said...

Hi Di, it's quite late here; I'll have some kind of answer to this sometime tomorrow.

JohnRama said...

Ram, just a quick note of another thank you for all that you do to support true seekers out there.... I have been taking your courses in various forms and this one for the past four plus years. Your October blog again hits home and I am very pleased with my spiritual progress as I am now able to say that I have come to a place that my suffering has finally come to an end. Your blog talks about Contentment being a high attainment and it seems that I have, with the support of many years of following or practicing the spiritual truths, arrived at an acceptable, consistent contentment... you know me as well as anyone and of all people you can appreciate the long road that I have been on. Thank you so much Ram!!!

D. R. Butler said...

Dear John,
(I always wanted to write a 'dear John' letter.)
I am happy to hear that the Principles of Truth have transformed your life, and that now you are happy and content. It is always good to hear from you and to knowing that you are well.

D. R. Butler said...

Di, that 'tomorrow' turned out to be a long, long time.
Aloneness is not the same as loneliness.
One includes the other while the second is the assumption that another exists.
Others can be whatever you create them to be for you. If you want a 'soulmate,' then simply give someone that designation.

God doesn't get lonely because he has His whole Creation to relate to.
Right now, you and I interacting is God relating to God.

Michael Vetrano said...

What is the best way to empty the mind?

D. R. Butler said...

The mind is already empty. Focus on the emptiness instead of the stuff that whirls around it.

Otherwise, simply continue to apply the principles presented in your current lesson.

Michael Vetrano said...

Thank you, Ram. I'll do that.

Kay Butler said...

A friend who had just sent in his renewal wrote to say that he was “looking forward to this year’s subscription.” I responded that I'm also looking forward to what my new lessons will bring in 2016. It always seems, from one perspective, as though the events in my life go right along with what's in my current lesson--as long as I'm keeping in close touch with it...when I'm not, then the events can seem chaotic and unrelated to each other and to my sadhana, and it will seem as though something is going wrong or feeling too stressful.

I just read that previous paragraph over again and realized that I’ve been saying this for 39 years and counting (just began my 40th year on the Course of Training in November). Keep in touch with your current lesson during this wonder-filled Holiday Season, and experience the love that we all share so palpably at this time of year. May all who read this experience that love now, and all through 2016. Kay

Eugene Teague said...

It's amazing how simple the Truth is, and how lawful one's participation is in it. Starting 3rd year of course in January of 2016, and looking forward to the next 2 years. Thank you.
Eugene Teague

Avivit said...

Hi D.R., reading my current lesson i can tell you that i am aware of the space between two thoughts that never changes...which I experience as a golden soup as i name it. What i cannot understand right now is ...knowing that creation of thoughts create the play of consciousness...movements in thought that create waves anf forms....i still dont get how not being real, it still can be measured like a sound wave or different color waves and all the rest. How while it only exists in the realm of Mind....there is an Akashik Record one can access....or one can get answers even by using muscle testing...the 5 senses and so on.

Am I confused by not holding in mind all levels at once as a complete whole? as if when one is the absolute truth....the other is unreal? What is really meant by saying that only the Self...the Golden Soup is real? only what never changes is eternal and real. Is it worded that way sot we don't give it too much that we do not become too involved in the drama of that "relative reality"?

I'll appreciate your guidance.

A very Happy New Year <3

Tom Mac said...

Avivit, I love your share!
What comes up for me is that we can watch.. in each present moment, even the golden soup.

Lyle Glatzmaier said...

Thank you Kay for the comment
'keeping in close contact with it', (the Course). This is something I am going to do. As you know I am just starting lesson 4. Thank you,

Vickie said...

I love re reading this posting...I was just stuck in a boring task at work and feeling my energy slipping down. Instead of following it down, I paused, pulled up this posting on my computer and took a refocusing good energy break :-) Yes, that repetition important. Now, refreshed, refocused, I can go back to my task, finish the work and be ready for the weekend! What better service could there be? many thanks once again--

D. R. Butler said...

Avivit, only the Golden Soup is real.

All the rest is just the mind playing games with itself.