Saturday, May 2, 2015

Your Life Is What You Make It

Hello friends.  It is good to meet with you again this way, through this cyber/subtle connection that transcends time, because we can read this at any time on any day and here we still are.  The Energy behind the writing, unseen and unexpected, doesn’t fade with time, but remains forever available whenever we tune into it.

There were some questions in the last part of last month’s comments that were never responded to, and there are also other questions that have come in and have not yet been answered.  So I’m using them to stir the interest of the typist and get him started.

It seems that a lot of people are having a hard time.  This has actually been a long-running theme in most people’s lives.  This is easily observable by watching the media news outlets reporting all the worst things that are currently happening.  On a more individual basis, all I have to do is read our mail.  Thankfully, many people write to share how totally their lives have been transformed since beginning the lessons of the Course, which initiates an inner process for the reader that leads to greater freedom and understanding.

Even so, there are also reports of life’s hardships and difficulties.  I’ve been reading letters and then emails from participants of the Course for 40 years now, exacting in August.  (The original lessons of the Course were first mailed out in August, 1975.)  Nothing surprises me anymore.  Everything is a variation of similar themes in the lives of many others.  All these years of people opening up honestly with me regarding the details of their lives has enabled me to see the ‘human condition’ quite clearly.  No matter what we are going through, we are all pretty much all in the same boat.  The only real difference between us lies in the degree to which we are aware of the Truth.

Here is a question from the blog comments:  “In my current lesson it says ‘since we have perfected all the preceding exercises, lets simply focus on the eternal serenity of all things.’  I don't feel like I have perfected the preceding exercises.  And from your comment, I should read them more often, and go back and read more from the past?  My ego is attaching to feeling like I lost the skill in this work at some point, and I feel like a failure. . . that I won’t get to the place others are at.”

If you’ve known me very well or very long, you know I can have a deadpan sense of humor that is sometimes difficult to recognize as actual humor.  I can assure you, no one has perfected all the preceding exercises; everyone got out of them whatever they were open to, and according to their approach and commitment to the exercise, and determined primarily by what they are truly ready to receive.  However I am not oblivious to the fact that probably the majority of participants give relatively little attention to the exercises, much less perfect them. 

Most participants probably could not tell you, without looking, what their current exercise is.  It is also true that most participants would benefit greatly from rereading their current lessons, or even lessons received previously, more often than they do.  The secret to the vast power of the Course lies in your openness to repetition, which some people automatically resist. 

The Course is not about learning new information or new facts. The Course is about tuning into a certain level of Energy, and a certain state from which to approach and live life.  This transmission happens through repetition.  It doesn’t matter if you already ‘know’ the lesson.  What matters is that through willingly reading it once again we are uplifted and elevated.  You don’t have to take anyone’s word for this.  You can very easily prove it true for yourself.

You can’t be a ‘failure’ unless you just quit and refuse to grow.  As long as you simply keep going, you are a success.  And please, never think about ‘getting to the place others are at.’  What others?  What place?  How do you know ‘where they are at?’  What if you’re actually in first place?  In reality, there is no one to compare yourself to, and the tendency to compare is the ego at work.  Never bother with comparing yourself with another regarding anything.  It is total waste of time and energy

Another wrote simply:  “I don't know how else to say it.  If I can't find a way to solve my money samskaras and earn a living I fear one day it may cost me my life.  Please help me"

Kay initially responded to him, as she usually does to individual emails, and he explained more in his response to her:  More than anything I want to be a financial blessing rather than a burden to my aging parents and I hope to marry my girlfriend who has a wonderful 11 year old boy.  Elsewhere Ram has said that financial karma is among the easiest to change.  I very much hope this is true but so far that has not been my experience.  Work always seems to involve substantial anxiety, doubt, fear and turmoil.  I seem to have significant fear about serving in any capacity and my earnings have never yet been enough to meet even my most basic needs.  All this despite having high intelligence and excellent education through a master's degree.  Currently I have a sales position that is my first ever opportunity to earn a good living.  After two months I have yet to make a sale.  My parents are getting up in age and have always supported me, I am 45.  I need to change so that I will have somewhere to live for my lifetime.”

What is puzzling to me is this man has taken our Course for a long time.  He knows what to do, but for some reason he does not do it.  It’s like you can lead a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink.

One of the earliest sections of the Course is What You Think Is What You Get.  Thought is creative, and therefore our personal life cannot be different from what and how we think.  In our loved one’s letter, he expresses almost one negative comment after another.  I can understand this kind of thinking when one has never been exposed to the principles of Truth, but when one knows that what you think is what you get, and he only thinks of what is unpleasant and of what he doesn’t want, I feel a little sad.  All that is required to change everything is to apply the principle.

He has a Master’s degree, is 45 years old, and has depended on his aging parents to support him all his life.  Of course, the parents also did not understand the principles of Truth, or they would have never allowed him to reach this point of his life without having to take care of himself.  At some point, being a good parent is allowing our children to go through what they have to in order to learn how to take care of themselves and to live independently.

The dharma (righteous action) here is that as long as one is a student, he can accept support from his family to the degree that they are able to help, but after being a student one enters a phase of life known as ‘the householder’ dharma.  The dharma of a householder is to support oneself and if possible to support one’s elders and also his or her children for as long as they are students.  These dharmas are described and defined very clearly in the ancient Eastern scriptures.  They are not something I am just now making up.

It is true that financial karma is among the easiest to change.  Income is very amenable to consciousness of abundance.  If we think we do not have enough income to support ourselves, that generates a vibrational energy that repels abundance.  If we are conscious of abundance, however, and KNOW that we have and will receive everything that is needed, this opens up our capacity to generate financial growth.  Not only can we have what we need, but we can live in abundance, never even having to consider whether there is enough money or not.

Assuming abundance turns on the faucet of supply, which is potentially unlimited, unless we limit it in our own consciousness of what is realistically available.  Our questioner said, “Work always seems to involve substantial anxiety, doubt, fear and turmoil.  I seem to have significant fear about serving in any capacity and my earnings have never yet been enough to meet even my most basic needs.  Currently I have a sales position that is my first ever opportunity to earn a good living.  After two months I have yet to make a sale.”

The anxiety, doubt, fear, and turmoil have to be replaced by supreme confidence, and the KNOWLEDGE that you are cared for in every possible way.  There is some reason deep-seated in your consciousness that prevents you from making a single sale.  Do you have confidence is what you are selling?  Is it a good deal for your customers or clients?  If the answers are ‘yes,’ then you can approach potential buyers with the knowledge that you can offer them something very helpful to them.  Is your answer is ‘no’ to those two questions, then you are in the wrong business, or at least trying to sell the wrong products—if you have no faith in them yourself.

The primary thing is to develop, through consistent practice, a positive attitude and an uplifting approach to your life.  You have thought negatively long enough.  It is easy, because it is your usual way to go, but you have to give it up and come up with a much more positive approach to your life.  This includes seeing yourself in a much more positive way—which is seeing yourself as you actually want to be.  You can ‘be’, ‘do’, and ‘have’ whatever you want.  It is all a matter of what and how you think. 

For proof, try believing something, and see if you can experience anything other than what you believe.  You will invariably experience whatever you believe, and this can never be successfully disproven. 

Finally, someone wrote this question:  “I have recently started the 4th year of the course.  I have begun to observe what happens over time, which is something I never would have considered at the beginning.  I have always heard the term, ‘expanded awareness’, but I never really got what that meant until seeing how my own inner consciousness has been definitely expanded in the past couple of years.  My question is, what makes this possible?  What is behind it all?  It is obvious that it is beyond the written words of the lessons.”

This question, in many variations, comes up from time to time, and each time I look to see how this needs to be answered at this time.  There is actually no sensible answer to this question.  What happens during the process of participating in the Course is something that the mind cannot fully comprehend.  The conscious mind only gets bits and pieces of what is actually going on.

The Course does not find its origin in the typist.  I am happy to type, for then I am the first one to see the new lesson, but the power of the lessons all participants experience comes from a Source far beyond anything we ordinarily think about, or consider as real.  If we ordinarily live on the 3rd of 7 levels of Awareness, the Course comes from the 7th level, filtering through the 5th and 6th levels of Awareness simply so that our conscious mind can somewhat grasp it. 

From our perspective, the 7th level is a space of no-thought but pure Consciousness.  It is what we refer to as The Truth of the Present Moment, since the present moment is the only ‘time’ anything can exist, even a memory or a plan.  We are guided from that level intuitively to the degree that we are open to receiving knowledge that we don’t know how we know it.

To fully intuit the answer to this question is to allow for the fact that life is much larger, broader, and richer than we ordinarily experience it to be.  Our ordinary experience comes mostly from social conditioning, and not from intuitive promptings.  We have been presented with a world, and brainwashed to the degree that we assume our perception and experience of this world is ultimate reality. 

Ultimate Reality, however, is far beyond our comprehension of this world, or this ‘life.’  Sooner or later we must allow that there are entire ‘sections’ of the experiential universe that have never even occurred to us.  The world, and this life, are far larger than we have the power to comprehend. 

So many energies are at work, and we go through life exchanging energies as an aspect of leading up to the perfect balance and the perfect harmony.  It is a splendorous game, but it helps immensely to know that it is a game and what the ‘rules’ of the game are.  This is conveyed quite clearly through the lessons of the Course, and much more that we have room to even hint at here.

Thank you for joining me here.  I have enjoyed sharing this ‘time’ and ‘space’ with you.  I will see you in the lessons, in the blog, and even on Facebook, for those of you who choose to join us there.  This is especially helpful if you wish to be in contact with other participants of the Course—who are your inner, subtle family—a family of total acceptance, compassion, and unconditional love. We are available online, including right here in the ‘comments’ that follow.  To easily get to the comments, click on the title of the blog entry, and then you can scroll down through all the comments.

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