Friday, August 14, 2015

Looking Back Over the Present Moment, Looking Ahead to Now--A New Self-Interview

You might have noticed that coming to this website has a completely new address now, even if you go to the old address, you will end up here.  How convenient.  The new address is easier to remember and easier to share with others who might be interested.

If you are totally new here and want to know what we’re about and what we do, we offer a new and up-to-date perspective on ancient principles of Truth that wise beings have taught humanity down through antiquity.  There is always a source of pure Truth available in this world, and if we want it and are ready for it, there is no limit to what can be experienced and attained.

If you are truly new here, I strongly recommend that you also read the previous entry (July) which is a good companion piece with this one (August). The two together transmit a clear experience of what happens here, and what is possible in the Course of Training via email. 

Many people think there couldn’t possibly be something of value that actually isn’t available anywhere else, and probably for free (like this blog), yet participants of the Course over the years give feedback that there is nothing else like this Course anywhere.  The only way you can prove this is to try it for yourself—through your own experience.  Please don’t take anyone’s word for anything.  The Truth is experienced as the most refined aspect of life. 

It’s been observed that the most enjoyed and popular of the monthly ‘blog entries’ (and I say ‘monthly’ loosely, as our ‘schedule’ around here is whenever something gets done, then it’s on schedule) are the self-interviews.  And it’s more fun for me, too, for I never know what I might ask myself or how I might respond to anything.  It’s a manifestation of what I call ‘free-fall yoga’—you never know where or when you might land next.

Q:  So what have you been up to recently that might be of interest to our readers, both new and old?  And why are you doing another self-interview?

A:  I’ve been focused on the lessons of the Course, and relating to participants in the monthly blog comments here, where we can share interaction and respond to questions.  In fact, many things that are originally comments following the blog entry, or on one of the Facebook pages, eventually find themselves in some future lesson as just the right words to address and clarify something.  Between the lessons, the blog, and Facebook, a lot takes place. 

The way we relate and communicate online is the same as we used to share physically at particular times and places, a gathering meeting together for an uplifting evening or weekend.  This new, modern way is evolving into something that can accommodate an unlimited number of people at any time, and a time of their convenience.  Because the ongoing online dialogue is always happening somewhere, in some part of the world, and it’s never really ‘old’, no matter how far back we go, because it’s always relevant ‘now’.  This manifests either here, or on Facebook, or in the lessons—where the deepest and most transformative work of all takes place.

If you participate in the Course, you will find it of great value to go back and reread past lessons.  You will always see them in completely new ways, and new insights will arise with each new reading.

We are literally creating all the various aspects of the Course—the blog and the interaction in the comments; Facebook, where we maintain an ongoing dialogue of a high level in various forms as we go along—including sharing my favorite songs that moved me at some point in my life, and still do.  A lot of people surrender into the experience of hearing the song, and especially the feeling, in a new way, or in some cases, open to something altogether new.  Others pass on by, thinking they already know that song, who has time to listen again? 

This is like a yogi thinking, ‘I’ve already heard Hari Ram, Hari Krishna, and the great mantra, Om, why should I bother to hear them again, let’s go on to something new, something more advanced…’  Or a football player thinking, ‘I’ve already practiced, why should I practice again?’ 

I don’t know what’s going to happen in this blog entry, and I have no idea what will be written the next time I sit down to type a lesson.  It’s all a divine play leading towards lightheartedness and love and the experience of pure Oneness, yet it is also karma being shared; otherwise we would not even know of each other.  Everything that is happening is just what is happening, so I imagine that this leads to the understanding of how and why this ‘self-interview’ takes place.  At least, now you know what I know.

Q:  In the previous blog entry, and on Facebook, you mentioned that you recently turned 70.  How is that going for you?  Is there really any difference?  How are you different than you were at 15?

A:  Turning 70 gives a certain vantage point of one’s life, seeing it as a whole instead of being stuck in temporary situations and egotistical melodramas.  You start to get it that those things are so temporary and totally irrelevant.  You might feel that there was a lot of wasted time, but in truth time can’t be ‘wasted.’  It’s just one moment after another, no matter what appears to be happening.  We’re never wasting our time as long as we are attuned to the inner Awareness of our own Being. 

This Awareness was never born and will never grow old or die.  It is eternally changeless.  There is really no difference between Awareness and Being.  Understanding this single principle helps greatly to understand the true meaning of both terms.  Usually we use the term ‘Awareness of Being,’ which most simply and concisely alludes to our true and eternal Nature.

Apparently at 70 it is easier to tune into this state than before, because there is not a lot more going on.  The only people I relate to (outside my marriage and family) are online.  It’s like relating to subtle beings, for the physical body is not involved, except for reading and typing.  Actually, with the body out of the way, it is much easier to relate on the very highest (most expanded) levels of Being.

I’m enjoying being 70.  I no longer have ambition (other than enjoying a good ‘death’) whenever the time of transition happens.  I feel no pressure to do anything, for the first time in my life.  I write the lessons during the time I feel to write, and I relate online when I feel like interacting with others.  I have no real desire for anything, although I’m still attached to hearing from and occasionally spending time with my three children.  Thankfully they make the effort to come to see me when they can, which are always joyful occasions.

I can’t walk as far or stand as long as I once could.  Most of the usual ways we think of someone at 70 are true.  I forget things; I misplace things; I forget where I am sometimes. (Of course, I think I’ve always done that.)  In summation, I think that in some ways I am exactly as people ordinarily think of being 70, yet in many more ways it’s the best time ever.  I finally understand what I’ve been writing about all these years.  Wisdom has evolved over time, and I understand everything much more clearly than I ever did before, even though I imagined I understood such things quite well then. 

The difference between now and when I was 15 is that now I have experienced the world and have attained worldly wisdom, while at 15 everything was an unknown mystery yet to be discovered.  As far as writing, something in me started writing many years ago, and it just keeps on writing.  I don’t know what its schedule or plan is.  I simply notice that it continues writing.

Q:  So after 40 years of writing what you write, why do you, at this point in your life, continue?

A:  Well, like I said, my understanding is clearer now.  In case I gave someone the wrong idea 20 or 30 years ago, I can now set the record straight.  Some people think they simply have to reread the older lessons to get whatever they need, but the Spiritual Energy, (Shakti), is not the same before now as it is now.  There is just something about the present moment that intensifies everything, that makes transformation so much easier.  This is why our Course is about living in the Truth of the Present Moment—this is where the Presence of everything is stored.  The only time we can truly discover or understand anything is now.

Q:  How long do you think you will continue beyond this point?

A:  Continue what?  Being me?  I’m not identified with what continues.  In fact, I’m much more identified with That which never changes.  I feel like I’m always the same—regardless of what’s happening physically, mentally, and emotionally.  More now than ever I simply watch the play, on all its various levels, unfolding before me.

I am obviously of the age where anything can happen to the body.  People my age have heart attacks, strokes, cancers, aneurisms, or just never wake up some morning.  Thankfully I never have to worry about all that.  One way of leaving this world is the same as any other.  But returning to the question, I imagine I will continue to write as long as the writer has all his faculties to do what is required for whatever ‘it’ does.  It’s not up to me personally how long the writing will go on.  I’m as curious as you.

Q:  Do you have any fear of death?

A:  Oh, goodness no, I’m rather looking forward to it at this point, to be truthful.  Is the butterfly fearful of leaving the cocoon?  Who would prefer staying here with all the limitations and pain of this physical body?  I make the best of it, but it’s not exactly my idea of a good time.

I enjoy my life with my wife, Kay, who makes it possible for participants of the Course to get the right lessons at the right time, and we do our best to have fun and enjoy what’s left of life.  Basically we are like every other couple, except we know we have this shared mission to fulfill.

At this point in my life I am quite used to the fact that my parents have died, and there is no longer an emotional edge to the thought of it.  It’s just something that happened in my life.  My own children will eventually reach that point also. The whole past is nothing but karma, and it had to happen as it did, just as the rest of life has to happen as it does.  All we really have control of is how we will experience it, yet that’s the only control we need.
Q:  Are there people participating in the Course who you know will continue to receive the lessons as long as new lessons are available?

A:  Without any doubt.  There are many who have participated in the Course for over 30 years, and seemingly they continue to look forward to their next new lesson.  Some people seem destined to be in it for life, and many of them are surprised to eventually learn that this is the case.  Somehow I imagine the Course will go on long after I have left this particular form.  I have always maintained that the essence of the Course comes from subtle Beings on the subtle (or astral) plane, and there’s no reason for that to discontinue just because this particular body is no longer available.  This body was certainly not the first to serve as a vessel for communicating the principles of Truth, and it definitely won’t be the last.

Q:  So, what, are you channeling or something?

A:  J No, it’s nothing like that.  (The question made me smile.)  It’s not like there is one entity channeling through another entity to reach a third entity. There is a lot of duality and division with that kind of approach.  Everything springs from the simple most basic principle that all is One, there is only One Consciousness, only One Awareness that we all share in common.  It is all-pervasive and eternally changeless.  It is indivisible and indestructible.

I don’t usually say stuff like this in the ‘blog’, but the Course is primarily your own Self teaching or reminding you of what you as an individual needs awareness of now to take the next step in development.  There is always only One, yet there is no end, no boundary, no limit, for expansion.  Expansion is infinite—therefore we have the play going on around us with these interesting and strange characters who are seemingly ‘in our life.’  Our interaction with them enables expansion.

Each individual is on an adventure, whether they are consciously aware of it or not, that results in transformation and expansion.  The more consciously aware of it we become, and especially when we learn to actually appreciate it for what it is, the easier and smoother the transformation and expansion will happen.

You have been told enough for now.  Be open to give this two or three readings at least, for a single reading of anything written here or in the lessons gives only a shallow hint of what is actually being communicated and transmitted.  A person misses what is available if he or she imagines they understand the contents after a single reading.

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