Tuesday, May 17, 2016

An Overview of the Principles of Truth

Finally I am back to write something new here.  Those of you who keep up with my Facebook page know that I have been out of commission for a while, having experienced a heart attack on April 4th.  Apparently this body was in fairly bad condition for a while, as the things you always see on TV or in the movies with a hospital scene, the two things (I have no idea what they are officially called) are placed on your chest to send a shock to stimulate the heart into beating again, and the lungs into breathing.  I don't remember any of that, as I don't remember the hours leading up to the attack or anything about the few days that immediately followed.

(Somehow I am unable to get the space between paragraphs just right, as in writing there is only one space between them.  Please excuse the pitiful appearance and simply open up to what is available.)

I was in the hospital (first Intensive Care and then the Heart ward) for 16 days, and then in a physical rehabilitation center for 15 days before finally returning home.  (And oh how I was happy to get home--I am truly a Cancer homebody.)  I was heavily sedated for several days in the hospital, which led to some very intense and vivid dreams, which to me were mesmerizing experiences.  I have shared some of those experiences since then on Facebook, and others in the lessons of the Course.

My theory, for what it's worth, is that someone or something died during that time, as perhaps was foreseen, and that whatever is left is a lighter, purer version of what (or who) was here before.  That's been, let's say, simply my observation, subjective as it might be.  Whatever the truth, I am happy to still be here, to be embodied and active among you.  I enjoy a renewed enthusiasm and a great energy to share as much with you as possible during my extended time here.

After returning home, I began a renewed focus on the principles presented in the Course, in all lessons at and since the beginning.  From my own experience, and from what many have shared with me over the years, I have seen that the primary principles of Truth are not only helpful, but essential to enjoying life as fully as possible--which includes successful accomplishment, radiant health, loving and harmonious relationships, contentment, and the ultimate fulfillment.

Those five qualities pretty much sum it up for me.  With them, what else is needed or helpful?  The principles of Truth were not invented by me, but are ancient teachings that have been passed down for a very long time.  That in itself is something that is too large a subject to present at this time, although it comes to be understood in a most natural way by participants of the Course.

The two primary principles of Truth are that only the present moment is real, or exists now, and that what you think is what you get.  Of course, simply reading or hearing about these principles, or even agreeing with them, is not enough to activate in our life the capability to experience them on an ongoing basis.  To do this requires a continuous training for a period of time, and a great deal of repetition, for it is extremely challenging to present a new idea to the conscious mentality of a human individual unless it is reinforced over and over again.  It is even a matter of understanding the same ideas in new and more expanded ways.  Then, over and over again, we realize, 'Oh, that's what this means!'

This is why I chose, or it was chosen for me, to present the principles in an ongoing Course instead of a book, which can be finished and laid aside.  This way we actually have time for the growth process to take place, and for true transformation.

There are many other principles that we can apply in practical ways for a greater life.  For example, many people's lives, consciously or unconsciously, revolve around relationships in one form or another.  Relationships exist on many levels simultaneously, and it is good to have an awareness of the different forms of relationship.  In a sense, right now we are in relationship to time, depending on the time of our present existence, and to space, depending on where we find ourselves at the moment.  We are also in relationship to all the various beings who people our lives. 

There are many principles regarding participating in all these relationships in the highest possible way, which includes the communication or transmission of love and respect to all those around us.  It does not matter how others might be, or if we perceive that they 'deserve' our love and respect or not--everyone deserves love.  Love and respect are the primary qualities we have to share with others, and are all we should truly accept from others, regardless of how they treat us or the tone of their voice when they speak. 

Again, merely reading about this, it seems a very good and noble idea, but more is required in order to actually generate these qualities in our actual day-to-day life.  We must be trained how to do it right and to do it well, and we must practice with patience, yet persistence.  The average person doesn't have the developed degree of will, or will power, in order to actually practice the principles in practical ways in his or her own life, yet it takes a while to truly understand what that means.

Can we relate to others with love and respect?  It is HUGE to do so, yet it requires a conscious generation of love and respect to actually do this.  This can be learned over a short time, if we are truly open to learning and practicing it, or over a longer time, if we have a hard time accepting the Truth of it, or resistance to practice, or resistance to repetition ('I already know that; why are you repeating that again?')

Just because we know it doesn't mean that we can apply it, which is one of the hardest things for many to grasp.  We tend to think that because we know it, we can do it, but this is not true.  There is a great difference between 'knowing about' it and actually doing it, or actually applying it in practical ways.  Philosophically understanding something does not mean that we can actually put that knowledge to good use in our own life, for the betterment of ourselves as well as those with whom we are in contact.

To powerfully apply the principles requires a more refined energy than we ordinarily live with.  This energy can easily be generated, once we learn how.  You see, it is not enough to merely say, 'Generate more energy.'  This cannot be done by someone who has never learned how to do that.  The Course of Training via email is designed to increase the energy-level that we live on, which is much more satisfying than what we ordinarily experience.

We have the opportunity to learn many things that in ordinary life are never considered.  For example, have we learned to go beyond reactions and to only consciously respond to anything that comes up?  As long as we easily react to various things that happen, or to what others say, we put ourselves at a great disadvantage.  Our reactions, for the most part, are conditioned in us from an early age, and are not natural ways of responding to whatever stimuli requires it.

Do we know to never blame another for our experience or our feeling?  It is essential for a balanced life to take responsibility for whatever we experience or feel.  In fact, we reach a point where we even take responsibility for what we see--depending on our own degree of development.  We habitually blame our reactions and anger on another or others, not realizing that we ourselves habitually (and unconsciously) generate them, as well as other negative emotions.

Are we aware of the great power of never explaining ourselves?  This is so simple, yet it is important to understand.  For example, regarding most people, if you suggest to them a better, more effective way of doing something, they react by explaining why they are doing it the way they did.  For some reason people always want to explain themselves, as though rationalizing their lives at every turn.  It is fine to explain something if someone asks us to, but to offer an unsolicited explanation is usually pretty boring for anyone.

Don't you get bored hearing others explain themselves?  Who cares?  All we can do is be patient and say, 'Thank you for the explanation,' and hope they are willing to go on with something more alive.

Yes, that's it: an upgraded quality of life is what we are looking for, and this is accomplished by adding more liveliness to life.  Again, it is a matter of generation.  People do not realize that, in order for a quality to actually be alive, it must be generated.  We tend to wish for love, while the only way to actually experience love is to generate love.

All of this happens quite naturally through participation in the Course, and through staying attuned to our current lesson, once we start receiving them.  From that point it is like taking one step after another in a most natural way.

Those who participate in the Course--and we get new participants every month--already know these principles, or are in the process of learning and applying them, yet I simply felt like presenting them to those who might not be participating in the Course, just to share the great value of them, as well as to serve as an overview and a review, for Course participants, of some of the basic principles explored in the lessons.

At this point I will present some question and answer interactions from the comments following the previous (March) article, or post. 

Actually, I will share the answers, as the essence of any question is contained in the answer.  If you wish to specifically see the question, refer to the comments from last time:

There is a unique Self that operates in us as Awareness/Attention. It plays a game of imagining Itself to be all these various individuals, for Its own amusement and delight. The Reality of it never changes, although the forms it appears in are constantly changing.

For example, there is the same amount of water in the world today as there was in the beginning. It only changes forms--is evaporated out of the ocean, then deposited by rain into a stream which runs into a river that eventually returns it to the ocean, where it began. The cycle continues endlessly.

It is the same way regarding the Self, or pure Consciousness, or the Awareness of Being. It is eternally changeless, perfect, and pure; yet it manifests as a multitude of forms that are continuously changing, as Its own Play.

You asked, 'To experience the benefits of the Course fully, is it necessary to practice the principles of creative thought?'

Only if you have previously created or attracted conditions of lack, loss, illness, negative emotions, a general unhappiness--all of which are the result of negative or limited thinking. The primary reason the Course includes the process of Creation, to create or attract more desirable conditions and experiences, is because we already use that power anyway, only we unknowingly use it negatively, to make us feel even worse and to make life seem even harder than it needs to be.

This is why I say, if the conditions of your life as it is are painful or unsatisfying, you can create more pleasant conditions simply through training your creative mind to think only what you choose--which will be what is best for yourself and for everyone around you as well.

The best meditation I experience is reading my current lesson. If you read through your whole current lesson, you will have experienced a great meditation.

Other than that, you can sit in a comfortable position, spine straight to allow the passage of energy, and focus on your body being filled with light--or even envision a body of light that animates and carries around this temporary physical body.  Focus on light until it fills the room, or space that you occupy, with light.

Regarding your depression, it is very important to actually APPLY the principles of the lessons, and not merely agree with them. That is, think only what makes you feel good, and refuse to even consider anything that makes you feel bad. It is such a simple solution to all problems, but only a handful actually do this on a consistent basis. It does require will power until it is passed on to the subconscious mind, and then it will happen automatically, without having to think about it.

You said, 'Applying 'what I think is what I get' is difficult for me.' I respectfully disagree. You get right now what you think or have been thinking over time. The principle is infallible. So you are getting what you think, but if you are not happy with it, then you need to change your habitual thoughts and think only what makes you happy. Refuse to even consider anything that makes you unhappy, or that feels bad.

As far as what direction you should go in your life, you are already going. The mind can't figure out which direction to go. Your self-created karma (the conditions and experiences of our personal life) will happen no matter what you think. Then the only thing we can do is to remain in harmony with our karma. If you are not in harmony with something, then look within and discover within yourself what you need to change in order to be in harmony with it.  Do not worry about changing the outside.  Our life has its own direction, and we are already on the path. All we need to do is to maintain a harmonious state regarding anything that comes up.

This very moment our past is passing, our karma (the results of all our predominant thoughts leading up to Now) is happening exactly as we 'saw' it in our thoughts and beliefs.  What we inwardly see now includes the seeds that have been planted inside us some time in our life. Now you have the power to project your own state, your own feelings and beliefs, upgrading the 'reality' perceived from birth, as you have been subtly and not so subtly brainwashed since then.

In time the principles of Truth will become your link to what we are all tuning more and more into--the Supreme Principle--because of its solidity, and because nothing can change or alter it in any way, and you have no doubt about it whatsoever.

For information about the Course of Training via email, Living in the Truth of the Present Moment, please write:



FB said...

Just read this new blog entry – the enthusiasm and vitality, the emphasis conveyed of the importance of applying and living these principles of truth, the generosity, compassion, devotion and love for the Truth, for us, for humanity, our best, our peace and happiness is contagious, fortunately!
Gratefully, Menaki

Bill Berry said...

Happy to have you back writing! I love your consistent reminder about the difference between intellectual understanding (easy but kind of empty) and the actual practice and doing in the real world (difficult but rewarding). I often forget and the email Course lessons are a great continuous reminder to "work out". The issues of blame and relationships are VERY relevant to a current rift I have with a friend: I am feeling the "issues" (and blame) behind our rift fade away, esp. after reading this blog post. Having distance/boundaries can be good, but the "blame" feeling adds NOTHING, in fact it's quite damaging and distracting. Thanks!

James Donohue said...

Very great game applying all this. May the best way be clear for all. Such a great boon this transmission of grace. Gracie.

Sylvia Lincoln said...

What a blessing it is to have you back, Ram, and writing again. I understand that you are "the typist," and that what you write is probably influenced by your many previous teachers. Regardless and whatever, even after all these years of taking the course, I still benefit from these words of total wisdom and guidance. I still benefit and love your part in my life. It is truly significant, perhaps more than you know. Welcome back, Dear One. Great love to you and Kay. Be well. Sylvia

vickie said...

Very glad you are still here for a bit longer D.R and appreciate this "lighter freer" you! The fundamental energy of the conclusion..."no doubt about it whatsoever"...stikes like a bell for me. The merry go round goes round and round, and as I get older, I am only more grateful for that which has remained steady and reliable and undeniably true through the years. My mind STILL chases the painted ponies going up and down...which is why I love the Course and all that pulls me back to the essence of it all, grounds me and provides a useful focus. We can't be reminded too many times....and I will also never stop giving thanks for every single one! So again, glad you are back--and enjoy your incarnation, take two (or is it more like three or four at this point? :-)) many thanks and blessings always,

Naganath said...

Truly exciting. Thank you. This invigorates my sense of being to actually KNOW my thoughts are my reality through my actual experience. Some much more opening is happening these moments than ever before. Great to have you back even though it is not really you but some One else.
Love, Naganath.

D. R. Butler said...

I appreciate the comments from you folks. I enjoy hearing from those who benefit from the writings. Sylvia Lincoln said, 'I still benefit and love your part in my life. It is truly significant, perhaps more than you know.'

Actually, Sylvia, it is not really 'more than I know,' because I remember how enormously grateful I was to my own Teachers for showing light on the way. I have always been primarily a student, and my Teachers encouraged me to share it with others. So I am aware of the great satisfaction of being taught something that makes a difference, and I am greatly appreciative that I came in contact with my own Teachers, and also that you are there for me to share it all with.

Truly, grace has saved us all.

K J Shapiro said...

D.R. I love and agree with your comment to Sylvia above "Grace has saved us all". I feel such grace in the course that you transmit to us and for us.

I began the course in early 2010 and absolutely can only marvel at how reading it consistently, persistently, faithfully, all the way through, over time has transformed and upgraded my experience of every day life and my access to a lighter freer state within.

The course helps us live our day to day life in much lighter, harmonious, beneficial ways. I see it in every lesson.

This spring, my dear friend's father went into hospice and had an extended stay there-- she and her family were there around the clock supporting him-- and through the grace of the course, I saw myself have a new strength and clarity in being able to support her and help her in what was a very difficult situation.

Then, a few weeks ago my husband quite suddenly got a job offer for the Boston area where our family all is. We have been living in NC for 21 years and I have built up some strong attachments to the area, it is a lovely life here, and yet once we accepted the offer, I have found the principles of the course helping me to flow in harmony with what is a fairly big outer change to my life.

I have moved years ago and been nothing but overwhelmed. Now the amount of details we have to deal with are staggering including a son starting high school, yet I feel an inner acceptance and support that is helping me get through step by step. Things seem to be happening and falling into place of their own accord, and in a way I am just watching it unfold even as I take care of the practical details.

I am so grateful for the grace that is in this course and your continued service to us D.R.

Love KJ

Jane said...

After reading the new blog entry, I had the experience you described therein: " 'Oh, that's what this means!' " I feel like you and Kay, by sharing your respective experiences of your recent illness, have transported all of us to a different level of understanding. Shortly before you went into the hospital, you posted something on Facebook that made me think you might be getting ready to leave your body so when Kay first reported what happened to you, I was concerned. Even though I knew that everything was alright regardless of whether you stayed or left your 'earth suit', I am so happy you are still here communicating on the physical plane!!

Michael Vetrano said...

Nice to have you back, Ram. I'm beginning to appreciate the value of repetition of the principles presented in the Course. The one I've been working with lately is meeting my attachments to negative thinking - false statements like "I'm a loser," or "I have so much to do" - with understanding, compassion, forgiveness, and a gentle spirit of inquiry, instead of resentment, shame, self-hatred, and hostility.
Whenever an attachment is exposed, I note the stressful, "not myself" feeling, and accept it as a wake-up call from my true Self ("got it!") to come back to my real blissful state, as well as an invitation to investigate through the process of self-inquiry - usually writing - what limiting words the ego might be holding that are the cause of stress and unease.

I love it that the lessons stress from the beginning the importance of acknowledging any form of stress or disharmony as a "wake-up call," an opportunity to meet with gratitude and even eagerness, those elements of life I used to dread. My deepest thanks to you and Kay for keeping the fire going! Love, Michael

Colette DeVore said...

It is truly amazing for me how much calmer I have become since starting this iteration of the course. I still have my tendency to get lost in thought and I catch myself more quickly than before. I find myself pealing out with laughter each time I catch myself., Life is truly much more fun this way. The truly interesting part is this support seems to be arising from within as I read my lesson and practice the principles. My awareness seem to be reaching out to the part that is just little and giving it a loving lift. How sweet the grace of the course. Much Gratitude to the TYPIST and our dear KAY-

Charlie Richardson said...

I, too, feel tremendously fortunate to have had the opportunity to share the Course you offer for so many years of my life. If I were to describe my experience, it would sound like a broken record of what so many others share here, in comments. I love that after almost 25 years of being on this journey of Insight and Inspiration, whatever "It" is, I feel the abundant richness of the practice I have made, which is now like a familiar "Gravity" that holds me closer to Truth. I still let my mind stray and get distracted, but when I relax into the Gravity I sink softly back Home. I'm so glad you are back to your home with Kay, and are comfortable and excited about what is coming next!

Tom Mac said...

"Truly Grace has saved us all"
The beautiful truth.
And I am also so grateful for such loving company as we walk each other home.

Kay Butler said...

Cherie, who is new to the Course, wrote: Yesterday I wrote to let you know that I haven't received lesson 2 which was due around \May 15. Since then I have had an AHA! moment. I asked myself what conditions I created in order to not receive lesson 2 at the appointed time. Overnight I dreamed about my deceased Grandmother waking from a dream whilst I was cleaning up a load of water which was all around her bed and which kept seeping out. She sat up and said, " I'm turning around the whole blaming thing". One of my cats then woke me so I wouldn't forget this.

The big 'thing' I'm dealing with currently is certainty of failure and blaming myself for that. My meditation and self-enquiry regarding the dream this morning shows me that failure in certain areas of my life has been inherited through the female line to such an extent that it has become an "auto-response", yet I hadn't realised this and spend hours agonising over how I could have 'done' things differently. Well now I see my error. I can now put into practice the message in Lesson 1. Turn around the ingrained auto-response of certainty of failure so that it becomes certainty of success. Be gentle with myself as I do this. I have many tools at my disposal to assist the process.

So, the AHA! moment was that until I put into practice Lesson 1... what's the point of receiving Lesson 2?
I had already put into practice sitting quietly and bringing myself into the Truth of the Present moment, so I thought I was understanding the principles of the Course. However the other part is to change negative talk into positive and I was stuck there. It's all very well knowing something but only by practicing it can I bring about the changes I desire. I have reached a much deeper understanding of something for which I am truly grateful.

Thank you Kay and thank Ram for entering my life from across (apparently) thousands of miles and radiating such loving awareness in my life. I am so blessed. So much love, Cherie.

We just love hearing from new participants who write to share how their lessons are beginning to change the old perspectives on life. Thanks Cherie.

Ez Web Content Marketing Agency said...

DR, thanks for your time and energy to write this post. For me, the part I most enjoy is learning more about the energy of life. Participating in your work has allowed this to unfold for me in many ways - mostly unexpectedly. I really was happy to see this in your post, "To powerfully apply the principles requires a more refined energy than we ordinarily live with. This energy can easily be generated, once we learn how. " But, I know you are not a "how" guy so beyond expecting some formula or prescription from you, you are really supporting me in learning to live fully. Well, I am happy to be here reading your new post. And, happy you are here writing it. Thanks for sharing your journey with me. Steu

John Mollica said...

Hi Ram,

It is really great to have you 'still here'....Many of us have known you for a long time and we have benefited so much from your wisdom, your devotion to the path, and your great sense of ease and compassion and humor.

Hopefully you will be on this plane for more than a little while.

The current incarnation of the Course has been essential in helping me put 'things' in perspective.....It's really my path at this time, with the great foundation of everything that occurred before. Some of us can't help what will happen next if you do leave.....assuming you check out before we do....Guess we'll find out... Hope all is well for you and Kay ( Go Orange!)

FB said...

Just finished reading (experiencing) my current lesson and want to tell you how grateful I am! How fortunate we all are that you, D. R. Butler, Ram, give us the principles of Truth. Explain them, tirelessly! Compassionately, patiently, writing, listening, encouraging, repeating...and Kay too! Thank you. I find that, 4 yrs 3 mo. into this course, I love life, love my life, being alive...the joy I experience flows into others in my life, family to a 'stranger'. There is love either way...how joyful, how sacred and enlivening!
Oh yeah, almost forgot: in meditation recently, all I had info I had read on a medical condition gently and silently flowed out of me,, became blown apart fragments of paper (with that info printed on it), floated around me and just dissipated. I understood this was conditioning that had imprisoned me, leaving me.
The medical condition is still doing its thing in my body, but my inner be4ing feels healed and free. I understand that I can apply this to any unwanted issue! Patiently, yet with firm conviction! Plus enjoy it all. Even difficulties hold great fortune this way!
Thank you Ram and Kay! Thank you!

J in the UKa said...

I just want to say how much I appreciate the Course and this blog. Every time I read it it seems new. I love the repetition.

My current lesson talks of having an inner knowing, without knowing how we know. I was new to spiritual work when I started the Course over four years ago, but "knew" from the first lesson that this was something I would do for as long as it was possible. I read my lesson every day and do my best to apply the teachings. However, I sometimes think that I'm not doing as well as I should be by now, when for example my lesson says "I know you would not still be here if you were unable to meet in the space of the heart". I don't know whether I am doing that. As I cannot tell, I worry that I'm not. It also says Love is palpable in the lessons and " is easily experienced by one who has given attention to all the lessons leading up to this one". Again, am I feeling "Love"? I feel I am failing. Writing this, I'm now remembering how I love reading the lessons, so maybe that feeling is part of it. Am I just over thinking something which cannot be understood by the mind? And making myself feel bad (to delight my samskara of inadequacy!).

With love and gratitude

J in the UK

rico said...

It's the nature of the mind to doubt. When you put your attention on thoughts of lack and doubt then that's what you experience. When doubt comes knocking at your door don't invite it in for tea. If you entertain thoughts of love then love will be what you will experience. Since Love is your true nature when you remove what obscures it Love will shine forth.

Tom Mac said...

Hi Ram and Kay! My most recent Lesson speaks powerfully about the 2 basic principles (and very clearly and simply, which I deeply appreciate): (1) "the only reality is the Truth of the present moment" and (2) "what you think is what you get."

I realized this morning how all the various Teachings come together in this same way and message. This also includes: (1) My Guru's words: "MOVE with steadfastness toward becoming anchored in Supreme Joy"; (2) The Pratyabhijnahrdayam, particularly Sutra 2: "Of its own free will Consciousness unfolds the universe on its own screen"; and (3) Ram's 2 answers to me from the WYTIWYG workshop, which align perfectly with the 2 principles: "Snap!" and "Whatever you want Tom...It's up to you."
... very sweet ...
As always, Tom Mac

Kay Butler said...

Hello all...My heart has been opened by the courage and fortitude of first one participant and then another. I'm moved to share this conversation that has been ongoing recently between us and Stephe Bee in England. It will show up as the next three comments:

Dear Kay and Ram, I hope life is bringing u much health and love through what has been such a difficult time. I'm writing to request that I have a month off from the course, due to a recent head-on car collision. Miraculously I survived with five Pelvic and femur fractures on both sides. Consequently I will be in a sort of space-type suspension, like Bowie moving through the asteroid belt, for the next six weeks. I cannot concentrate for long which I think may be a bit linked to huge doses of codeine. I intend to pick up where I left off next month as have forgotten everything in the may lessons. I was blessed to have no head spinal facial heart or lung injuries. Thank you all and sending warmest wishes, Stephe

Oh Stephe...so sorry to hear of your accident. Ram (D.R.) and I send you love and blessings for your recovery. You sound amazingly cheerful. Do you have anyone who could read to you while you're "suspended"? It might be a good pastime. We'll hold July lessons until August. If you need a longer hold time, just let us know. Take care of the body and know that you are loved.

Kay Butler said...

Dear Kay and Ram, thank you for your kindness. Tonight I have been able to sink into lesson 29 and found the sweet irony of Rams words about stillness and silence deepening the will, and being open and receptive to being transformed in ways totally unexpected and actually helpful, and not about things ego may expect or desire. This sums up where I am at right now, and my own resistance to applying my will right now facing so many truths that are uncomfortable (and yet so very me and part of who I thought I was attached to being). I think I needed more time to really embody myself again as an adult and perhaps five fractures are my portal. I can't express how happy I am to have you all as my sprit or soul home base, and fully visualise myself as building anew right now. Much love Stephe

Hi again Stephe...as I read your message I feel such gratitude that when we're going through one of those crazy-hard times in life (we just had the hospital thing, so I can relate), every one of us who loves the lessons has a way to frame it so that we see the "process" of life in the highest way, making the trip through it infinitely easier and more fun.

There isn't another way that I've ever found in this world to have an immediately available friend/therapist/Teacher on duty 24 hrs every day of my life to counsel and comfort and remind me of what I'd better think next in order to enjoy the moment regardless of what's going on externally (or if not actually to enjoy, to have the broader perspective to at least find it interesting that I'm experiencing such a thing at this particular time of my life).

It's fascinating, and nothing short of a miracle in my own life, that for those of us who love the lessons enough to actually refer to them regularly, the Principles in our current lesson do become a part of our current mindset.

Even Ram is not able to explain how that continues to happen after all these decades with the lessons, except to acknowledge the Amazing Grace behind it.

If you're not "too busy" over the next days, please keep me posted. Love hearing your perspective. I completely support your vision of yourself and see you walking upright with great strength through that "portal" as your life is "building anew." Ram and I have each held similar visions for ourselves as we found ourselves moving through the recent events that created the absolutely new life we're living today. No one could ever have predicted such a rebirth just 9 weeks ago...I'm still moved to a sense of awe every day, and gratitude for the way that "just about the worst that could ever happen" is often really "the best." With love from Ram and me

D. R. Butler said...

And this response that just came in:

Dear Kay and Ram, I lay here, my body is or appears to be here, but I know I am also everywhere and nowhere and all these experiences are shared and ripple through our community. Tears are released and vibrate through my fractures realigning me with my family. A deeply cellular disruption. I feel it in your message a gift of suffering acceptance compassion for all of us who face the portal. You have full permission to share our conversation and give my name. Thank you deeply and blessings to you in USA and all around the world. This medical predicament is more than it seems and it's a relief that there is much life experience in the source to guide me. Love and hugs,Stephe

Kay Butler said...

Kind of makes one's own circumstances pale in comparison doesn't it? Love to all who read this, Kay

Mayuri said...

Dear Kay and Ram, When I first heard of Ram's heart attack I started to sob. Just the thought of my beloved teacher's possible transitioning into nonphysical was too much for me to bare, and the tears poured down. How deep my love flows for you dear Ram and Kay. All that you have selflessly given, that have been the bedrock of my sadhana. The course, my best friend and companion that lifted me above what ever melodramas were unfolding in the karmic play of my life, and reminded me to BE LIGHT. After crying rather uncontrollably for awhile I pulled myself together and pictured all being well - even better than could possibly be imagined, and sent healing prayers and Reiki each day and night. Focusing on positive outcomes became a fundamental touchstone, when ever I would start to worry, I'd catch myself and know that my teacher deserved for his students to be on our toes and using our wills to manifest the best possible outcome.

I am so deeply grateful that you are still here with us in the physical Ram. Kay, I am so grateful that you two have made it through this epoch part of the journey and now feel even lighter, and newer.

This blog entry struck me with the force similar of being together at a retreat. The Energy, so powerful. I felt new aha moments even after so many years of taking the course, it just get's better and better and better. My most recent lesson stopped my mind. Thank God. What a blessing when that happens.

There's a silence now within me that refreshes and renews my spirit. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Be well.

I love you two with all my heart.