Friday, September 16, 2016

More Than One Exists in Appearance Only

Even after all these years of posting here, my wife Kay reads each new post to see if 'new people' were receiving a clear introduction to our Course.  I don't honestly know how many 'new people' (I always get the image of people only now being made) come here.  If you are a 'new person,' which I guess means to be reading these writings for the first time, please stop by in the comments following this to say hi, maybe share your impression of the ideas presented.  Everyone is invited to share any questions that might come up for you, as making the effort to verbalize a question opens up channels to receive new insights.  To get to the comments, simply click on the title of this entry, and a page will come up where you can easily scroll down to the comments.

To encourage Kay's happiness and contentment, we will have a brief introduction to the Course.  It is based around the theme of Living in the Truth of the Present Moment, which is our title here.  This Truth is what actually IS, right here and now, and not memories of the past, projections of the future, or just plain mental cogitations, figuring things out, going over and over things in the mind.

What actually exists in the present moment is different from appearances, or of our thoughts about what is.  We easily live in an imaginary world, and our Course focuses on the process of waking up.  This 'waking up' is coming to the awareness of what is here now, and all that is truly here now is Consciousness, or the Awareness of Being, sometimes referred to as the Self, and by many other terms.  This Awareness of Being cannot be understood intellectually.  Awareness is much more expanded in nature than is the mind, so we cannot comprehend Awareness with the mind.  It must be actually experienced.

Of course, this process cannot all be explored or understood through one short reading.  Understanding, or wisdom, does not exist in words alone.  This is why I prefer to present higher Knowledge through an ongoing Course, so that one lesson can naturally lead to the next, so that a strong foundation can be built.  Of course, it was considered to simply write a book, but a book can be read and put down and forgotten.  Through the process of the Course, there are constant reminders, and regardless of what is going on outwardly in our personal life, we are always reminded of the higher Truth simply through our participation in the Course.

Participation in the Course is simple.  We begin a new lesson, through email, every two weeks, and for those two weeks we simply focus on the principles presented in that lesson, and practice applying them in real daily life.  Intellectual knowledge is of some value, but in itself it is not enough.  We must be taken through a process of going from one level of experiencing and perceiving life to a more expanded level of experiencing and perceiving life.  This expansion cannot be adequately described in advance; it must become our actual experience.

One way the principles are presented are through interaction in the form of responses to questions.  This is offered here freely for anyone to read and make use of.  The questions usually come in the comments, and you are invited to participate.  An honest and open question and response is meaningful to everyone who reads it, and we each make use of the interaction in our own way.  So now I will present some questions with their responses.

Q:  "You have been writing lessons since 1975, which was a few years ago.  I am wondering how your approach and presentation has changed over the years.  How do you see what you are doing differently than, say, how you understood it twenty years ago?"

I am happy that you only consider the passed time to be only 'a few years ago.'  To me it seems like a lifetime.  It is true, I was quite different when I first started writing the lessons of the original Course in 1975.  From my current perspective, I can honestly say that I had no idea what I was talking about in those days.  I am amazed that anyone wanted to take those lessons, and even more amazed when I recall their feedback.  One person wrote, on the original Lesson12--six months into the Course-- "Why is it that when I read the lessons, I experience inexplicable jolts of euphoria?  The experience seems to have nothing to do with the particular words being read.  It is a kind of energy that the words evoke from deep within."

I gradually realized that something viewed as valuable was happening to people attracted to these teachings, which come from way back and are simply being expressed in a modern way, and that they were being made available to those who were ready to open up to whatever they receive through the Course.  More and more I began to trust it that it just happened, not because of me, but in spite of me.  Also, more and more I began to write from my own experience, rather than relying only on what I had been taught by my own great Teachers.  A true Teacher encourages the student to not merely accept anything on faith, or on blind belief, but prove the teachings true for himself.  Don't allow it to be merely theoretical; for a principle of Truth to be helpful, it must be actually applied for results in one's own daily life.

Here is one major change between then and now.  For many years, unable to define myself any more distinctly, I somewhat thought of myself as a 'spiritual teacher.'  I suppose, through my work, I did function as a 'spiritual teacher' for many who needed that at the time.  Today, however, thinking of myself as some kind of 'spiritual teacher' feels very pretentious, as though who could possibly imagine himself in that way?  Who would he think he is, anyway?

I've had to understand that the teachings and spiritual energy (Shakti) I have received from my own Teachers are communicated and transmitted through these writings, and to accept that it can be trusted to be received and applied in all the right ways for the benefit of humanity.  My own Teachers indicated that I should pass the teachings and the energy on to those who would come later.  Maybe I am simply trying to say that it is just happening, and I am just as stunned and surprised by what is written as anyone else.  Since this is what is happening, I am very happy that you are here sharing it with me.  It gives us something very valuable to share together.

Q:  "How can I best respond to a person that is describing a problem, disliking, or is seeing something as wrong, without sounding like I am correcting their view, or that I am giving advice?"

When someone describes a problem to me, or tells me about their dislikes, or expresses whatever they think is going wrong, I listen, and sometimes I may appear that I understand their view, I often make a lighthearted remark, demonstrating seeing the humor in things.  I would NEVER attempt to point out that I disagree, for it feels weird to me to convince someone that they are wrong about something.  Of course, if they really need to know they are wrong about something, that can happen too.  I am happy to share my perspective if I am asked for it, but it helps no one to impose it on them before it is requested, as before that they are not ready for it.

Mostly, we have to be compassionate enough to allow others to have their own perspective of things.   It is only when someone opens enough to try participating in a regular practice, like our Course of Training via email, that they are initiating a willingness to explore a more expanded perspective than what they are used to. This willingness to grow and to develop is what opens a person up to a new way of seeing and experiencing things. Before this happens, it is more harmonious to simply be compassionate enough to allow the other person their own point of view.

Q:  "Karma is the law of cause and effect, so I think that we are accountable, yet, I am told that God is the author and the player and the stage of this drama or dance?  I do not totally understand how this fits together.  Please, explain this to me."

Your questions exist primarily because you are confusing different levels of Being.  On the level of individuals, we each create our own perception and experience through what and how we think.  As we say in the Course, what we think is what we get.  Due to the law of cause and effect, which is more profound than what people often grasp, we experience, as karma, the effects of our own thoughts, words, and actions.  So we are always accountable and invariably experience the consequences that we ourselves have created.

On a more Cosmic level, however, all individuals are manifestations of a single Consciousness that is eternal and all-pervasive.   This Consciousness is the Source of all our thoughts, words, and actions.  In this way, God does all things.  Another way of understanding this is that all things, including all aspects of the karmic movie of the individual, are included in the play of Consciousness.

Q:  "Why do we come back repeatedly to work through our wounds only to get to the understanding that our perspectives and personalities aren't even real?  Am I really missing the whole point of all your wisdom?  Should I put my head in a bucket of water now?  What's really the end game here?"

You are not missing the point, but you have brought a bunch of things together that do not naturally go together.   Ultimately, of course, everything is connected to everything else, but there are different realms and levels of Being and even various levels of understanding.  This year we understand the things we know a whole lot more than we used to, even though we 'knew' it then.  As we explore in the lessons, wisdom evolves, and understanding expands as we go along.

You are the actor, the soul is the producer/director, but what you have left out is that you are also the writer. You decide how the play will go, and you decide how to respond to challenges and obstacles. Mostly, you simply learn how to flow with change and remain in harmony at all times.

We don't come back to work on our 'wounds.' We come back to experience the karma that we ourselves have created. In this way everything is eventually balanced and harmonized. You don't have to be concerned with what isn't real. If it isn't real, it isn't worth thinking about.

Q:  "In your blog you said 'I know that anyone who participates in the Course is taken care of for the rest of his or her life.' What a beautiful and comforting statement. Could you elaborate more on this?"

The Course contains everything one could possibly need to know to lead a powerful and successful life, impacting others in a positive and inspiring way. The lessons contain 'The Secret of the Ages,' and the truths that all the great Masters and Saints have taught over the centuries. Once a person begins the Course, he or she is immediately given the most powerful Knowledge a person could need to make it in this world. What's more, he or she receives the blessings and Shakti (spiritual Energy) from several different lineages and traditions.

This year marks 51 years since I first came in contact with the Truth of Being, and began studying with what would be many great Teachers of Truth, as well as studying and practicing various forms of yoga and meditation, as well as the teachings of applying Creative Energy for practical results in one's own life. Everything of value that I have gained in all those years are packed into the Course and made useful for anyone who will apply it in their own life.

So, yes, I feel that once someone begins the Course, he or she is in good hands from that point on, and there is no longer any reason to be concerned about them.

Q: "In a recent Lesson you write
'See what is'
SEEMS like a simple enough statement.
Is detaching and identifying being the witness the same as 'seeing what is'?

Or are you perhaps referring to a different perspective/state/realm?"

To see what is, as you say, is simple enough. It is simply seeing what actually is, instead of what we 'think' is, or what 'appears' to be. We usually tend to see appearances only, or we see what we think. It can be challenging to see what actually IS. 

Q:  "Thank you for your quick reply.
'To see what IS'
Beyond appearances and thoughts.
Quite a contemplation! My mind says "but there are so many levels beyond appearance!"

There is only one level beyond appearance.
More than one exists in appearance only.

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joanelyia said...

As I read this entry, I am listening to Bob Dylan's Simple Twist of Fate. Life is amazing and I am grateful for the wisdom you share. The longer I participate in the course the easier it is for me to be aware of being present in the present moment. It's become a delightful recognition of what my heart knows is truth. The last two sentences of this entry, "There is only one level beyond appearance. More than one exists in appearance only." both thrilled me and puzzled me. Thrilled me because I "felt" the truth in it, puzzled me because I found myself thinking about it instead of feeling it. So much to be grateful for! So much to accept! Thank you!

Springshine said...

I am new to your blog, so I very much appreciate that you consider those of us who are not familiar with your teachings. Thank you for taking the time to read, answer and to be engaged with the knowledge and wisdom that you share. I do have a question. Is the concept of God necessary? "More than one in appearance," makes sense. I have felt it. But must I imagine God? It seems conceptual and outside of my experience. I experience myself in relation to others, thoughts, emotions and sensations. I understand the idea that individuals are not separate, but rather a manifestation of God, but must there be an ultimate single Consciousness? Trying to conceptualize God separates me from the experience and feelings of connection. Thank you so much for creating clarity with all of this.

Leigh Ellis said...

Thank you for another wonderful blog. Towards the end, you. Talk about hottie course gives the reader all the information needed to lead a powerful and successful life. Could you expand on what you mean by a life that is powerful and successful? Thank you!

Christine S. Boyd said...

You said, “When someone describes a problem to me, or tells me about their dislikes, or expresses whatever they think is going wrong, I listen, and sometimes I may appear that I understand their view, I often make a lighthearted remark, demonstrating seeing the humor in things. I would NEVER attempt to point out that I disagree, for it feels weird to me to convince someone that they are wrong about something.” This is different from the norm. I find people, myself included, are so quick to react that we usually interrupt the person to share our answer to their "problem". Yet it rarely comforts or assists. In fact, the other often takes offense or just tunes out or walks away. My Q is: How did you develop that listening skill, it is obviously sincere and greatly beneficial to the other, as well as keeping harmony between the two of you and within yourself?

D. R. Butler said...

Springshine, I am happy to hear that you are new to the blog. My heart soars when new people come here. Then I know the teachings of Truth are reaching out even further into the hearts of people everywhere.

It is fine if you do not care to think of God. What is God, anyway? A definition or description is not helpful, but only more mental clutter. You can consider pure Consciousness, or the Awareness of Being, or the Self, or Brahman, or Shiva, or Allah, or Jehovah, the infinite Omnipresence, or any other term, or no terms at all. The Truth is not contained in words.

Applying the principles of Truth in our daily life in practical ways does not require any particular beliefs. We do not accept that by believing a particular dogma you will automatically earn your way to 'heaven.' Neither do you have to imagine God in order to experience the omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Creative Power of the universe, which dwells without interruption deep within us as our own Awareness of Being, which is formless, unconditioned, and unmodified in any way. Before it can be experienced totally and consistently, we go through a process of purifying the mind and ego. All this is explored fully in our Course of Training via email

D. R. Butler said...

Christine, yes, we want to quickly share our answer to their problem. We immediately wish to fix them, or fix the problem, or solve it, offer solutions, ways of improving the situation, and so on. The ego feels that their problem would not even exist if they would only understand and follow our suggestions.

Other times, we react to what they are saying because we do not like it, or because we feel that it is inaccurate, and we should be the one to bring clarity to their understanding, or at least convince them that they are wrong.

How did I develop that listening skill? Simply by applying the principles explored in the lessons of our Course of Training. I could not always listen this way. I had to gradually understand, over a process, that everyone has their own perspective of things, and that it is a waste of our time and energy to try and change their perspective or their understanding. So I smile and respond in some simple way, and let it pass. What is to be gained if I convince them of a more expanded point of view? Such would be helpful to them only if they want it, and if they ask for it. Also, a person has to sincerely wish to develop further, and be willing to change in order to expand. But it does no good to convince another that he or she 'should' change.

As I used to joke in workshops, I'm not even interested in what I think; why should I be interested in what someone else thinks? Yet, when someone shares their thoughts with me, I don't shrug and say 'whatever,' 'so what?' or 'who cares?' I listen with genuine interest, because life is more fun when we are interested in things, including what other people say, but I remain unaffected by words and simply let them pass on by.

As you say, this goes a long way in maintaining harmony.

D. R. Butler said...

Leigh, you wish for me to explain what is meant by a successful and powerful life?

Consulting the online dictionary for success, it says: "the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals."

Looking up powerful, it says: "ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something."

So when I say the Course gives one what is necessary for a successful and powerful life, I mean that through the Course we develop the 'ability to do or act; capability of doing or accomplishing something,' so that we can attain 'the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors; the accomplishment of one's goals.'

Colette DeVore said...

The lesson that I am currently on has me observing my ego and the blog was most helpful in this regard. I have such a tendency to want to fix myself and others.I realize that this is another thing that I can use as a wake up call to remind me to come back to the present moment and laugh at myself. In fact I can do it right now! LOL

Mark S said...

A strange question has come to mind reading my current lesson on the subtle body. Do we continue to speak English when not embodied? I'm pretty sure that I speak English in my dreams. But I imagine that I would not speak English in the subtle body as English is a recent construct of life here on earth. But who knows? Probably communication would happen in a much more intuitive and efficient manor. I'm not sure how important this question is, but my curious mind thought I should ask it.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ram,

My current Lesson is rubbing up against a tendency I have developed though my life. I refer to Swami Chetananda’s quote. You quoted Swami saying: You have to understand that all experience is there only for you to transcend and get over. It’s not there for you to figure out, understand, analyze, or work through, but only for you to open your heart to it, take it in, digest it, go beyond it, and grow. Period. Swami Chetananda

I spent many years working to understand why things happened to me the way they did, what my responsibility was, and what it wasn’t, etc. I desperately wanted to understand – for it to make sense – something concrete – some formula that I could use so I could figure it out and learn what I could control and what I couldn’t so it didn’t keep happening. And I have figured out many things; and now these learnings are in my toolbox. When something happens now, I usually have some treasure in my toolbox I can call upon. But, also, at different points over the years, more than one wise person has told me I am too much in my head. I was told I need to stop analyzing so much and just Be. Fast forward to my current Lesson. I feel like what I have found so useful and comforting all my life, you are saying is completely redundant and not what is required. This makes me sad. What I have utilized all my life has served me well. How do I just "take something in, digest it, go beyond it and grow" without figuring it out?! :) Joanne

FB said...

Joanne (Anonymous); I also have spent many years mentally figuring things out and finding my way in this world. I'm 69 and just now learning that there is a profoundly greater intelligence in the 'heart', within us. As D. R. writes in the Course, it can be scary to trust it, as it cannot be defined by the mind, is beyond the mind, the supreme Intelligence. It IS light-hearted, cheerful, and joyful, as he says, and our connection to it only expands. I am fumbling, and speak only as a participant of the Course, (and my understanding thus far), yet feel compelled to encourage you and say, "don't give up, you are so close to allowing it into your enjoyable understanding and appreciation of life".
Just 2 cents....hope it isn't harmful in any way. (Delete it Ram, if it is!)

D. R. Butler said...

Oh dear! I see I haven't responded to questions that I thought I had already responded to. I will catch up now.

Colette, I am happy that you are using your own tendencies as wake up calls. That is a great tool for progress in sadhana.

Mark S, only you could imagine such a question. We might continue to speak English, if we speak at all. Or we might continue to speak Spanish or French or in Hindi. I can't remember the last time I was between incarnations, so communication possibly transcends language, which would indeed make it more exact.

The only way I can relate to this question is remembering the process when I used to lead question-and-answer sessions at workshops or in the ashram. When someone asked a question I followed the language, but it seemed that the language used in the question was somehow, in some space deeper than the mind, translated into a subtler, silent language, and the response would be very clear before I even started to speak, and, responding, it would be translated again back into English (although this was sometimes also translated into Spanish or French or Hindi.)

So the Knower is not the same as the speaker.

In 1974, when the Guru asked me to open a meditation center for him, I said, 'But what if they have questions?' He replied, 'You will answer all questions perfectly.' So I figured from then on that the questions would be his problem, and I would simply relay the messages.

D. R. Butler said...

Anonymous (Joanne), you say you have been told by more than one wise person that you are too much in your head, and then you ask how can you digest experiences without figuring them out. Hopefully you can see the humor in that. Yes, you are too much in your head. I hope you are participating in the Course, because that is the only way I know to help you break free from over-intellectualization. (Not that only the intellectually inclined should try out the Course to see what happens as a result, but the process of the lessons greatly reduce the tendency to be over-reliant on the mind alone.

You say you've learned a lot by understanding experiences in the past. Yes, that was very good. Everything in your past prepares you for the present. Still, right now, you can simply allow all that wisdom you have accumulated to rise up naturally, perhaps as intuitive guidance, which is more of a feeling than anything of the mind. You don't have to go through life 'figuring out' things. You learn to simply see things as they are.

Personally I do not try to understand why things happen to me the way they do. I simply observe that it is karma that was created in the past, and the present sadhana is to be in harmony with our karma as it currently manifests.

All this, of course, is thoroughly explored in the lessons of the Course.

D. R. Butler said...

FB/Menaki, I do not see how your very insightful response could do any harm.

Jessica McGregor Johnson said...

Dear Ram,

I am currently on Vol 2 lesson 29 and I was interested to see the quote from Ouspenky about the planetary influences and how they can create war. I have one question - if this is how things like war are created then how can we move towards a planet without war? If we are the pawns in the planetary influences then even if we set a conscious intent to illuminate war within ourselves it sounds as though it could not change what the planets create. What part can we play in this?

Asking this prompts me to another question that arose for me from a recent lesson. A couple of lessons ago you talked about karma and how those who are suffering persecution now were probably those who persecuted before. So if person A persecutes person B and then in the next lifetime person A gets persecuted I can see that is karmic. But what karma makes person B persecute in the first place? I can see delusion or even planetary influences can create this kind of hate but what's the karmic influence. How might we create the karma to be a killer? I go round and round with this and never seem to find an answer.

Thank you for your wonderful lessons - they have been my mainstay for many years now and I am so grateful for them.

With love Jessica

Kay Butler said...

Hi Everyone...This very sweet letter came in from someone who says he's "kinda shy" and would like it to be shared anonymously. Thought you'd all enjoy it:

Hi...I wanted to share something with you that just happened. So I'm in a group and we were all asked to write a conscious intent. Or like a world view or what might be are own mission statement.They gave us an example of one written by Merlin Olsen a famous football star. Well I decided to reread the one you wrote on lesson 33 as way to get an idea. I resonated with it and you mentioned if I needed one I could use that one. So I read it to the group. And the most beautiful thing happened as the group focused on various parts, like lighthearted or everyone is included and appreciated for who they.are. Anyway as we talked I could really feel the light of the course touching everyone and it seemed we were all together lighthearted and happy in harmony. It was a unique moment just thought I'd share it with you.

Eddie Bryan said...

All this stuff about Trump going on. So, I wanted to ask you but I clicked on the video. The seen keeps changing but the seer remains the same. It is lofty philosophy that so many seem to want to fight with these days, especially Trump and his following, I would say.
On Volume 4. The ego. I'm sure it is no coincidence.

Kay Butler said...

Hello Everyone...this letter was received from a participant who has just received Lessons 5 and 6. "I am having trouble with the ego being in control. I can confront it, but that doesn't stop it from it's anger and blaming. This goes on in my head all the time. I'm always angry. Once one thing gets resolved or fades, something else will take it's place. If I manage to distract the ranting for a few minutes, as soon as it can, it just goes back to the same old thing--creating conversations for the future that will never happen and listing all the things that were done wrong. It drives me crazy. Anger is also motivating for me and takes up much of my time. I'm not sure what would be left if I didn't have it. I'm not sure that I feel those moments of joy, even when I am engaged in something where my mind is occupied. If you have any suggestions I'm all ears. Donna"

What follows is my response to Donna, and I know she'd love to hear any further "advice" any of you readers can suggest from what has worked for you: "Your letter sounds very familiar. Sometimes when we first begin reading the lessons it will bring up all the old patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior that have been controlling us all our lives without our really realizing it. ... That's not a bad just means that the process of clearing all that old conditioning from the subconscious is under way with full steam. ... I can relate to all you have written, and the truth is that the mind will never just stop all that on its own. It's a lifetime process of being more and more able to notice when it's happening, to stop resisting and fighting it, to come into harmony with our own feelings, and to just know that in that moment that we do have a choice. ...The choice in each moment is "what do I want to think next?" After you've spent some more time with the lessons, you'll come to realize and remember that our next thought will determine how we are going to feel. It might take a while for a new, more positive, thought to take hold, but the Course gives us detailed instructions in your next few lessons (and ongoing throughout the Course) on how to actually determine in advance how we are going to feel, by which thoughts we choose to think next. ...As I said, it's a process. It didn't take only a short time for these patterns of thought and feeling to be ingrained, and it takes a while for us to divest them of their power over the mind. As anyone who's stayed with the lessons over time will tell you, it gets easier and easier to notice what's going on and then to be able to harmonize with our own feelings, and to actually change those patterns within ourselves in order to think only of what we want, and to refuse to think of what causes us to feel bad. In this way, we clear all the old from the subconscious and replace it with a more positive outcome....You are on the right path to tackle this once and for all, so we encourage you to keep going. Read your current lesson as much as possible--even a few moments at a time will help to change the current pattern of thoughts and feelings. They will arise again, but as time goes on we are able to have the power in the moment to change the thought, and therefore the resulting feeling. Nobody likes being at the mercy of old ways of thinking and feeling, and that is one of the most valuable aspects of the Course--we do get to choose what we think and feel. With love, Kay

D. R. Butler said...

Jessica McGregor Johnson said: 'I was interested to see the quote from Ouspenky about the planetary influences and how they can create war. I have one question - if this is how things like war are created then how can we move towards a planet without war?'

Jessica, maybe there is no reason to move toward a planet without war. Back in the sixties, there was a lot of protests over war. 50 years later, not much is changed. Perhaps all that is required is to move toward a life without war. There is no war in my life. I see no evidence of war anywhere except in the media. If I did not watch the 'news' (the karmic report) through the media, I would know nothing of war. Everything in the surrounding area seems peaceful enough.

As for your next question about karma, it is challenging to speculate how karma begins. In the beginning stages of mankind, there were probably undeveloped souls who did all sorts of things with little understanding. Of course, if you really do not know what you are doing, not much karma is created. Karma is created according to conscious motives and the understanding with which the act is committed.

Anonymous said...

I have a problem that apparently has been addressed already in this blog, but I have not been able to be a regular reader due to time constraints. So sorry in advance for any redundance here.

I continue to have a very difficult time during this election season in practicing equality consciousness and tolerance for those who are voting for a candidate that supports hatred intolerance. I do understand that people have a right to their opinion, but the thought of living in a country/world with a hateful “leader” at the helm is so personally terrifying that all my tolerance to accept the choices of those who stand with him, goes right out the window. Its not even the candidate himself that I find myself loathing. Its his supporters. On the outside they seem normal - kind, respectful, good-hearted. Yet they are voting for someone who preaches hate and disrespect. Worse yet, the more hateful he is the more they rally by his side. These people consider themselves patriotic Americans. Have they forgotten - or ever learned - what America was founded on?

To summarize. I am having a difficult time with the anger I feel - towards “them”. If they could live in their own hateful country under him, and I could live in my own tolerant country under a wise and compassionate leader there would not be this problem. But if he won, my family and I would be subject to living in a world where hate and intolerance rules, a nightmare (to me) on every level. I feel their candidate could potentially be the catalyst for a complete breakdown of everything we take for granted in this very imperfect yet orderly functioning society. So this feels very personal.

These feelings I am having are the antithesis of everything I have learned from the TTPM course, esp. my “US VS. THEM” stance. Unfortunately what I belive and how I am actually feeling are two different things. Sometimes I wish I didn’t find out the friends and relatives that supporting him because this revelation fundamentally changes how I percieve them and altho I don’t want to cut their “friendship” off entirely, I now want to keep at least an arm’s distance. Its impossible for me to fein respect, much less “closeness” to someone that supports a culture of hatred.

After all the years I’ve taken the course, I wish I was handling this differently, with lightness, humor, detatchment. It makes me feel the real hypocrit in the room is me. I’m embarrassed that about being so confused and un-nerved by this political/moral conundrum. Is anyone else having this problem?

rico said...

Anonymous, the current age we live in, Kali yuga, is a time when delusion is the norm. It is said that during these times kings will be thieves and thieves will be king. So it's part of our sadhana to come into harmony with the rampant delusion that exists as well as our feelings that arise apparently as a result of this. It is also said that this is the best time to do sadhana since the conflict that arises creates the friction and discomfort that motivates us to work on those things that cause us grief and to cultivate awareness of that Place in us that is beyond the fray.
We can have compassion for our friends and relatives who are ruled by their conditioning while at the same time we can keep our distance from situations that give rise to conflict when we can. The common admonition to not talk about religion or politics in some situations is a good one to heed if you find yourself in a gathering with those whose views you fundamentally disagree with. It can be unnerving if you focus on the discord. Also have some compassion for yourself. Taking the Course for years seems to have created some expectations that are just another useless idea. We're all here to work through those things that throw us off and it takes as long as it takes.

Colette DeVore said...

Dear anonymus, If it were me and I was feeling the way you are, I would ask myself who it was that was feeling angry. This would let me know that it was my ego and that would bring me back to my Self and I would laugh which would help me to give up judgement. When I am confronted with a situation like the one that we are all dealing with in this election I focus on being the change I want to see, and being as gentle as I can with myself in the process. Everyone is perfect and no one is ideal. We are all works in progress, and its who we want to be in the moment that gives us the life that we have. We all have to remember that we get to choose each moment to be brand new. All we have to do is give up being right and by doing so, being kind with ourselves and others. I know in my heart that you are a great being or you would not have been taking the course for this long. Focus on what you want, and come back to your heart knowing that no matter how it looks, God has a plan and you are divinely protected. Sending Love and Blessings, Karuna

Anonymous said...

These are wise and loving responses. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I will print them out and post them in front of my desk as kind reminders. Currently what I have posted on my bathroom mirror is an excerpt from the course.
"See Reality without any resistance, without any desire to change what is. Once you can do this, you will have the poser to transform what is into something more enjoyable and pleasant. You will discover that this innate and inherent power, one activated, changes your whole life, and you will actually live on another plane of Being. But first you must accept and be in harmony with whatever is."

I'm printing that out again, and posting it in front of my desk since i spend a lot more time there than in front of the mirror. Baba once told me "you are so stubborn!" I was dumbfounded - ME? MOI??? Surely He must have me mixed up with someone else, I thought. I don't think he did. I need to work harder on disciplining my mind to not be led around by my ego. thank you!

Renuka said...

Hi Ram.This morning I was meditating and relishing what seems to be a new depth to my experience. I was trying to keep my mind steady on the Heart, the love and joy, to become immersed in it. What came to my mind was prakasha (light, illumination) and vimarsha (knowledge, understanding). I usually think of this in relation to the objective/physical realm where I see something with my eyes and know what it is or else work it out. But it occurred to me for the first time this morning that, having been on this path for a long time (about 40 years) I could actually use it the other way around. That is, I can use what I know to brighten the light inside/ to lead me to the light of the Self - vimarsha leading to prakasha. Does this seem valid to you?

(Putting it in writing here makes it seems rather trite, but it was exciting when I first became aware of this possibility a few hours ago.) Am I deluding myself?

D. R. Butler said...

Anonymous, it is a strange election season. I don't remember this much animosity over differences in political views or choices. I agree, there is a character running for president who seems against almost everything America stands for. He would make a good tyrant. The problem is, why do so many support him? There was even an article about why his supporters do not care if he lies. He apparently represents people who would choose someone like that as their leader. Well, we all share the same world. Everyone has an opinion. All we can do is mind our own house, be responsible for our own peace, our own equanimity. We can love and respect others, regardless of what others do or how they feel or who they vote for. The objective world of humanity is not worth reacting to.

D. R. Butler said...

Renuka, whatever works is valid.

FB said...

I just want to share the humor and joy experienced from my current lesson; in it Ram, you write that we (our ego's) are like balloons..."the air trapped inside the balloon is the same air outside the balloon, yet we are afraid of losing our balloon-ness and strive to protect it...the opening up takes us from within this confined individual to the limitless sky of the Universal, ....One...It's the opening up that allows us to experience love without fear".This makes me chuckle and move forward!
I left my balloon of fear last Sunday and attended a meditation program...and experienced that "love without fear". Had a fun and joyful time! (And the lessons of the Course keep it ongoing.) (Eternally)
Thank you for the Course Ram and Kay!
Freda Menaki

Vicki Hilger said...

Hi Ram - I just read your entire blog and all the questions, answers and comments, over a one hour period on this lovely sunny Sunday morning - in one fell swoop, as they say. By reading it all in that way, I found that certain themes that ran through the comments corresponded to the themes in the blogs, and vice versa. For example, the theme of not trying to convince others of anything they weren't ready to hear, and how to listen politely and with lightheartedness, corresponded well with the theme of electoral 'discontent'. The theme of trying to figure out karmas and why's and wherefore's of life corresponded with the principle of just seeing what is.

After many of the q's posed in the blog and in the comments, I enjoyed taking a moment to turn within and just see if what came up for me would correspond with your own response, and I found that often it did. It was not an intellectual answer, it came from many years of sadhana and the course, and sometimes it was a knowing, rather than an ability to articulate, For me, that corresponded to Baba's answer to you about answering questions perfectly. It shows me that all of us have that intuitiveness within, and that with steady effort and the grace of our study, we become so much more open to it.

Also, I experienced a few outbursts of laughter as I read through this entire offering. I experienced some of your comments with utmost joy and lightheartedness, and - this may surprise anonymous, and is in no way meant to disrespect what he writes - I found myself laughing aloud at one or two of the things he said about his problem, especially when he said, " It's not even the candidate himself that I find myself loathing, It's his supporters." The entire 'problem', as well as my reponse of laughter, brought back to me a time in '86, when I wrote a very serious letter to the Guru, and after reading it, she told me " oh! You're the one who wrote the funny letter." Say wha...??? "Yes, she said, we could hardly sleep all night for laughing." Then, to my horror, she told me she'd like her secretary to read the whole thing out loud - all 10 pages - at a course 'graduation' the next day. That very serious letter, with all my very serious problems, was read aloud to some 300 people, in front of the Guru, and within a page, I was almost rolling on the floor in hilarity, just like the other 299, and the Guru herself, who, I was sure, would fall out of her chair. So, I got it, the lesson, about lightening up. And so, I'd like to say to anonymous, just ask someone, someone who's not invested in your stuff emotionally, to read your writing out loud to you.

Michael Vetrano said...

How do I awaken to the truth of the present moment, which I understand to be a compassionate acceptance and an affirmation of "rightness" of the way things are when the mind is in the grip of a negative emotion that seems to have a lot of momentum, like anxiety or anger?

course participant said...

Thank you anonymous for your sharing, and for the responses, which I found helpful regarding the situation here in the UK. It is particularly difficult when people voting the "wrong" way is likely to have a detrimental effect on you personally. I love your quote from the Course. I find reading the lessons really does help when it comes to calming fear of what is happening in objective humanity. Is it known when the age of Kali Yuga will end? Decades, centuries or longer? Or does it depend on when we humans learn to change?

D. R. Butler said...

Loved your sharing, Vicki.

Julie said...

Dear Ram,

I realize the discussions about the election results have stopped on your FaceBook page, so that's why I am commenting on your blog.

In my recent lesson, you talk about grief and how it is a normal human emotion, that is different from the egotistical emotions. (Vol 2, lesson 6), Sadness, fear, a meaning vacuum, and anger are part of grief.

After the election, I still experience many emotions: deep sadness, tears, anger and shock. I do not think these are ego based. I am attaching the SNL Hallelujah sung by Kate Mckinnon. Grief if I ever saw it. I wept when I heard it (and not because Leonard Cohen died).

After no other election have I wept. This one signals a complete change in our way of living, the possible destruction of democracy, and increased national and international conflict. It is a big deal.

I have talked with so many people who wept when the results were known, or who became very angry, or depressed, or who were in a state of shock. It has only been a week since the election, and I think it will take more time to digest what has happened, and the grief may continue for a while longer. My feeling is to follow the Course, and to surrender to the feelings that I am experiencing too.

In the grief world there is a term: STUG - sudden transient upsurge of grief. This is normal, and as we get older and experience more losses, it is a common experience. After the election, all of us may be having STUGs.

Anyway, just wanted to add this grief part. Many of us may try to stuff our grief feelings or move on before we are ready. One day I am doing fine, and think: ok I have stepped beyond this, and then, boom, I am crying or am sad. It is a roller coaster of thoughts and feelings, and I think it is normal.

Thank you for all your uplifting comments on FaceBook and here too. Onward and inward!

Julie said...

Yes I too struggle with these differences particularly in family situations. I am progressive in my politics, and some of my relatives, who I will be with at Thanksgiving are Trump supporters and are elated that he is the President elect. Their elation was difficult to take and I wondered how I was going to spend Thanksgiving with them? Would they welcome me? Could I welcome them?
Then my Trump supporting nephew posted a picture of a pie that he and his wife baked together. He said it was inspired by me, because I always take that particular pie to Thanksgiving dinner! My heart melted and I realized that we can be together. We all need one another during this time. They taught me that we all have love within and we need to share it together. Our sadnes is that we are separate. We are not. Grace helps us all.
Another incident happened. I have a "Black Lives Matter" pin which I have on my coat. A black man in a restaurant came up to me and said "thank you for wearing that pin." (I am white). This is a time of suffering and upheaval for all, and we can reach out to one another and we can accept reachouts.
These 2 incidents taught me that love is everywhere.
One day I was very sad and blue about the whole situation. I went for a walk, and met 4 people with whom I talked - a local baker and I looked at the super moon, and he told me about how he and his wife saw a spectacular moon at the ocean; a young Mormon man who invited me to be saved; a neighbor from South Africa who wants to have a voice in US politics so wants to become a US citizen; a Latino man - we passed each other and said hi. Ok I didn't feel any better but I felt very involved, and curious. Sometimes that is all we can do.
I wish us all well during this time.
We are more vulnerable and I am finding we can be more open to love too.

Tom Mc said...

How did the title:

"Living in the Truth of the Present Moment"

Comes to be? It fits so well!

Tom Mac

Rick Schnurr said...

I have been working with Lesson #5 these past couple of weeks. It's a very enlightening experience and I can see a lot of myself in it.
I have been rereading this portion of the Yoga Vasishtha quote and would like for you to elaborate on it.

"Differentiated consciousness is bondage; liberation is its absence. Whatever pleases you, affirm that and be firm in that. There is no difference between the two, for Awareness is the same in both. Who will bemoan the loss of what exists only in ignorance? That which is gained by being still exists already and has therefore already been gained."
I understand the first sentence. But, am curious about "...affirming whatever pleases you ..." What does this really mean? I watched the Netflix movie, Happy, recently. In it they interviewed an aging surfer who has spent his whole life riding waves. He attributed his happy state to always having to be "in the grove" while riding. It definitely kept him in the moment. So, is this yogic statement telling us to find our bliss, wherever you find it? And that will lead to liberation.

Also, while working with lesson 5, I was thinking that the word ego is something we assume we all know the meaning of due to its prevalence in our culture. But do we know what it is the word ego is referring to? What part of me is the ego? Is it that sense of myself, who I describe myself to be? Does ego disappear with liberation? If so, then how do I know me?

Would you please write out a concise explanation of what you see as being The Ego?

Thanks. I've been enjoying working with The Course and also the Facebook conversations. It's been nice to find intelligent dialogue on FB.

Rick Schnurr

D. R. Butler said...

Tom Mc, as I have been studying the field I write about for over 50 years, Living in the Truth of the Present Moment is, to me, what it all comes down to. It is my way of simplifying what the whole process is all about. As you say, and I agree, it fits so well.

Rick Schnurr, thank you for your questions. Since you are on Lesson 5 of the Course, your questions will be answered much more fully in the lessons ahead than I could answer in a comment here. Be patient and everything will be clarified.

To whomever else is reading, I will probably not post another entry for a while, but I will continue to answer questions that come here.

Kay Butler said...

Interestingly, a letter just came in asking about the very same Yoga Vasishtha quote that Rick Schnurr asked about in his question (above). This questioner is someone who has recently restarted the Course from Lesson 1, after having studied the lessons previously for many years. He says:

There is the long excerpt from the Yoga Vasishtha in Lesson 5. I wondered where this translation comes from.

There is a particular section: "Differentiated consciousness is bondage; liberation is its absence. Whatever pleases you, affirm that and be firm in that. There is no difference between the two."

Between the two what? How does being pleased relate to either bondage or liberation?

With respect to current events, what is a healthy perspective to take while what appears to be a political train wreck in DC unfolds?

So glad for the lessons, both now as well as 30 years ago!

My response to him can be found in the next comment. Inviting you all to respond too. Love and Holiday Blessings to Everyone Who Reads This!

Kay Butler said...

"Differentiated consciousness is bondage; liberation is its absence. Whatever pleases you, affirm that and be firm in that. There is no difference between the two." (most likely from Valmiki's *Concise Yoga Vasishtha*...Ram, is that true?)

Here's my response to John: Contemplating it just now was great fun, and that's what I love most about quotes like this. Just settling in to read it again and again, with my question in mind, always brings up the "answer." This time, what came up was what Ram always says in the lessons "think only of what you want and refuse to think of what you don't want"... hence..."whatever pleases you," "affirm that and be firm in it."

And I get that Vasishtha is saying there's no difference between liberation and bondage, and to the Master I guess that's true. For the rest of us, we have to *choose* what to think/affirm next, or we're apt to be bound rather than liberated in the moment.

As to your question about current events, I would refer you Ram's Facebook page (D.R. Butler Ram), where for the several days following the election he helped to calm the waters for people who were freaking out about the results. It's possible on FB to go back to previous dates' threads, and Ram's posts and comments were priceless and very valuable during that time (as always).

Kay Butler said...

I truly love responding to questions that come in to the Course office (, and I always suggest that the questioner also contemplate their question and write it as succinctly as possible, then post it here in the Comments section to see what Ram has to say on the subject. When I saw Ram's response to Rick Schnurr ("Since you are on Lesson 5 of the Course, your questions will be answered much more fully in the lessons ahead than I could answer in a comment here. Be patient and everything will be clarified."), I chuckled. Then I decided to also post my responses, since that quote is powerful enough that it evoked two questions in two days from people at very different points in their spiritual paths. Would love to hear comments from others who might have a different take on that quote. Here it is in it's entirety. Anyone else like to offer commentary on it, please do:

The sage Vasishtha says:
Infinite Consciousness has assumed the nature of the *jiva* (individual soul) and, oblivious to its true nature, it experiences whatever it thinks of as being. These are nothing but notions of the jiva; however, the jiva sees them as if they are outside itself. Whatever this Consciousness thinks of, that is what is seen as existing; its concepts and notions are never barren.

A notion entertained by Consciousness appears as the body. It has a corresponding subtle body composed of mind (*manas*), intellect (*buddhi*), ego-sense (*ahamkara*), and the five elements. The Self is formless, but the subtle body roams in this creation in sentient and insentient bodies until it purifies itself, lives as if in deep sleep, and attains liberation.

The subtle body exists all the time, during dreams and during sleep. Its deep-sleep state is inert and insentient; its dream state is the experience of the jiva’s physical creation; its waking state is *turiya*, the transcendental Consciousness; and the realization of the Truth is liberation. The state of liberation is living in turiya Consciousness.
In every atom of existence there is only the Supreme Being; wherever the world is seen, that is but an illusory world appearance. This illusion, and therefore bondage, is sustained by psychological conditioning. Such conditioning is bondage, and its abandonment is freedom.
(quote continued in next comment)

Kay Butler said...

(quote continued from previous comment)
The mind is a movement in Consciousness. The non-realization of this truth is identification with the world vision. Non-realization of this truth intensifies and aggravates the movement of thought in Consciousness. In this way a cycle is formed: Ignorance and mental activity are perpetuated by each other.

In the Self, which is infinite Consciousness, this creation appears but momentarily. During that moment the illusory nature that is of a very long duration arises. The creation then appears to be solidly real.

The un-awakened jivas do not see one another, do not understand one another. The awakened jivas realize their oneness and understand one another. Each jiva has its own illusory world appearance. However, when the world appearance of the jiva is inquired into, this inquiry invariably leads to the same infinite Consciousness, which has never changed, and which has always been the true essence of all that has ever appeared to be.

Differentiated consciousness is bondage; liberation is its absence. Whatever pleases you, affirm that and be firm in that. There is no difference between the two, for Awareness is the same in both. Who will bemoan the loss of what exists only in ignorance? That which is gained by being still exists already and has therefore already been gained.

The appearance has the same relationship to the Supreme Self that a wave has to the ocean. When one sees the Truth, the appearance ceases to delude us. Because of ignorance this long dream appears to be real; in this way the jiva comes into being. But when the Truth is realized, it is seen that all this is the Self. The jiva, the body, and all the details of our personal world are but reflections or appearances of the Supreme Self. When one attains the purity of consciousness similar to that of Brahma (pure Consciousness), one sees all this as a long dream. (end quote)

After 40 years of lessons, I must have read this quote 50 times or more, and reading it again today was just as edifying as the first time. Don't ever feel "bored" with's the CORE of the Course. Love you all, Kay

Rick Schnurr said...

Our very dear friend Wendy, who sadly passed away a few years ago, always responded to the mystery of questions on the spiritual path with the observation, "more will be revealed". Your responce to my inquiry, Ram, was like a message from Wendy. It made me laugh. Thank you.


Kelle said...

I experienced a lot of bliss after reading the above quote, and beautiful waves of energy in my heart. Then I got up and moved about the kitchen a bit. I paused to remember the feeling and realized that I don't have to mentally feel I have achieved all the sage speaks of----even to hold the thread of feeling created a great space of stillness which can exist alongside everything else that's happening

Jane said...

Kay - Thank you so much for posting the quote from Vasishtha and your thoughts about it. Often, quotes from the sages seem impenetrable. I have to remind myself to relax, let the words enter my heart not just my head, and continue to reread! After rereading what you wrote several times, I've started to feel an understanding seeping in at a deeper level. Not surprisingly, my current lesson also includes a quote from Vasishtha.

Yesterday morning, after reading your recent comments in the blog before I fell asleep, I woke up with the mind drifting all over the place into mostly negative thoughts. All of the sudden, I heard a voice inside say, "Wait a minute; who is in charge here?" and I started giggling to myself. Even though I've seen many times before how I choose what I think, this experience gave me a heightened clarity about what I've read over and over in the lessons. The distinction between the witness Self and the contracted form of the Self was so blissfully apparent. I don't think the timing was a coincidence!

Much love to you, Ram, and everyone!
All the best in 2017!

Amadeo said...
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Anonymous said...

After reading volume 2 lesson 3, I have a question that I would like to ask Ram: I believe I understand your point that the truth that "Consciousness equally dwells in all things ... including all the adharmic actions as well as all the dharmic actions," can only be known if we let go of the tendency to be judgmental.

However I am not clear on how "our own sadhana regarding them [seemingly adharmic actions] is to remain in harmony with them. We do not need to change them, report them, or eliminate them. We do not have to do anything about them at all. Doing anything is only to get further enmeshed in it, further involving ourselves in the delusion of egotistical melodrama, which only makes everything infinitely worse."

It feels to me that I can be more at peace if I can find a way to be in harmony with WHAT IS, what has already happened, but to me the recommendation to be in harmony with even adharmic actions applies less to what may be about to happen, especially if I am in a position of responsibility, as when for example someone is asking me to be a party to what I consider to be an adharmic action, an action which some, me included, feel is unethical.

If at the point of deciding on whether to engage in such action, we are to feel "Nothing is either good or bad, but thinking makes it so" and to question our own "attitude, outlook, and understanding" in order to be in harmony with it, and thereby let it go forward, are we not in danger of later regretting our failure to prevent the adharmic action that went on to cause harm to others and ourselves?

I have the feeling you are not asking us to abandon discrimination. I guess what I really want to know is, if we anticipate and get opposition from someone who wants us to support an adharmic act, how can we come into harmony with the need we feel to oppose them, without experiencing the negative consequences of feeling aversion to the action and those proposing it?

Guess I haven't had to suck it up and have courage for this kind of thing before. Love

Julie said...

In Volume 2, lesson 9, you say:

"When the world goes crazy, it is a great time to be alive for the opportunity for great growth in sadhana, as much can be accomplished during this time through even the smallest efforts."

Could you elaborate on these smallest efforts and why they are effective? It seems that bigger efforts would be required, and it's nice to think small ones might be better.
Thank you.

Eric said...

Ram, I know that you prefer "to the point" questions, but the following note just "rambled" out of me, so I chose to send it. I would appreciate your comments / perspective on my observation. Thank you.

The lessons have emphasized eliminating any roles in egotistical melodramas. They have also stressed about leaving the past behind, and virtually forgetting about it. I agree completely, and I believe that I am doing a good job of avoiding any role in anyone’s melodramas, including my own!! I also believe that I have limited my views of the past to mutual sharing of funny or interesting items,and eliminating the “nasty” memories. When I was working, my little brain was constantly full of work activities - executing the task at hand, planning the next item, the next day, the next week and so on. Since retirement, I have done a good job of eliminating my thoughts of the past, but, although I no longer have all the busy thoughts of working, I have managed to allow my little brain to fill itself of other smaller items. My mind seems to abhor a vacuum!!! I was trying to keep an eye on where my attention is going, as per lesson 29. I discovered that if I am not busy doing some little task and immersing my thoughts in that activity, then I still spend my time thinking about the tiny little things that I might be doing later today, tomorrow etc. I keep thinking that I will eventually complete everything that I can think of, and then …… I will finally retire and rest my mind. If I stay on my current track …. that just ain’t gonna happen!! I need to eliminate most of my thinking about the FUTURE. If I can reduce my thoughts of “what’s next” and what I might be doing later etc., then I have the opportunity of “no think”. I need to find those times when I am done a task, and then simply rest and be in the “no mind” area, and let the body and mind relax (as is stated in lesson 29 also). It seems to me that eliminating “future think” is another critical element to quiet the mind and relax in the Truth.

Colette DeVore said...

When I woke up this morning, I had an aha moment. One of Ram's pithy statements joined me. "I am responsible for what I say, but not for what you hear." He also mentioned that this goes both directions. One of my big buttons is being misinterpreted, being accused of things I haven't done or haven't said at least not in the way the other person interpreted it. The above statement from Ram has given me such freedom. I don't have to defend myself or correct what others think about me. I just have to be concerned about what I think about them. Am I imbibing their good qualities? Or am I just looking to be right? What you think is what you get! Why should i.e. everyone's junk food when I can eat the bliss and the joy? Who am I being in this moment? Am I creating a world worth living into. I feel like a huge chunk of responsibility is falling away. I am responsible for the world I create, but I'm not responsible for anyone else's. I will fall down, and I will laugh and keep going. I love you all, and wish to imbibe all of your good qualities. All of us are perfect and none of us are ideal. Once again, I thank you all for teaching me so much about myself so that I can find these the Self that I have been looking for all along. May your day and year and moments be filled with the love and benevolence of the heart.

FB said...

Just read the past few entries and a lot of egoistic reactions came up, C & P'ed some of the quotes from the lessons that people posted, so beneficial in counteracting the ego, then came to and read Colette Devore's 1/22/17 entry that was posted and find her words exactly expressing the heartfelt gratitude and appreciation I am experiencing as result of the Course AND this blog and all who participate so generously; Thank you everyone! Ram, Kay, Everyone!

Colette DeVore said...

How much of how we perceive people acting influences how they act and how much is our projection onto them? Would they act in an entirely different way if we thought of them in an entirely different way? Is it all just our story ? What miracles would happen without our story? Anyway this is what I've been contemplating. Would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Colette DeVore said...

Hi Ram, I am having trouble understanding what it means to merge into resistance, it seems I get caught up in the resistance instead of merging. I dont know what it means to feel no difference between me and what I am resisting; ie me and setting up my books for this year. Maybe I am just over thinking it.

D. R. Butler said...

I am not responding to comments in this blog anymore.

Please join me on Facebook: (D.R. Butler)