Saturday, February 6, 2016

How We Became Who We ARE

It's been a while (October, '15) since I've posted a new article here.  That October post was actually the original post at the beginning of the 'blog' in July, 2008, introducing readers to the Course of Training and revealing what could be attained through participating in it.  Relatively speaking, few people know about what is available at this site, which is blog-like but not anything like a normal blog.  Most of who know about it ignore it.  Many come to give it a single reading and are momentarily inspired and uplifted by it. 

Then there are those who read each writing two or three times, finding it different each time they read it, and who participate in the comments following the article.  The best way to participate, or even read, the comments is to first click on the title at the top of the article.  Then you can scroll down through the article and directly to the comments.  At this point, you can participate anyway that feels true to your nature.  You can even ask questions that you could otherwise answer yourself were anyone to ask you, simply to increase and refine your own understanding.

Sharing the link to this site with your friends, or on social media, allows more people to know about it, and it might end up transforming their lives, as has happened with many.  The only way the Course grows is through word-of-mouth.  Simply share how it has helped you in your own life; you don't have to try to teach them the principles :)  Your own experience has the most Shakti--which, among other things, is the spiritual energy that is palpably passed on to those around you, where they have an actual experience of it.

For example, if this reading touches you deeply within your own Self, it is an experience of the Shakti.  If there is no Shakti, the words won't even make any sense and you probably won't even make it all the way through.

Anyway, you are here now, and that's all that matters for now.  Did you know that the same Consciousness that writes with clarity is the same Consciousness that reads with comprehension?  This is a significant point to understand, although it won't be understood overnight, or be comprehended with only one reading.

I posted the following a comment on my Facebook page (D.R. Butler).  It is actually an excerpt from a lesson in the Course.

We are totally immersed in Light. Even while occupying this physical body, we are engaged in all levels of Being simultaneously. This is difficult for the conscious mind to comprehend. We have long been conditioned to see things as ‘one or the other’, or ‘either this or that’. It is challenging to grasp that it all happens simultaneously, and we can be equally aware on one level as we are on another. All levels are aspects of our own Being.

Being ‘enlightened’ doesn’t mean we no longer participate in the objective world. Our participation in the outer world is our karma; or, the effect of the outer world on the ego. It belongs to the physical body alone. When we depart from this particular physical body, in ‘time’, what remains of the karmic seeds (the samskaras) at some point incarnates into a new body.

The next incarnation takes up where this one leaves off, in terms of spiritual growth. The karma that we worked free from is no longer present or relevant, while the remaining karmic seeds that prevent the individual from knowing the Self take a new form and shape. The next incarnation is the next cycle of karma. Then, more than ever before, the individual has the opportunity to merge with the Universal.

The above is an excerpt from a lesson in the Course via email, Living in the Truth of the Present Moment. For information and a sample lesson, write:
Then, in the thread that followed, I wrote the following:
I just read the post above, and I had to truly focus to have any idea what it was talking about. It made me realize that it actually comes from a lesson in the 7th year of the Course. One who has no knowledge of the Sanskrit language will miss a lot of terms that are essential to communicate the principles of Truth--which apply to all people in all places and at all times. For participants of the Course, basic Sanskrit terms are simply a part of their working vocabulary.

A longtime participant from Australia commented that it is 'beautiful'.
I have other Facebook friends who might see it as 'New Age Mumbo-Jumbo' simply because they don't understand the Sanskrit terms, or even the way the sentences and paragraphs are put together in a coherent and harmonious whole. Many people have fragmented the world so much, including themselves, have no idea of a coherent and harmonious whole, and know nothing about the series of incarnations the soul goes through for its own growth.  Life is beautiful when we 'defragment' it and start to see and live in the naturally harmonious flow of things as they are, without describing them or giving meaning to them.
Descriptions and the assignment of meanings are what initially confuses the mind and projects a painted reality that manifests from its own conditioning, somewhat like a spider creates a web from itself, without relying on any external help.  In the same way, Consciousness manifests whatever it is conscious of, without any outside help whatsoever.

Understanding of all this is processed during the first year of the Course, as we build a foundation of the primary principles of Truth and an expanded vocabulary that simply includes basic Sanskrit terms that allows us to communicate and comprehend subjects that are impossible to even know about without the use of these basic Sanskrit terms that refer to essential processes happening that we otherwise have no knowledge about or awareness of.  Simply by including the words karma and maya, for example, we understand the world and life in a whole new way that we otherwise have no idea of.

This entry is titled: How We Became Who We ARE

How we are, all the little intricacies that make us different from the next person, is entirely determined by how we think, which in turn determines the emotions we feel, which pretty much determine our experience of Life.  Basically we are as we conceive ourselves to be.  We create our own persona and personality, create our own role, and our own character, in this droll play of our life.  And the origin of all of it is the mind, or thoughts, which is mind-in-motion.  This creates, or attracts, conditions and experiences that correspond exactly with the nature of the thoughts that compelled them.

If we don't like anything about how we are, we can change it simply by changing our thoughts about it.  With this knowledge and understanding, create a great life, an enjoyable life, and a life that adds love and joy to the lives of those close to us, or those with whom we come in contact.  We can be a bundle of blissful energy, and you will be surprised how contagious this is, and how much we can contribute to the world around us.  This brings the ultimate contentment, and we will see that nothing can enhance or improve it.  In this exalted state we experience a life that was previously unimaginable.

All of this is clarified in the lessons of the Course.  For information about the Course, and a complimentary lesson, please write: