Thursday, March 23, 2017

Recent Writings from D. R. Butler (Ram)

It’s been a while since we’ve added a new article to this site.  Today, by popular request, we’re going to be sharing some of the recent Facebook writings of D. R. Butler [to take part in the dialogue on his Facebook page, go to D.R. Butler (Ram)—no space between the D. and the R.—and make a “friend request”]. 

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You are also invited to check out the archived articles available elsewhere on this page, which date back to July 2008 and which give a good overview of the writings of this prolific, humorous, and very insightful writer.

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The first entry is entitled “Who Is a True Teacher?”:  The popularity of the Internet has led to a proliferation of spiritual teachers, each with his or her own little niche or specialty.  We can’t keep up with all of them; we can’t practice/follow/read/hear all of them.  How do we know what is best for us?  How to trust a teacher?  Which one to listen to?

I was fortunate enough at the age of fifteen to come in contact with a Teacher who had spent seventeen years in lamaseries of Nepal and Tibet before being instructed to return to the West to help individuals to rise out of the Great Depression of the 1930s, through the end of his life in 1961.  He gave talks over the radio and wrote a correspondence course that transmitted a clarity of understanding and a palpable experience of the Truth of Being.  He had left his body the year before I discovered his course, so I never had actual physical contact with him, except through his wife, years after his passing.  I was saved from being attached to his physical form, for the training I received from him took place subtly.  Dreams of him took place on a regular basis for many years.  I can still vividly recall certain discussions we had in those dreams, mostly in the form of him responding to my questions.

In one of them, he showed me with one glance how the entire Cosmos is put together and how everything works.  It was something that took no time, but was an instantaneous revelation, as when Krishna first revealed his true form to Arjuna in the Indian epic saga Bhagavad Gita.

If I were to attempt to tell you who he was, or what tradition or lineage he actually represented, you would probably think I was about two french-fries short of a happy meal.  He wasn’t publicly known.  He was careful not to be.  He was cleverly disguised, as many of the Great Ones are.  He emphasized often that the value lies in the teachings themselves, never in the teacher.  Teachers will come and go; teachings of Truth always remain the same.

The well-known and popular teachers that we all know about and discuss on the Internet might never approach the attainment or development of someone whom very few have even heard of, other than the small band who somehow come in contact with him or her and experience what comes through as a subtle transmission.

Such beings avoid becoming ‘public’ at all costs, for they know that public knowledge of them can only bring trouble.  To a true Teacher, public recognition is the worst thing, and he or she will deliberately remain known to only a relative few.  It is the way of the world to take down a saint, to put him in his place, to prove he was never so great in the first place.  Once upon a time there were crucifixions; now there are Internet sites that will happily give us all the dirt they can find or imagine.

Do not assume a teacher can transmit to you something of value simply because he or she is popular or well-known, or might have large followings and circus-like scenes wherever they go.  Having followed the spiritual scene since the early sixties, I can assure you that the great majority of such teachers come and go.  Don’t get attached to bodies, forms, or personalities, for none of these are the source of your true inner connection to your own Being.

Never listen to someone who tries to convince you of something or to win you over, or who acts and speaks so that you will think well of him.  A true teacher is detached from the fruits of his work, and whether someone gains anything from him or not will be according to their own destiny, their own karma.  He has no interest in how another sees him or whether he is liked or appreciated or approved of.  If others are attracted to him, it is because of what comes through him; he does not take it personally.

As the Christ put it, “It is not I that do the works, but the Father within, that same Father that is within you.”

A true Teacher won't go around being your best buddy.  If she is true, she will never appease the ego; she will always keep the ego a little bit uncomfortable.  Otherwise she is not fully functioning as a Teacher; she is only a friend.  A friend is nice; a true Teacher is rare.

Especially don’t pay attention to teachers who 'explain themselves' regarding anything.  The Shakti (spiritual Energy) doesn’t explain Itself; to do so would be contrary to Its nature.  It doesn’t need to cause you to think in any particular way.  How you think is up to you.  A true Teacher will never present a dogmatic system of beliefs.  Rather, she will free you of the limiting beliefs that already hold you down.  Specifically, he or she will free you from the shackles of the mind and ego, and teach you to think for yourself.

The saint can’t help having a human, personal life as long as he or she is incarnated in a physical body.  She won’t have a halo, she won’t walk on water, she’ll only shatter your concepts about who you think you are.  She might lovingly and compassionately smash your ego into pieces.  In the end, she simply reveals the Truth of Being and leaves us established in our own Self, supremely independent and supremely free.

The primary thing regarding a spiritual teacher is your actual inner experience of contact with him or her.  Your own heartfelt experience, and nothing else, tells you whether there is something to be gained or not.  Your mind might think he is ‘off his rocker’.  It doesn’t matter; go by your own inner feeling always.

The greatest Teachers come from the heart, not the head.  The Teacher’s words might not make any sense at first, yet you experience a profound opening in your heart.  You experience something inside yourself—a light, an insight, an exaltation, some sense of new possibility, of pending new life.  Yet you might not even remember what was verbally communicated.  It is not something that happens physically or mentally.  It is a subtle communication, a subtle transmission that transforms us on a very deep level of our Being.

A true Teacher passes on to us a spiritual Energy that gives a palpable ‘boost’ to our inner work (our sadhana) and to our inner state.  If there are only ideas and words to be learned, and especially if they are simply ‘beliefs’, there is nothing of value to be gained.

Never accept another’s words without proving them true in your own life.  Truth is always provable and practically workable.

I love this quote from my first Teacher:
     "He, or she, is great who feeds other minds.  He is great who inspires others to think for themselves.  He is great who tells you the things you already know, but which you did not know you knew until he told you.  He, or she, is great who disturbs you, irritates you, even affronts you, so that you are shaken out of your habitual ways and pulled out of your mental ruts, lifted up above the commonplace.  He may be a teacher, or a speaker, or a writer, a clergyman, or a scientist; or he may be a close friend.  It makes no difference who or what he is, or may be, but it does make a great difference what he means, and can do, to you.
     "The writer, for instance, is great whom you alternately hate and love—whom you cannot easily forget.  In his private, personal life he may be proud, arrogant, crude, coarse, irritable, absurd, or even immoral...I grant all that...and yet be great.  He is not great because of these reprehensible qualities, but in spite of them.  The apparent inconsistencies and inequalities of his nature may contribute in great measure to his power, just as the rocks, boulders, chasms, woods, mountains and valleys make up the grandeur and majesty of the Yosemite, or Yellowstone Park."

A true Teacher, even though our ego may react from time to time, ultimately helps us to feel good about ourselves and to see ourselves in the highest way.  Someone who ultimately makes you feel even worse about yourself can never be considered a true Teacher.

Ultimately no one can tell you who your Teacher is—any more than someone can tell you who to fall in love with.  At some point it becomes obvious.  Since recognizing a Teacher is like falling in love, here’s a tip:  Fall in love with your Self and be your own Teacher.  This is my truest and most sincere advice.

In the end, of course, we will each live in love with our Self and be our own Teacher, for there could be no other conclusion; it is a simple recognition of the way it always is.  The Truth always exists within and never without.  Look within and you will know the Truth without any doubt.  Look outside and you are lost, and doubt will haunt you at every turn.  Remember love.  Love is always the best bet in any case.


D. R. Butler said...

Please continue to check this "comments" section as we will be posting updates regarding the well-being of Ram D.R. Butler following his open-heart surgery on Thursday April 6 at 8:00 A.M. There will also be additional postings here of recent writings. With love, Kay

D. R. Butler said...

Once again I regretfully inform you that reports of my heart surgery today was FAKE NEWS.
I was being prepped for the surgery, and about a half hour before being taken to the OR the surgeon came in to check on me, asked me what meds I had taken the day before, and for some reason Kay told him I had taken Chinese herbs.

Of course, I have been taking Chinese herbs for about 35 years, and understand them about as well as anyone. The surgeon felt that the herbs could have a blood-thinning effect, and postponed the surgery for another week.

The herbs I took were Wild Chinese Ginseng, the highest quality Ginseng in the world, and Duanwood Reishi spore oil, the most potent immune system booster there is. I took them to boost my immune system to help me through the surgery, and neither are blood thinners.

This all leaves me rather out of sorts. I was psychically totally prepared for surgery today, and being back home after driving to the hospital at 5:15 this morning is disorienting. I had gotten ahead with my work on the Course, and am not quite sure what to do with myself. It feels very anti-climatic.

Thanks to all of you for your beautiful well wishes. I don't even know if I will announce the next time I go for the surgery, for twice already I have announced it, only to find it a dud. If I were one to be embarrassed, this would do it, but since only the ego is embarrassed, I will forego it.

Once again, thank you for your love, your support and encouragement.

Kay Butler said...

Did anyone else notice how much like the young Elvis Ram appears in the beardless photo of him from son Shane? photo circa 1978 find on D.R. Butler Ram page 4.5.17. The following was posted at 11:30 last night by Ram:
This is truly the last post. I have to wake up at an abominable hour, so I will be going to sleep very soon.

I have no idea when I might be back posting. This is an amazing gathering/interaction/ satsang/lovefest/happening we have created online, and I honor you for your part in helping to create it through your participation, and your willingness to openly interact.

Some relate more openly than others. Some have a lifelong tendency to hold back, to conceal, to maintain a distance, to remain 'private', and that is okay as long as we are happy with it. Spiritual growth and true freedom, however, are approached much more easily with a fearless openness.

I have no idea what to expect tomorrow or afterwards. It is like leaping into the abyss. I do not know where I will land. I only know that life will never quite be the same again.
I love that you are in my life. Our ongoing dialogue is a very special process to share. Most of us have never met physically, yet it is amazing how well we can get to know each other through openly relating online. We have access to cyber-intimacy, even though we are not fully cognizant of exactly what that means or how far it might be taken.

I will see you again in the next chapter, possibly fairly soon. I send my blessings and love to you.

Kay Butler said...

Some April 4 Facebook Memories:
The secret to success in relationships is to spend more time and energy trying to understand the other’s perspective than trying to convince the other that our perspective is right. The more often we see the other as ‘right,’ the happier we’ll be. (from 2011)

If a person reads our Facebook posts openly and with a willingness to see something 'new' it will be experienced that the writing is not about dispensing facts or information, but tuning into a certain energy and state. This is the underlying essence of our Course of Training via email. It is about tuning into a certain energy and state and through the continuity of the lessons our experience of that energy and state grows more vividly clear, and we develop the capacity to maintain this pristine experience for longer periods of time, until we finally live firmly established in our inner Truth--the unconditioned, unmodified, formless Awareness of Being. (from 2013)

When this cycle of karma is complete, the subtle body departs from the physical body, feeling as though the entire incarnation was but a dream. The time of physical departure is already set, no matter what we do or don’t do. Of course, we live according to dharma—making choices and decisions according to what is best for all involved; otherwise we experience suffering of some nature. Still, the physical phenomenon known as ‘death’ takes place when the cycle of karma is complete. There was nothing left undone; otherwise, we couldn’t have gotten away. And certainly no one has truly ever ‘died’ yet. (from 2015) [[very interesting that this posting from Ram was made on April 4, 2015...then, on April 4, 2016 he was rushed to the hospital for heart failure and was gone from his body off and on during that day...on April 4, 2017 he was preparing himself inwardly and outwardly for the scheduled open-heart surgery of April 6]]

D. R. Butler said...

In the surgery waiting room and just had a message that Ram is "doing on the heart/lung machine and stable...starting the by-pass." Parting was such sweet sorrow at 9 am. Thank you for your Healing Light...keep it coming. And thank you for being with us here at CMC in Scranton. Love, Kay

D. R. Butler said...

3:45 pm EST Wed.12th In case you are one of the few people who are unable to connect on Facebook, we want you to know that Ram is in the ICU and doing well after a very successful open-heart surgery. No transfusions necessary, no infections evident, and lung Xrays good. He has recognized me and smiled and is taking his time coming fully awake. At the moment he's asleep again and they will remove his breathing tube when he's fully awake. Having you all subtly (and cyberly) here with us these past weeks has meant the world to us, and your offerings of Healing Light and Love have made a major change in the Cosmos. Keep it up and so will we! Love, Kay

D. R. Butler said...

Ram had a good night and is now sitting in a chair watching tv. I also had a good night and just getting out of bed. Whew...what a relief to wake up and to know that he's recovering nicely. Nurses are wonderful! I've called them regularly all night for progress reports and it's always good. No cell service in that part of the hospital so haven't spoken with him this morning but will see him in about an hour. You are all so great and have been such a comfort and support to both of us. It is your Healing Love that has made all this possible. THANK YOU. Love, Kay