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This article and the comments that follow it are excerpted from recent Facebook posts by D. R. Butler (Ram), the author of the Course of Training "Living in the Truth of the Present Moment," now in its 44th year of publication. 
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Those powers necessary to restore balance are working behind the scenes even now. This has gone on throughout our planet's history. Things are not left entirely up to us anymore than things in the lives of our pets are left entirely up to them.
Governmental powers are not the greatest powers in existence.

 Governmental powers are 'allowed' to happen for a certain time for certain reasons. Countries have their own karma, just as races have their own karma.

When sanity and common sense need to be restored, those necessary for that do not make public announcements, or allow their works to be picked up in the media and analyzed by 'panels'. Much goes on 'behind the scenes' that we could never even imagine. The media does not have access to the true powers that guide the lives of humanity.

Some of us need more faith in the natural benevolence guiding this planet. The media enables us to assume that governments do have great power, which the media does by either being for or against current ruling governments. We watch one outlet and are for the current government, or we watch another outlet and are against the powers that seemingly rule. Either approach gives governments apparent powers they do not actually have.

Things are not heading to 'doomsday.' A time of great awakening is ahead, and the foundation is being laid even now. Do not be deluded by appearances. Nothing is as it appears to be.

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D. R. Butler said...

Question: My latest wondering is all about being aware of awareness. Not so simple for me. There are times when I relax, and I sense that there is awareness. I gently try to not focus on any one feeling or sound etc. But these moments are generally few and far between. Do I just continue to gently work at this awareness over time? Can one be aware of awareness while doing other things such as typing questions to Ram on the internet, or while talking with someone? How best to be aware of awareness? THANKS!!

D.R. Butler: How to be aware of Awareness while responding to questions on Facebook? As you know, from writing out your question, this is not an easy topic to talk about. It does not conveniently fit into words. Yet, as the Bee Gees said, “Words are all we have.”

Being aware of Awareness, or conscious of Consciousness, is something that we develop over time through actual practice. It is most completely explored through what we think of as 'meditation'. At some point we realize that pure Awareness is not just a mental concept, but that it is what we actually ARE right now. It's just hanging out here in this body, and peers through all these pairs of eyes simultaneously. The same Awareness pervades and permeates the Cosmos. With a pure vision, we see the Play of Awareness everywhere all the time.

We can be aware of what the mind, emotions, and body are doing. We can simply observe all the various levels of activity going on at once. So much is happening. This physical world is the slowest and more inactive of all the realms. This one Awareness observes the waking, dreaming, and deep-sleep states. In fact, if we are still enough inside, we can see that the dream state and the deep-sleep state exist even now, while we are consciously in the waking state. They are all going on at the same time all the time, and we just dip into one then the other from time to time. This one Awareness, Which we ARE, sees everything everywhere at the same time.

Anyway, to answer your question, yes, you "just continue to gently work at this awareness over time."

D. R. Butler said...

Question: Would you again speak/write about checking the need to explain when it is really not necessary and can in fact rob one of power, create drama or simply dissipate energy. I recognize this tendency in some situations, but sense I am sometimes doing it without being fully aware.

D.R. Butler: Everyone does it without being aware of doing it. This is why I make a point of it. Explaining ourselves to another keeps us bound in duality.

It is a feeling that there is 'someone else' that can, and should, understand us better, and therefore we need to explain to them what we are doing, and why, so that they will not misunderstand us.

This whole attitude is just too much focus on the 'other', and on what we refer to as objective humanity. Why do we feel such a need to explain ourselves, to make ourselves 'clear' to another? It is enough to be clear to ourselves.

D. R. Butler said...

Question: I’ve been contemplating the relationship between samskaras (habitual patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving) and forgiveness. If I have some painful memories where I feel guilt, deep meditation and other practices where I confront the essence of the samskara help to release the guilt. There is a release. Some level of the self has ‘forgiven me'?

D.R. Butler: As my Teacher once said, "Only You can forgive You."

No reason to pass it off to some other level of the Self.

Simply forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for everything.

Your guilt is worse than whatever you did to feel guilty about.

D. R. Butler said...

Question: What does it mean to forgive others?

D.R. Butler: It means to see that God, the Supreme Omnipresence, appears as them, and does everything through them. If you can understand that only God does anything, you will have no trouble forgiving anyone for anything.

D. R. Butler said...

HNS: How did you learn that something is beyond the thinking, conscious mind if you used your thinking, conscious mind to realize this truth? How did you go beyond the mind with the mind?

DRB: In the beginning, you need the mind to get an idea of the general structure of things.

The yogic system is quite complete and has existed for thousands of years. There are different 'limbs' of yoga, depending on one's focus, yet the psychology and philosophy behind them are consistent.

There is the physical body, which we all identify to be who we are. (It is the ego that identifies with the physical body as itself.) Then there is the subtle body, which enters the physical body at the first inhalation and exits at the final exhalation. The subtle body (sometimes called 'astral' body) is composed of chitta (memory) manas (thinking, conscious, waking mind) ahamkara (ego) and buddhi (Intellect--a subtler, more refined level of mind, the source of inspiration and intuition). These are actually what go with us when we depart from the physical realm, and remain as aspects of our subtle being--which they are even now.

A true yogi--and I don't just mean someone who takes a hatha yoga class and does some stretches, although that in itself is wonderful--understands that the mind and ego are conditioned from an early age, and that we need to break free from that conditioning in order to have greater access to Intellect (discrimination, wisdom, inner vision) which in turn leads to our understanding and experience of that which the Intellect is connected to, our own inner Self, pure Consciousness, an unconditioned Awareness of Being, the eternal and all-pervasive aspect of ourselves (our Self).

So, in the beginning, of course one has to understand all this with the mind, to get some perspective of the structure of things. Yet in time, through practice of focus, we experience states beyond the mind. In essence, this is true meditation: experiencing the space between any two thoughts. That space is eternal and boundless.

We must have access to the mind in order to function in the physical world. Otherwise, especially in the West, we are put into an institution and taken care of. Yet it has been well said that the mind makes a great servant but a lousy master. So instead of being controlled by habitual thoughts that are the patterns developed over many years, we learn to master and purify the mind, so that it is there only for our use to function efficiently in the outer world, the objective world of humanity.

Kay Butler said...

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