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A Blog Post By D. R.Butler

Are You Open To Experience This?

Originally, eight years ago, this was begun as an introduction to our Course of Training, available through email, that is designed to enable each participant to create and live in a reality of his or her choice. There are certain Principles of Truth that apply to all people, at all times, and in all places.

These Principles or Laws are immutable and infallible. They work unfailingly whenever they are applied. No one has to take anyone's word for this, or believe anything on faith. The Truth is always easily proven in one's own life simply by applying the Principles to see what happens as a result.

In this current era of human's existence on Earth, the vast majority are ignorant of the Principles of Truth, and generally are not inclined to believe them or recognize them for what they are should they be encountered. Instead, most have been conditioned by appearances and the words of others ever since drawing the first breath to induce life and animation in this physical form. This is very similar to being hypnotized and taught to believe in a false reality.

The lessons of the Course of Training, Living in the Truth of the Present Moment, present the Principles necessary to 'wake up' from the hypnotic trance, or mental conditioning, and to manifest or generate a life corresponding to our innermost Nature, which is the most beneficent life available to us as an individual being functioning in the physical world.

There is a lot available today on the Internet and in books and texts that in many cases date back centuries. One might wonder, with all this available, why should one need to participate in a Course available through email? Well, it is helpful if someone eliminates the superfluous and presents the essentials in an orderly way in ten pages every two weeks. Especially if those essentials are immediately applicable in our own daily life, benefitting us as well as those with whom we come in contact.

If you have never visited here before, another aspect of this place is that we consider people's questions. Questions and responses have always been an important part of communicating higher knowledge; Socrates is a well known historical figure who taught this way. When one verbalizes a sincere question--even if one could answer the question if someone else were to ask it--it opens up an avenue of communication, as verbalizing the question enables one to actually hear the answer in a new way. The end result is a communication beyond words.

In a question that recently came in, someone asked, "Since you have been teaching for so many years, what changes about the questions people might have, and has your method of answering questions changed over time? How do you understand spirituality more clearly now?"

This brought about some contemplation, and here is the response: People have generally the same issues and questions; the difference is only a matter of degrees and combinations of traits and tendencies. Most people are concerned with their own well-being and the well-being of loved ones. This is only human.

In the beginning, I was tempted to help people solve their problems. After a while I began to see that most people's problems existed primarily in the mind. It would not even be a problem if we did not describe it as such, including describing what is going 'wrong,' as though that were an actual possibility. Focusing on problems and what is 'wrong' (including dislikes, which are only egotistical contractions) is a weak form of using the mind.

It is possible to use the mind in ways of seeing only the highest, seeing conditions and situations in positive, uplifting ways. This is using the mind from a position of strength. We cannot do this simply by deciding to, however. We must actually be taught how to do this. People tend to think they already 'know' this, but for the most part, we really don't. There is always something new to learn, and a new and expanded level of understanding knowledge from the past.

So I suppose I gave an example of responding to a question, instead of only describing how I approach it. Actually, I don't 'approach' it at all; it is simply what is happening. As for how I more clearly understand spirituality, it's more 'normal' than it used to be. It used to seem like something very special in a way that was different from the rest of life. Now I see spirituality as simply a natural way of going through life. If we see the play of Consciousness equally in all things, that's as spiritual as we can get, no matter what else is going on.

This question was in the comments following the previous entry, but was never responded to: "My current lesson talks of having an inner knowing, without knowing how we know. I was new to spiritual work when I started the Course over four years ago, but 'knew' from the first lesson that this was something I would do for as long as possible. However, I sometimes think that I'm not doing as well as I should be by now. When, for example, my lesson says, 'I know you would not still be here if you were unable to meet in the space of the heart'. I don't know whether I am doing that. As I cannot tell, I worry that I'm not. I feel I am failing. Am I just over thinking something that cannot be understood by the mind?"

You are definitely 'doing as well as you should be.' There is no one, certainly no divine Power, that expects anymore from us than what we are. We are loved unconditionally by the Infinite regardless of what we do or don't do, or how much we have or have not developed spiritually. There is no minimum score that we must reach in order to be okay. We can simply relax and be as we are.

When it comes to our capacity to meet in the space of the heart, however, we have this capacity to the degree that we are open to further development, to a more expanded understanding, to a deeper and more refined inner experience. Your question shows that you are open to development, and as long as that remains, there is nothing more you can do. The process of participation in the Course allows all that needs to happen. You do not have to wonder if everything is okay.

If you are not happy with your life, if you experience some degree of lack or limitation, if you are confused, if you suffer from negative emotions, then through applying the principles presented in the lessons in your own daily life, it is possible to create or attract the life you are happy with and that corresponds to your true inner Nature.

And, yes, you are over thinking something that cannot be understood by the mind. The mind is good for many things. In fact, the mind is creative, and what we think is what we get. Still, in the Western world in particular, we tend to use the mind for what it was never intended, and we habitually overthink things that cannot be understood by the mind. Some things can only be understood intuitively, as a flash of insight, perhaps without knowing how we know it. True understanding lies in the heart, yet it takes a while to fully imbibe and assimilate what this means.

If you have questions or comments to be responded to, simply present them in the comments and I will respond to them as soon as possible. The best way to get to the comments is to click on the title of the entry and scroll down.

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