Course of Study FAQ

D. R. Butler’s Course of Training

D. R. Butler’s Course of Training

Living In the Truth of the Present Moment

a practical, humorous, and down-to-earth guide
for applying the Principles of Truth in daily life


How does this Course work?

The best method to understanding the Course is reading the first lesson. To request the first lesson be sent to you via email, as a PDF file, use the from below.


Who can participate in the Course?

Everyone is welcome to participate as a student in this Course.

The lessons are distributed to every student as PDF files attached to an email.

Almost are computer will open a PDF file when it is clicked or double-clicked. Some older computer will require you to install a PDF reader software.

If your computer requires it, this is a link,, to install the Adobe Reader software.


What is the purpose of the online Study Group?

This Study Group is intended to be a community of Course participants who seek connection, friendship, and support as we navigate the joys, delights, and challenges of our lives. What unites us here is our affinity for the teachings of the Course of Training and the value that the Principles of Truth bring to our personal lives when we apply and embody them.


Who can Participate in the online Study Group?

Students registered in the Course are welcome to participate in the online Course of Training Study Group.


When is the Course available?

The Course begins when you have received your first lesson and continue as you receive your new lessons. Many people, who have participated in the course for years, tell us that the content of the lesson seems especially relevant to them as they receive it, almost as if each lesson is crafted specifically to what they are dealing with in life at that moment.

As a student in the Course, you participate in the material at your own speed. There is no right way to participate as a student. We suggest that you read each lesson for two weeks. You will find the best method for your interaction with the Course material.


Is there a fee or tuition to participate in the Course?

The tuition to cover 12 months of the Course is $180.00 (USD). Insert Form here.


What is the cost to participate in the online Study Group?

The online Study Group is included with the tuition of the Course.

Students in Course of Traning Study Group

If you are a current student, you can register to participate in the online Study Group.